Welcome to Biofind v3

Welcome to the third iteration of Biofind!

With the new look website we have moved platforms from our own in-house solution. Rebuilding Biofind has allowed us add new features to the website, including a completely revamped and refitted Rumor Mill.

Along with a new look, the new website involves some revised posting requirements.

Firstly, it is still possible to post rumors and comments without a user account.

We understand that in the past malicious posters have ruined genuine discussing, hiding behind a veil of anonymity. Therefore, when posting a new rumor, registered users can opt to disallow anonymous replies.

you have a serious comment or question to which you don't mind attributing your username, posting as a registered user and limiting anonymous replies will provide a more helpful response from the community.

Also, when logged in, users can choose to post a comment or rumor anonymously and no-one but biofind Staff will know who has made the posting. It is important to understand that this anonymity extends only to other users. Biofind staff will still be able to see who posted all content.

Another advantage to creating a user account is our new networking section. Here you can fill out your profile information, locate your colleagues and add them as contacts. Each profile features an activity feed so you can monitor when your friends have posted rumors, which events they're attending and view any messages they've sent you. You can also download their V-Card, as well as view their linkedIn profile.

Over the next week we will be updating the website with new features, as well as tweaking the appearance and functionality of the website. Please feel free to give us your feedback by commenting here, or by emailing us at "info@biofind.com".