Thanks for your support while we have been upgrading the site

This week we have been able to make some fixes to the site and open up the site to completely anonymous postings again. The traffic appears to be returning.
We have also been adding more features for registered users. For those of you who have already registered(more than 500 to date), you will see we have added a number of useful features such as an indicator of the new posts which you not have read yet.

Even though you are registered you will still be able to post anomymously. We are hoping to add more networking-type features in time. But please choose a suitable pseudonym, we will be blocking the unofficial Biofind and Admin registrations!!!
We have also put more controls into managing the posts. Hopefully these will disuade the trolls from posting and the quality of the Mill posts will improve.
The advertising is currently coming from the networks and we are trying to manage the content but this will improve and become more targeted as time goes on.