Siemens DX is far from ending its employee layoff schedule and it's rumored most sites will once again be hit before end of 2012.
USA-Sacramento was just hit and we in the UK were told pending layoffs will start here by next week.
The madness continues.

Obviously, you missed the

Obviously, you missed the entire point. I made it clear that the type of person I was talking about exists on both the right and the left. And just to make sure that no one was unclear about you, you went right back to 'it's all the liberals' fault theme. If you think I learned about a worldwide economy you are sadly wrong. That is not the issue that is being debated when it comes to the economy. Given your tendencies, there is no need to say anything more about any specific issue. If you need a foil to provide you with fodder to attack, ridicule, and blame liberals for everything, while denying any responsibility that conservatives have, search elsewhere.

I am sure this post will unleash another one of your tirades, and I could really care less anymore about anything you have to say. I will try to leave you to your club of left wing and right wing scapegoating extremists. You both deserve each other. You can feed on each other and hopefully all devour one another so that reasonable people may prevail.

"These people are not

"These people are not sophicated enough to recognize that many of problems are not really political at all, but they are the result of rapidly increasing technology and the increased unification of a worldwide economy in contrast to individual national economies"

I am laughing so hard my old sides can't take it. If you are going to kill me with laughter, then OK, you are winning because I am dying! But the silver lining is that at least I have instilled some realization into you as to what is really going on in the world economy. The next step is to realize, young man, that just demanding, striking or boycotting for higher wages/ benefits will not work in the long haul. Look, your comment above is spot on correct........congratulations on getting financially educated. I only take exception to the " These people are not sophisticated enough to recognize...." (meaning the conservatives) comment. Come on now, everyone who has read these posts knows I've been hammering away at you for this very fact, that the WW economy has changed! That technology and cheaper wages have turned the US labor market on its head, with the reality that US workers still have not excepted the realities. Sorry, but this is typical liberal-know-it-all spin........when caught with real facts and easily grasped fresh views that are counter to the left's mantra's the spin game goes into full swing. This is not your original position on the changes in the world economy, you were warring for wages that Americans deserve, and should get, never mind what the Indian, Chinese guy gets paid..... "those are slave wages you screamed!". The reality is it does not matter much what Americans want or believe they deserve (in the long run), it will be what businesses can get for the most competitive situation in the world wide marketplace.

Please don't steal my insights and then complain that I do not get these facts!

By the way Stalin and Lenin

By the way Stalin and Lenin killed millions in their search for the "opposition". Hitler killed 6-8 million Jews, a drop in the bucket compared to what these two killed right before and after the Bohlshevik revolution. Yeah, I know, my spelling is third grade level.

There is a difference between

There is a difference between Judging others and Blaming others for what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. But that difference has been blurred by the Horrificness of the Crimes that took place.

The Objective, of course, is to try to Prevent their Recurrence. But that's kind'a too late. Mass killings/murders of innocent people has already taken place in our country again and again and again
-- leading most of us to, rightly, assume that it will happen yet again, our Judging and Blaming notwithstanding.

December 11, 2012. 22-year-old Jacob T. Roberts killed 2 people and himself with a stolen rifle in Clackamas Town Center, Oregon. Motive unknown.

September 27, 2012. Five shot to death by 36-year-old Andrew Engeldinger at Accent Signage Systems in Minneapolis, MN. Three others wounded. Engeldinger went on a rampage after losing his job, ultimately killing himself.

August 5, 2012. Six Sikh temple members killed when 40-year-old US Army veteran Wade Michael Page opened fire in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Four others injured, and Page killed himself.

July 20, 2012. During midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, CO, 24-year-old James Holmes killed 12 people and wounded 58. Holmes was arrested outside the theater.

May 29, 2012. Ian Stawicki opened fire on Cafe Racer Espresso in Seattle, WA, killing 5 and himself after a citywide manhunt.

April 6, 2012. Jake England, 19, and Alvin Watts, 32, shot 5 black men in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in racially motivated shooting spree. Three died.

April 2, 2012. A former student, 43-year-old One L. Goh killed 7 people at Oikos University, a Korean Christian college in Oakland, CA.

February 27, 2012. Three students were killed by Thomas “TJ” Lane, another student, in a rampage at Chardon High School in Chardon, OH. Three others wounded.

That's just in 2012. But, hey, these Murders, and Thousands more EVERY YEAR, just keep coming. It's part of the price that We/They pay for the Right to own Guns, the "Price of Freedom".

Every parent that was lucky to have not had there child killed, has the same stupid attitude about Adam Lanza, "oh who cares about him" one parent said. But you know what? that is exactly the kind of attitude that caused Lanza to collaspe in his fears and depression and anger. Maybe if people cared more about what goes on in the mind of a young man who feels akward,and who doesnt look at you with his eyes, rarely, or roams the school grounds by himself with his head down, afraid of being bullied or humliated. Nobody cared enough to be his friend. He was shunned by his peers,shunned by his mother.The key to his explosive angry and rage falls on his mother. Her attitude and negative demeanor, as well as any negative comments made directly or indirectly lead her son Adam to kill her and go into a blind rage. Adam was a loner through grade school and jr high school until he was removed to home schooling instead. That alone isolated him furthur then he already was. There needs to be a system in place to acknowledge these type of students from early on and short circuit the negative social spiral that draws them into fear and depression. Adam needed a part-time mentor, one that can be like an older brother(his real brother like the rest of his family just shunned him) Someone to talk to,play games with,and just plain hangout with. Now none of this excuses his horrible actions. But there must be understanding of this and the circumstances that lead to this horrible killing of children. So this type of individual in the future when in our schools or community can be helped and not ignored. Mental illness cannot be ignored,there are many of us who live with this or wont admit to it. My heart goes out to everyone that perished. But we must understand, and like the priest said himself about this, we must forgive.

I think I've finally figured

I think I've finally figured out the old troll. He is a representative of that portion of the population that believes in the simple concept that everything they perceive as being wrong with society or America is the direct result of a single entity, in this case, liberals or Democrats. This is a very convenient way to look at things. Just get rid of the offending group, and all the problems will disappear. The fascinating thing is that this same mentality exists on both the extreme right and extreme left which I why I tend to reject both.

History shows many examples of such thinking:

In France, in the late 17th century, this same thinking translated as 'get rid of the Bourbons' and everything will be just fine. The result of doing so brought upon a bloody French Revolution that ended up with Napoleon who wound up killing a large percentage of the male population of France during his attempt to conquer Europe. France suffered for decades as a result of Napoleon.

In Russia, in the early 20th century, the Bolsheviks and their allies, said that getting rid of the Romanov Czars and quitting World War I would solve all their problems. We all know how that one ended.

In Germany, during the 1920's the Nazis said that all of the German problems were caused by Jews. That one didn't work out too well for Germany either.

In the US, in 2003, we were told that all we needed to do was to remove Saddam Hussein from power and things would be far better in Iraq and the rest of the middle East. Wrong again.

It is not sufficient to simply talk about various scapegoats and say that simply removing them will fix all problems. What is also neeeded is the plan for what happens afterwards. Simply blaming one group for all the evils in the world and not having a real alternative just doesn't work. And blaming only one group, while convenient, has never been historically justified.

What we have here now is a few people who take the simplistic view of things. Just get rid of the liberals and America will be fine. These people are not sophicated enough to recognize that many of problems are not really political at all, but they are the result of rapidly increasing technology and the increased unification of a worldwide economy in contrast to individual national economies. A few examples may serve to illustrate this point:

Up until the early part of the 20th century, families lived together and stayed together as multi-generational units. Partents took care of young children; adult children took care of their parents in their old age. For the most part, kids lived with or near their parents and grandparents and were able to take the responsibility of providing care of the older generation. With the advent of the automobile and more effective rail transportation, families started to break apart geographically. Older generations were 'abandoned' by the younger ones who moved away. So what did we do about it? We set up a fund (or two) to which everyone contributes and the money in the funds is used to take care of the older generation. We call this social security and medicare. It serves a real purpose, and one which was not necessary prior to the days of unlimited mobility. There is no rationale to blame these programs on liberals or Democrats; these programs became necesssary due to increased technology.

Many seem to like to blame cultural changes on liberals as well ... the decline in our 'values'. I take issue with this as well and believe that our values are changing due to the changes in communications technology. In the old days, there were face-to-face interactions and mail (you know, the kind with postage stamps). Most children were primarily exposed to only the values of their parents and, perhaps, religious leaders. People with whom one interacted generally lived close by and tended to have similar values. Starting with the advent of the telephone and running all the way up to today's internet and other modern communication devices, we now have a stiuation in which people are now exposed to far more in the way of ideas. Anyone today can visit any number of conservative or liberal web sites to learn differing points of views and different values. Anyone can visit a site that incites violence or even tells one how to commit violent acts. Once again, this change is not due to any specific group, be it liberals or conservatives. It is due to advances in science and technology.

Even religion in general has become a victim of scientific and technological advances. Religion, in general, evolved as a mechanism to explain the unknown. However, as science evolves and starts to explain much of the unknown, religions beocmes less relevant. The story of creation is interesting in that it pretty much follows the sequence of Darwinian evolution. Howwever, the scientific explanation just plays better in the modern world. The increased availability of information about all religions that is available on the internet and other places, makes the unique features of each specific religious sect more easy to challenge and makes the claims of religious leaders less easy to accept. Many, if not most, of the stories in the Bible are being found to have a basis in historical fact that can be explained scientifically and without the necessity of calling upon the intervention of God. All of these things tend to weaken the hold that religion has had on people for several millenia. Whether is is a good thing or bad isn't the point. The point is that the decline of religion simply cannot be blamed on any particular group. It is a consquence of 'progress'.

I would submit that many of our problems are the result of a world that is changing so rapidly that mankind has not been able to adapt quickly enough. We see this with our personal health and the amount of obesity in America. We have changed from a society where most work was physical and used up calories to one in which most people sit all day in an office or cubicle and get virtually no exercise at all. Our wealth has changed our diets so that we overeat and eat unhealthful foods because they fit into our lifestyles and we have not had enough time to 'evolve' to deal with these changes. Once again, this can't be blamed on any particular group.

So if you want to continue in your simplistic world of having a single scapegoat for everything, and limit your intellectual thinking to finding ways to link that scapegoat to everything you don't like, be my guest. Knowing how your mind works, you are pretty much locked into that kind of thinking. On the other hand, the limitations and rigidity of your thinking means that any discussion of issues is useless since you will take any issue or fact or piece of data and spend your time trying to blame it on the liberals. For whatever it is worth, I have this same problem with some of my more extreme liberal friends as well who can find a way to blame everything bad on conservatives, Republicans, and George W. Bush (their whipping boy-du-jour). Quite frankly, if I were King, I would take the 2-5 % of the scapegoat crowd on the right and the same amount on the left, round them all up, put them all into a cage, and let them fight it out and, if necessary, kill each other off. Maybe then the other 90 % of the people can calm down and work together to deal with issues. Every poll shows that that is what the America people want now. No philosophy, no dogma, no agendas, no scapegoating ... just work together to get it done.

Now that I understand your mentality and that of extremists in general, I feel alot better. I no longer have to criticize you on the basis of your views (right or left). I can simply lump both the right and left extremists as a single group of small minded individuals that are far more about finding the 'villians' than fixing things. And the best part is that I just know how much it will annoy all of you when I call out both groups of extremists of being simple minded ideologues who's views are irrelevant when compared to their focus on their own 'evil villian'. You guys deserve each other; please just get out of the way so the remaining 90 % can move along and get things done.

Sorry, but I have seen some

Sorry, but I have seen some businesses run into the ground by totally clueless Jews. Just the title of Jew means very little if you are not wise.

A German company controlled

A German company controlled by Zionists? In what rubber room are you living? Your idiotic claim is roughly the equivalent of saying that David Duke (former Klansman) is the head of the NAACP or that Vladimir Putin will be the new head of the Heritage Foundation.

Another way to look at it is that Zionists are Jews and no Jew would ever run a company as poorly as Siemens is being run (reverse bigotry?).

Siemens was controlled also

Siemens was controlled also by Zionists

You are right

You are right

The old troll Buick guy is

The old troll Buick guy is still at it I see. Nothing new. Still just cut, cut, cut. Has no clue about how to balance a budget and no willingness to either listen or give an inch. It's people like him who just want to divide the country further and ignore basic concepts of democracy and working together.

Just hope he's enjoying the Republicans in Washington caving in slowly to something called reality. Don't you think that if the Republicans had a real plan of cuts only that could have the support of the American people they would have presented it already? Guess not, eh?

Go back to your 2 % friends, old troll. It's all you have left in your miserable life of anger and hatred. You have nothing positive to contribute to a discussion among reasonable people.

Stages of a project TTN

Stages of a project TTN (
1) Enthusiasm
2) Disillusionment
3) Panic
4) Search for the guilty
5) Conviction of the innocent
6) Praise of the guilty

The problem with Siemens DX

The problem with Siemens DX is that most of the workers are straight out of college with no experience. They work for siemens 4 years and believe they know what science is about. Its really sad because i was a witness of all this. Management doesnt care about good products. They care about getting a product out to collect the bonus. And let me tell you the bonuses are rather healthy. so it does start from the management level. They simply tell people they are great. You can start at Siemens R&D as an entry level scientist with no experience and as long as you do decent work and dedicate a few years you will be rewarded with a senior title. Really sad.

Some good talent is there for

Some good talent is there for what they do. But in the real world they simply wont ad up. Im sure the layoffs will come sooner than later. Sad thing is people at siemens TTN believe they are doing great work. I know how it works there.

"....will NOT go towards

"....will NOT go towards paying down the debt"

I agree, and that is why simply cutting spending, is the best alternative. Look I'm the Buick guy and even I know that if it was a Republican in office it would still be a crap shoot, that the increased revenue goes towrds deficit pay down. That is why increasing the deficit is so dangerpous. It is in the best interest of the president to pass the buck, otherwise austerity will get him and his party booted from office, while excessive spending like Obama makes everyone least for his terms. What happens to all the interest payments that the next stooge will have to pay for?..............right, big, big trouble.

"As for the deficit that has

"As for the deficit that has existed under President Obama consider the following:

There is an ongoing loss of revenue each year from the Bush tax cuts"

So, lets go over the cliff and the taxes will go up and all problems solved. Only problem with the Dem side is that the increased income will NOT go towards paying down the debt, but added to "social programs" to "redistribute" the wealth.

"......much of our problems

"......much of our problems are quite independent of who is President. Many of our woes exist due to things that have a life of their own ......"

I mostly agree with this statement with the exception that presidents and congress can set long term policy effects that force the economy/ markets in a direction against free market priciples. And when that happens you inevidably have to spend more money and must continue to adjust policies to further push the agenda along, and the scariest aspect of the these kinds of actions is that they can have unexpected consequences when conditions change. The housing market is the best example of good intentioned liberal policies bachfiring in a huge way. Policies were passed over 30 years ago that encouraged, then forced lending institutions to fund subprime loans for the poor and those with poor credit. This was aginst the will of the industry at that time. Once lenders made these loans in large amounts they sold them off as securities to clear their books--they knew these were poor risks. The greed set in and they started to fund loans simply for the fee structure, and then they quickly sold them off to avoid risk. Clinton, Dodd and Frank then proposed policies and passed regulations that furthe pushed the market in his direction by getting Fannie and Freddie to buy up billions of these mortgage backed securities. The post tech-crash-recession and 911 added fuel to the fire precisely at the wrong time because the Fed lowered interest rates to boost the economy. The Bush tax cuts were paassed to also try and boost the economy. It can be argued very strongly that this tax cut kept the Bush economy from further decline, and was simply a form of stimulus, so all the arguments by the left that these tax cuts were adding to the deficit makes no sense unless they badger Obama the same way for his stimulus spending. Same sheep but with different colored coats. The synergy of low interest rates, huge levels of subprimes funded and then sold off, RE speculation, flatlining stock market (investor money moved to RE investments), greedy lending, etc. and the big one.... credit default swaps, soon ballooned and popped. Things would have been far less crazy had the policies to try and get mortgages (and therefore homes) into the hands of the unqualified, never been made. So once again the liberals screaming about Bush creating and popping the mortgage bubble is just pure nonsense. If Obama was in office from 2001-2008, trust me the pop you would have heard would have been just as loud as the one for Bush. It is much fairer to blame Bush for a whole host of other issues, but not this one.

Thank you for pointing that

Thank you for pointing that out to us. Your contribution to this thread is highly valued.

your both a holes

your both a holes

For the record, I have also

For the record, I have also said that I don't blame Bush for the crash any more than I blame Clinton or Bush for the tech bubble crash. I biggest criticism of Bush was his lack of attention to details, his reported short attention span when discussion issues with others and the turning over of many of his responsibilities and duties to subordinates with inadequate follow up.

As for the actual crash, it is hard to find anyone who didn't contribute. This was something that built up over a 30+ year period. Liberals went along with things because it meant opening up home ownership to middle class and lower middle class people. Conservatives went along with it because it was good for business and the bankers. Everyone was happy and making money off of the housing boom. No one seemed to care that the growth was unsustainable due to the high debt load. Everyone hopped on the gravy train. And then the speculation started. The house-flippers. People saw the value of their homes go up and borrowed against the increased value to buy luxury cars, McMansions, second homes, etc. As early as 2005 there were a few voices in the wilderness warning of a bubble explosion. But much like Alan Greenspan a few years before the tech bubble crash, they were ignored. No one wants to listen to a party pooper. The speculation and added borrowing did not set alarm bells off with anyone in Washington. And even had the warning signs resonated, what would they have been able to do to stop the runaway train? Events had taken over and a disaster was pretty much inevitable. Bush got the blame for the crash, and now Obama is being blamed for the economic consequenes of it. And no one in the middle is seeking rational, practical, and generally acceptable solutions even today. There is just too much political agenda in Washington and not enough dedication to real problem solving which has to start with the mentality that, despite philosophical differences, they are all on the same team now.

With so many rooms to choose

With so many rooms to choose from, why don't you go to a room that you like? Is someone forcing you to come to OUR room?

For what it's worth, the FDA

For what it's worth, the FDA has a long history of swinging between being overly lax and overly strict. They are like a pendulum swinging from one side to the other and never managing to land in the reasonable center. In the past, this has often been unrelated to who is in the White House.

In many ways this seems to frlect what Americans appear to want in their government. Give it to the liberals some time and to the conservatives at other times. Never elect a government that be in the middle. The American primary system tends to aggravate things since it tends to lead to selection of the more extreme candidates on both sides who have to play to the base during primary season.

why don't you 2 get a room?

why don't you 2 get a room?

Finally something

Finally something relevant.

As Howells suggests, it is hard to underestimate the looming burden of the FDA regulation known as 21 CFR Part 11, which officially pertains only to electronic signatures. Part 11, as the rule is called, is another Y2K-type problem for the pharmaceutical industry. It touches nearly every piece of software and hardware connected to clinical trials.

Under Part 11, when a drug company submits an eighteen-wheeler full of paper to the FDA, it must be able to prove that when an apparently 400-pound patient is allowed to stay in a trial, it was because his actual weight was 290 pounds, but wrongly recorded initially. More importantly, it must prove that the health-care, IT and statistical professionals who discovered, investigated, and corrected the error did so properly.

Failure to document such changes to the database, however trivial they might seem, can result in six-figure fines or the shutting down of a pharmaceutical production line. To its credit, the FDA wants to know that the patient really belonged in the study, and that the medicine really had the effect the company reported. Tracking such minutiae fastidiously is the only way the government can ensure that drugs work as advertised. So all the paperwork must be in order.

Thus, much like the Y2K phenomenon in the late 1990s, Part 11 is becoming an industry unto itself and having a pervasive effect on the relevant IT tools. NetRegulus Inc. is just one of many software and services companies specializing in the field. Lisa Ensign, director of biostatistic and clinical studies for the Oakbrook Terrace, Ill.-based firm, notes that there can be sharply different appraisals of Part 11 solutions by those who pay for them (the drug companies or universities) and those who live with them (staff in hospitals and doctors' offices).

Ensign says the vaunted productivity gains from electronic approaches to clinical trials may not be materializing, at least not so far. "The people in the trenches have not seen a benefit. It hasn't eased their workloads yet," Ensign says. "Fifty to 60 percent of companies say they intend to move into [electronic trials]. It's just not happening as quickly as people expected."

Some clients come to NetRegulus after brushes with the FDA. "We had a recent situation [in which] a client had an FDA audit, and they were asked whether they could change a record. Yes, they could. They were asked to show how that worked, and they did. And the auditor said, 'Can you show the audit trail that allowed that change?' But they couldn't show the fundamental audit trail of who made the change and when they made it. The audit trail needs to be automatic, and it needs to be unavailable to the person making the change."

In some cases, Ensign says, there can be hard-to-quantify returns from an investment in better IT. These may emerge in Phase IV of a clinical trial — the period after which a drug is available to any member of the public by prescription, not just small numbers of carefully chosen human guinea pigs during stages I through III.

Consider, says Ensign, the hypothetical instance of a company that makes pacemakers and glucose monitors. The company might have a hard time noticing problems in small numbers of patients if the information is being tracked on paper. "If you see a problem that occurs once or twice, it may or may not raise a red flag on its own. But if you can see a problem across all products, that can be very valuable knowledge, [leading you to realize,] 'Ah, what we really have is a battery problem.'"

IT veterans report that some of the pressure driving adoption of better IT for the clinical trials process is coming not from the FDA but from Big Pharma's fear of litigation. The cost of data that merely appear to be mishandled can be big enough to dent the bottom lines of large companies.

A case in point is the withdrawal of the diet-drug duo Fen-Phen, which is believed to have killed 31 patients among the millions it helped. The first clues to the problem came not from the companies that made the drugs but from the Mayo Clinic. A lag in acting on the Fen-Phen information helped patients' lawyers collect a $3.75 billion class-action settlement from American Home Products (now known as Wyeth). Could better management of clinical trial data have helped detect the problem sooner?

Bayer, to take another case, pulled Baycol off the market in August 2001. At least 100 people are now estimated to have died from the cholesterol-lowering drug. Bayer logged $586 million in Baycol sales in 2000, and losing those revenues prompted the company to cut 4,000 jobs. Hundreds of Baycol lawsuits are now pending.

In both the Baycol and Fen-Phen cases, the drug companies were not simply criticized for making drugs with infrequent but grave side effects. Instead, the legal questions were, what did the drug companies know, when did they know it, and what did they do about it? In contrast to Phases I through III of clinical trials, data from Phase IV are more public. They can flow to the FDA and to the companies themselves, and be used against drug companies in court.

Thus, software from NetRegulus, Phase Forward, Oracle and other companies that tracks adverse events poses a corporate dilemma. Use the software, and overcautious managers might pull lucrative drugs from the market prematurely. Don't use such software, and risk horrendous publicity and lawsuits from not identifying and preventing problems sooner.

Ironically, there may be one constituency in clinical trials more ominous in the minds of pharma executives than lawyers. They are statisticians. If the math wizards rule that a new blood pressure medicine is not in fact lowering anyone's blood pressure, millions of dollars in research are written off. If they say the numbers add up, on the other hand, those figures become ammunition for marketing campaigns.

IT is affecting even this segment of clinical trials. Statistician Elizabeth Yetisir, a Canadian consultant to pharmas, argues that it can be tricky to figure out what happened in a clinic months or years ago based on information in a PDA or electronic data capture device.

Was the patient's hemoglobin really 128? Or 48? Was that a normal value or out of range? Yetisir concedes new technologies can be programmed to ask users to confirm their entries, but says, "it's just a little easier to make a mistake" with the PDAs. "Most people can put what they mean on paper."

She says the inherent caution bred into pharmaceutical companies is part of the reason the transition
ImClone, Erbitux, and Data Management
Fiasco illustrates that eliciting conclusive proof from clinical trials is difficult

Security, an important consideration, is built into most software in the clinical trials space. But life science companies unwilling to tear out their existing applications may elect to protect documents by inserting encryption technology between the user and the application.

Alchemedia Technologies Inc., for example, has a server-based encryption program, Mirage, that is Part 11-compliant. Its ability to create and decrypt PDF documents on the fly is unique, says Buddy Wilson, senior vice president for the Grapevine, Texas-based firm. An upgrade last year gave Mirage the ability to prevent copying and printing even while the information is displayed on a screen.

Some of the new tools for managing clinical trial data are adaptations of existing products. For example, eRoom, from eRoom Technology Inc., is a collaboration tool for any industry. Michael Artinger, director of the pharmaceutical practice at the Cambridge, Mass.-based company, says Pfizer and other pharmas are using eRoom to expand collaboration and inform top execs. "Senior management needs to see what's happening, where the bottlenecks are, what the status issues are, so they can base decisions on current information."

One customer, Aventis, agrees. Peter Loupos, the company's vice president of drug innovation and approval, praises eRoom's ease of use and expects the software to promote cooperation between scientists inside and outside the company.

"They begin to collaborate more quickly than with phone, fax, or e-mail," Loupos says. "It is a driver for cultural change." Aventis, he notes, is hoping to have the first truly networked drug discovery effort, and to move beyond the balkanized specialties of traditional R&D. Loupos says eRoom doesn't try to do too much. "Upfront, we define what it is and what it is not."

Aventis may have been fortunate — it was able identify one discrete IT problem and select the appropriate tool. Other pharmaceutical companies may well face a more wrenching predicament. When can their existing IT assets be tweaked to make clinical trials run more efficiently? If minor adjustments don't yield results, larger changes loom. The challenge then will be to reconsider the entire drug development cycle, and to design a foundation of IT that supports a modern and less paper-dependent process. *

I know. When you peel an

I know. When you peel an onion, you have ruined it as far as good onion rings are concerned.

From the ridiculous to the sublime.

Finally a conservative who is

Finally a conservative who is honest enough to put some of the blame on his own party. I respect that.

As for the decifit that has existed under President Obama consider the following:

There is an ongoing loss of revenue each year from the Bush tax cuts

There is a revenue loss due to the unusally large number of unemployed and the fact that many who do find jobs are being paid less than they were before.

Programs to assist people in need existed long before either Bush or Obama were even known to the general public. The cost of these programs expands and contracts depending upon need. So on the spending side we have the following added costs that have resulted from the high unemployment rate:

Unemployment insurance
Food stamps

These factors still exist. Congress can certainly cut spending on the above programs, but what happens to the beneficiaries? Leaving it to the states only exchanges one tax for another. I would argue that had John McCain won in 2008, the budget deficits would pretty much be what they are today. There might have been cuts in domestic programs and some foreign aid, but my radar tells me that these would have been made up for by an increase in spending on defense and national security. I believe the same can be said about what would have happened had Romney won.

My point here is that much of our problems are quite independent of who is President. Many of our woes exist due to things that have a life of their own and there does not appear to be a good way to just take control over them again. And all of the time and energy pointing fingers and assigning blame only takes the focus on finding solutions and raising tempers to the point where people simply can't cooperate on anything. We have what we have. Let's fix it. Let's just stop the blame game because it has not only yet to produce a single positive result, but it is causing great harm to the nation.

Your acceptance of some level of responsibiity in the past is a good first step to that end and I thank you for it.

"I hope you all realize what

"I hope you all realize what will happen then."

No I don't kind sir (or old troll). Please enlighten me.

"If you want to fool

"If you want to fool yourselves about the debt that Bush and the Republicans (2001-2007) saddled all future adminstrations with...."

Hey, duuuuude, I agree with you. I was not a Bush fan though many of us conservatives were forced to vote for him because the alternative, Kerry, was and still is so repulsive that we were happy to get him. But once again in office we can agree that Bush was in many ways very disappointing. And yes a lot of it had to do with his spending. So i will accept the critique about W. leaving a huge deficit.

But why does the left not even mention Barracks looming disaster? Eight (8) straight years of a trillion + deficits EACH YEAR! And don't give me that all of it was to bail us out of the Bush trouble. Only a small fraction of that could be argued for that purpose, the massive bulk was used to try and artificiially stimulate a poor economy and most was just massive waste. Remember Bush inherited a depressed economy due to the tech crash and the effects of 911, all lot of which still affects us. he also tried to boost the economy w/ low interest rates (I know the Fed is considered independant of the presidency) and eventually a bit of bailout; all of which contributed to the long brewing (30+ years of wrong headed policies) housing bubble that would burst in 2007. So yes, blaime to go all around except to the rabid's still all Bush's fault.

Was Obama ever listed in the

Was Obama ever listed in the Kenyan telephone book? Do they even have telephone books in Kenya? Will Obama's Harvard records show he was admitted as a foreign student and that is what Donald Trump has been after? The layers of the onion will be peeled bsck sooner or later. I hope you all realize what will happen then.

"Destroy these two

"Destroy these two institutions of evil and our problems will be solved."

Presented a good case.

Sometimes I think if we just picked our "leaders" out of a telephone book, we would be better.

As far as a judicial system: I kind of like the British system. The first 12 are it .. no throw outs ...

You are all wrong. Our

You are all wrong. Our current political problems come from a conspiracy between two of the most evil institutions ever created: Harvard and Yale Universities.

Harvard has given us Supreme Court Justices Alito, Sotomayer, Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer and Kagan. Yale has given us Clarence Thomas. Harvard gave us Obama and Yale gave us Ford, Clinton and two Bushes.

They don't care if their Manchurian Candidate graduates are liberal or conservative as you can see from the mix. They just want hidden control and the ability to manipulate government without being detected. As long as they control the Supreme Court and the White House, Congress hardly matters and is left as a vestigial diversion for the American people so they can still believe they live in a democracy.

This is scary stuff.

Destroy these two institutions of evil and our problems will be solved.

Sinking lower into pure

Sinking lower into pure idiocy. An old troll with the debating skills of a 5 year old. Want to take another one of your dumb guesses as to what I drive? Guess my income too for extra credit. HINT: I have 10,000 idle dollars that says it's higher than yours and I almost certainly create far more jobs in a year than you ever have or ever will as well. Got a label for that, you pusillanimous old useless troll?

On the other hand, there is another possibility ------

Car ownership is now a form of political identification, eh? I am beginning to suspect that you are actually an exteme liberal yourself who gets his jollies by lampooning the absurdities of right wing extremists. You wouldn't just happen to be Steve Colber(t), would you? Only an extreme liberal could come up with posts like yours that demonstrate the moral corruption of the extreme right. Keep up the good work. There may be an opening for you on Comedy Central.

I think I'm on to something here. No real conservative with any amount of intellectual integrity would ever post some of the crazy stuff you've been posting for the past 6 months. Thanks for the free entertainment. I'm with you brother. And I like your new sidekick too. He's a bit rough around the edges and needs a bit of work, but I still see a great future for you.

Can't wait for your next shtick. Now that I have figured it out, I am going back to take another look as some of your most hilarious and outrageous posts.

As you can see, I have changed my mind about you two. I used to think you were worthless, but having stripped away your mask of deceit, I now realize that your humor is priceless.

"Caddy or Lincoln? No Beamer,

"Caddy or Lincoln? No Beamer, Mercedes, Jag, Porsche, or Lexus?"

You just verified how superficial the liberal entitled wanna beees think!

Zuckerberg of Facebook drives a 5 year old Honda Accord.

The Walmart founder Walton was famous for driving around in his 16 year old pick up truck.

I have driven a 10 year old Buick for all those years, when I can afford a brand new Porsche for cash anytime I wanted.

Why would we old geezers do this? Because these cars do not attract attention and they run just fine, so the only purpose for getting fancier wheels would be to shout, "look at me!".

Something only a debt ridden liberal would find attractive.

Westboro Baptist Church, the

Westboro Baptist Church, the vicious anti-gay group that pickets the funerals of soldiers and AIDS victims, recently declared it will protest at the burials of the children slain in Newtown, Conn.

This is the America of the conservative right. You are known by the company you keep.

You two guys are either the

You two guys are either the blind leading the uncaring or vice versa. Either way, you both suck.

Good. Keep talking to

Good. Keep talking to yourselves. No one else cares about you and your warped, self-centered views. Enjoy your day at the selfish old trolls home. The generation of the future can't wait to dance on your graves. The plantation days of big massah and days of the company town are over. Americans will never return to the serfdom you wish to re-create.

And all you drive is a Buick. Now that's hilarious. No Caddy or Lincoln? No Beamer, Mercedes, Jag, Porsche, or Lexus? How pathetic your miserable lives must be. But then again, there has never been a class as self-absorbed, non-caring, or ignorant as the nouveau riche who break all ties with those below them from whence they came, and are still not good enough to be accepted into the elite circles of the truly rich. How do you like those labels? A Buick, indeed !! HA !!!!!

Dude, you are so correct, the

Dude, you are so correct, the lefties are clueless on most matters of common sense. It is so bad, sometimes it really borders on mental illness or at less an ability to skew all information to fortify whatever twisted position that's on their mind at the moment.
Your comment about the left screaming about big oil is hilarious. Every time I hear, see, an actor, musician etc. ranting on about big oil, I do the conservative head shake. Leo Decap arrives at the Academy Awards in a Prius, and George Clooney drives around in an ugly strange but fast electric car. What is so funny about this? Nothing on the surface because like everyone else on the left I'd like to see us become less oil dependant. But there is proof that these guys are just stupid or just incapable of resisting the big leftist mantra to rail against big oil; these guys fly all the time in private jets!!!!!! Perhaps the most incredibly inefficient way for one person to travel a long distance. One flight half way across the nation in a private jet may be enough petroleum equivalent to drive a Prius for several years at normal use rates or an eletric car for many more years. So what is the point with their funky cars? Yes, they see themselves as better tthan any conservative who drives a Buick because they care so much about excessive oil burning and global warming. Very funny , agree?

Close your eyes or don't come

Close your eyes or don't come here anymore. You know what this thread is about, so stop your whining. There are plenty of other non-compromised Siemens threads here for you to get all the facts or rumours or whatever that you want. You will only increase the anger of the conservatives here by attempting to suppress their God-given right to freedom of blog posting. Check it out. It's right there in the Bible:

"And God said unto Moses: Thou shalt post anything thou want, anywhere thou want, and at any time thou want so that thee and all thy generations shall be Holy in the eyes of God. So shall it be decreed when God inspireth Al Gore to invent the internet. And thou shalt dwelleth in the House of bytes forever."

Don't you ever go to church or read the Bible? Shame on you. Are you some sort of Godless, heathen Communist or something?

Hallelujah. Praise he Lord. (And to be PC, God Bless the United States of America.)

why don't you 2 get a room?

why don't you 2 get a room? we are all tired of watching you to f each other in public

Exxon Valdez in Alaska BP oil

Exxon Valdez in Alaska
BP oil platform in the Gulf

Banks and investment houses making bad loans and telling clients to buy securities that they rate as sell.

Solution: Get rid of all oil companies, banks and investment houses.

Occasional incidents of police or military brutality (Rodney King, Abu Ghraib)

Solution: Get rid of all policemen and soliders.


It is so fun to think like you do.

Nothing new, I see, from the

Nothing new, I see, from the right. It's the old 'throw the baby out with the bathwater' approach. I leave you two to massage each others' ego. I will pay my higher tax rate next year willingly and with a smile on my face knowing how much your higher tax rates will drive you even crazier than you are. You can at least have some comfort knowing that the majority of Americans appreciate your contribution to fix the debt, most of which was run up during Republican adminstrations. Sorry, whiners, but the numbers don't lie. If you want to fool yourselves about the debt that Bush and the Republicans (2001-2007) saddled all future adminstrations with, and then turn around and blame it on their successors, be my guest. I will continue to read your out-of-touch-with-America-and-reality rants for one reason, and one reason only: know thy enemy.

No yawns today. You aren't even worth the effort anymore.

The first incident involved a

The first incident involved a Senior VP, GW, who physically assaulted an engineer, JZ, over an issue of some perceived clutter on a workbench.

The second group of incidents involved another Senior VP, HH, was reportedly made unwelcomed sexual advances to three different male employees.

In both cases, Bayer removed them from their positions quietly. Neither was fired on the spot. No criminal charges were ever filed. Victims were paid off on way or another.

The incidents occurred in the late 90's and early 00s.

"Maybe not at Siemens, but

"Maybe not at Siemens, but there were several incidents occurred in Tarrytown during the Bayer years which were criminal in nature, but charges were not filed. The VP offenders were quietly let go with full benefits and some of the victims were paid off. "

I do not ever remember anybody at Tarrytown getting assaulted/stabbed. I remember something about two in the incoming inspections area being fired because they got in a fight which started over an Arab/Israeli argument.

I guess that is because the guys in PMI were not officers.

"The Tennessee guy's said

"The Tennessee guy's said they were certified line workers in Tennessee, but the Jersey union guys refused to relent, and so the Tennessee guys left! "

Yes -- another union show of stupidity.

How about 9-11-01 when volunteer Fire Departments from "upstate NY" (Westchester, Putnam .....) sent personnel and equipment to NYC and were turned away. For the same reason; NON-UNION.

Well behaved dog. Mine would

Well behaved dog. Mine would have taken a chomp outta Mr. Greypants from the beginning.

This dog however waited and found a better position to jump in.

Nice work.

By the way, the liberal

By the way, the liberal viewpoint on the recent school shootings is all over the media outlets; "Is this the tipping point for gun control?"

Once again conservatives are shaking their heads at the stupidity of it all.

And what is the conservative viewpoint? Situations like this will be virtually impossible to prevent, as long as severe mental illness is not detected and dealt with for these individuals. Unless we lock up every person with severe mental illness, we cannot put a stop to these things. Thats just the ugly truth.

So lets say this kid finds it impossible to get a gun in a "gun free" US society (this is in quotations because all the reasonable people will understand that most of the criminals will still have them), what would he have done? He would have killed his mom with a knife and used a bomb to cause as much damage as possible to satisfy his thirst for societal "revenge". So how much safety would have been achieved with a "gun free" nation in this particular case? Zero. The kid could have caused as much damage as he desired if that was indeed what he wanted to do w/ or w/o guns. Liberals will say, "but gun related in-the-heat-of-an-argument deaths could be reduced. Yes there is some truth to this, but it would also reduce the number of times people defend themselves in their homes for the-spur-of-the-moment type scares that happen just as often, saving many lives.

"No I am still here. How

"No I am still here. How could the big 3 expect a guy making $20/hr to be able to afford a car being made by a guy making $75/hr. ? Sooner or later it was bound to end."

Great to see you are still here. Ya know, our buddy the yawner will be reading this, so he will no doubt get a big "yawn" over this one for sure.

After Sandy hit, some electrical line workers from I think Tennessee, took it upon themselves to drive their fully rigged trucks all the way to the Jersey shore using their vacation time to volunteer their help. They were met by the electrical union for the Jersey line workers and were told they were not certified (licensed?) to work in Jersey. The Tennessee guy's said they were certified line workers in Tennessee, but the Jersey union guys refused to relent, and so the Tennessee guys left! Can you imagine how the people in those coastal towns would feel if they knew about this? The news media being left leaning didn't report any of this and the story barely caused a ripple. Did any of you hear this story??!! I didn't think so. It was not reported in any of the major websites or papers as far as I know. No body I talk to has heard this story....shameful. Go ahead Mr. liberal, tell me this story doesn't affect you at all and is a non issue. It highlights what conservatives know about the current attitudes of workers unions; utter self interest and huge entitlement attitude.

Can you imagine turning away these guys who drove hundreds of miles on their own time to help with people suffering, and the union guys turn them back home and say "this is our job and territory and we don't care how it affects the public".

These guys are helping bring down the American work ethic in a huge way.

I have several Pentax MX all

I have several Pentax MX all manual cameras. They were the smallest high quality 35mm SLR's back in the day. At least 2-4 oz lighter than all the rest. I still take 35 mm shots of the kids just so I have some real photo's, not just bites on a chip.

What I like most about the

What I like most about the older cameras is that nothing is automatic. Too many of the cameras today take the picture for you rather than you making all of the settings, understanding the tradeoffs between shutter speed and depth of field, working in black and white and using filters and having to imagine the effect, and then actually developing your own pictures.


to the guy below who owns

to the guy below who owns LEICA IIIf, glad and surprised that I can find one at DX has this stuff.

The screw-mount LEICA IIIf is significantly smaller and lighter than any Leica M camera. It's so light that I often forget it's with me.

The LEICA IIIf is often quieter than LEICA M cameras, so in other words, it does what they do best, but even better. It is many times quieter than the noisy digital LEICA M9.

The IIIf weighs only two-thirds as much as a typical LEICA M. It weighs only half as much as most DSLRs, and less than one-third what a pro DSLR weighs, and delivers better image quality.

It is the same shape as LEICA M cameras, but is it slightly smaller in every dimension. LEICA M cameras are bigger than screw-mount cameras, and digital M cameras have gotten even slightly bigger.

The LEICA IIIf is an excellent sixty-year old camera. It sold for the equivalent of $3,500 in its day.

Facts, like "1/1,000 second shutter speed" or "longer rangefinder base length," are facts, but subjective observations, like "easy to use" must be taken from your own point of view.


"Hell in Poughkeepsie NY, one

"Hell in Poughkeepsie NY, one teacher stabs another teacher in full view, and gets a "package". Try that at Siemens and I bet your will be fired that day."

Maybe not at Siemens, but there were several incidents occurred in Tarrytown during the Bayer years which were criminal in nature, but charges were not filed. The VP offenders were quietly let go with full benefits and some of the victims were paid off.

You've done that one before at least twice. It really is getting boring. I guess at your old age you have some limitations. With all of your hatred and anger tying your brain up in knots, it's little wonder that you can't remember what you posted here a couple of weeks ago. Can fullblown dementia be far away? And do I really care?


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