Siemens DX is far from ending its employee layoff schedule and it's rumored most sites will once again be hit before end of 2012.
USA-Sacramento was just hit and we in the UK were told pending layoffs will start here by next week.
The madness continues.

stupid thinking

stupid thinking

In Siemens "Blind lead the

In Siemens "Blind lead the blind". Deadwood managements. Historians writing codes, entry level engineers holding leader positions, directors never went to school..etc. get out of the ship before it sinks.

I gave munis as just one

I gave munis as just one example that is fairly common and that most people understand. I wasn't recommending it for an entire portfolio. As you point out, there are exemptions for capital gains on a primary residence. There are many others that are far more obscure. You have heard about them in general as 'loopholes'.

"Why would anyone put a tax

"Why would anyone put a tax sheltered investment into a tax sheltered account?"

Obviously a muni purchased from a local government that has tax exempt status would not be in a Roth. What I meant was that these types of investments are considered "safe" (nothing is truly 100% safe; a local government can declare banckruptcy) and are held as hedges against equity declines. Similar to mutual funds that hold mostly bonds that are used to mitigate exposure to equities. The point was, these can be indeed tax free, but are not lightning rod investments to rack up ones wealth quickly. They are popular as part of ones retirement portfolio as they diversify the acct risks. What I was refering to was a true zero tax investment gain that is allowed by the current tax code, and is the only code that allows massive gains of up to $500,000 in as little as a few years, with ZERO taxes for a married couple filing jointly.

OK, its X-Mas so here it is.

It is the homeowners exemption for cap gain of up to $500,000 on ones principal residence (for couples). You can make this gain in only a few years, sell the house and pocket any capital gain up to $500,000! When housing was shyrocketing many smart investors took advantage of this exemption even if they loved the house they were in, because it was the smart thing to do especially if you hit the max gain figure of $500,000. Letting this gain ride w/o cashing in meant that you were throwing away potential tax free gains on the next property as the meter starts over for a new house. I believe the code was tweeked so that you must live in the next house (after exercising this exemption)for at least 5 years before you can use it again. So, the sooner you cash in max gains the sooner you can exercise the exemption on the next property if you are fortunate enough to get those huge gains once more. This is what I was wise enough to realize and I sold a couple houses to secure those gains. Once again, tons of people had these huge gains in equity but how many do you know that cashed in as soon as they had close to that max tax exemption? I knew just a few who acted quickly enough to ride the gains for more than a single house. The best thing for young people is that property looks like it may be posed to allow smart investors to do this once again. It is the only tax free capitol gain allowed by the tax code, that makes it possible to pocket up to a 1/2 million dollars made in just a few years, that I know of (per household ).

MR deserves his bonus for not

MR deserves his bonus for not laying off us. we should say a prayer for him.

Christmas Prayer:

Dear Santa
Please give Mikey a lovely wrapped pinkslip under his tree. If not, please give us a "package" so we can get on with our lives and forget the nonsense called DX.
Cookies and milk by the tree are for you.

A very humble Believer
Merry Christmas

wrong. you know what Suze

wrong. you know what Suze will call the engagement ring you gave to your wife, dinner. You won't make one tenth of her fortune in your life time plus your next life. so save it.

Don't need Suze for that one.

Don't need Suze for that one. It's very simple. Why put a tax free investment in a sheltered account? If you invested through a mutual fund and not individual bonds, held to maturity, you would probably have some capital gains. In a non-IRA account, they are taxed at a lower rate than regular income. With an IRA, any gains are treated as income when you eventually withdraw from the account. That is part of the trade off with IRAs; capital gains within an IRA have no tax preference per se.

If you want to check this out with Suze or any other financial advisor, you will probbly get the same answer.

that's a perfect question for

that's a perfect question for suze orman, my friend.

Sorry, but muni's are not

Sorry, but muni's are not meant for retirement accounts. Why would anyone put a tax sheltered investment into a tax sheltered account?

MR deserves his bonus for not

MR deserves his bonus for not laying off us. we should say a prayer for him.

Now that would be the best

Now that would be the best Christmas ever!
Holding back six months of merit raises while
MR still gets his bonus...Scrooge that!
Horrible company to work for.

Yes, Happy Holidays

Yes, Happy Holidays Everyone!
May Siemens finally "package" us all off very soon.
We all need a new beginning from this deadwood of a company.

Everyone; We all survived the


We all survived the great Dec 21, 2012 Mayan Omen.
Now is not the time for all the bickering, we can start again in the new year. Lets celebrate by forgetting politics and buy a new car (my Buick is really getting tired).

I wish you all, including our liberal friend (I know you really believe in liberal politics because you truly belive it is best for America) a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Just came back from stone

Just came back from stone mountain Christmas parade. It's so cold that I wish I had fur. Happy holidays everyone!

"Take 5 million dollars.

"Take 5 million dollars. Invest it all in a ladder of municipal bonds in your state of residence. Average interest rate of 4 %. That's $200,000 income with zero taxes."

While it is true that munies, zero coupon bonds (at least those purchsed from fed/municipal governments) and investments held in Roth IRA accts are tax free, these are investment vehicles designed with tax exempt status for retirement investment or are slow accruing investments intended as hedges for portfolios needing conservative diversification. Nothing to get rich from quickly, and as you noted it takes a huge amount of capita to just get a rather middling return. Great for those who already have $5+ million net worth but useless if you are trying to build wealth rapidly. What I was refering to is the single tax code that allows one to invest, say, $25-40K and in a few years make as much as $500,000 gain in investment completely tax free, legally. I have done this and made nearly $400,000 in only a 4 year period, sold the investment and pocketed nearly $400,000 in cash with nothing owed to the federal or state governments! Actually I did this twice, the second time netting only $250,000 or so but still I paid no taxes on this gain. It is the biggest free ride in the tax code if you can work out the right deal in the right market conditions. And the best thing is, it may be getting to the point where it will be quite simple to use this tax code in the near future, before they change the code.


I know the troll won't like this for two reasons. Number one, it's data and facts, and number two, it belies his myth of who is responible for spending. It matches well with the increase in our national debt under past presidents as well.

Well boys and girls, the

Well boys and girls, the world didn't end yesterday. Another dire prediction from the prophets of doom has gone unfulfilled.

Thank goodness for optimists and those who ignore the doom-sayers of all kinds. On the other hand, what would life be like without all of the extremists and crazies around to entertain us with their paranoia? From little minds come big laughs (and a bit of head-shaking, too).

So when is the next great disaster supposed to take place? I want a front row seat to miss it.

Take 5 million dollars.

Take 5 million dollars. Invest it all in a ladder of municipal bonds in your state of residence. Average interest rate of 4 %. That's $200,000 income with zero taxes. That just a single example of a way to keep one's tax rates low. There are many others in our tax system of endless preferences. Romney paid a bit under 15 % for the two years he was willing to show us. There is no reason that he could not have paid under 10 % of earlier years. He would have had to do nothing illegal. All he would need would be to understand the tax laws and he had a team of accoutants to do that. No one rational ever said Romney cheated or broke the law. The point was that he lived in a world that was out of touch with the vast majority of the American people.

What do you call it when a

What do you call it when a majority of the people vote for a government to do certain things and then a few people stand up and say: the people are wrong, we know better, the people the majority voted for a vitually criminals, so we have every right to impose our minority view on the nation?

Surely the word democracy seems to fit the above situation. Don't talk to us about democracy and freedom and liberty when the when Republicans are hijacking the very democracy they profess to be defending. Have you watching the Republican cannibalism in Washington the past few weeks? Total chaos. A battle between those who still believe in practicality and reality and those who seem completely detached from reality and living in some la-la land of dogma. And I can always tell when you see things going downhill for the Repubican Party or their candidates. Each time it happens you become more belligerent and absurd in your efforts to link something bad to 'liberals'.

It is kind of fun hand you as a barometer of how well the Republican Party is doing both internally or in the eyes of the public. It is the only thing that keeps you from being 100 % boring.

Elections have consequences if we are to have a democracy. When elections have no consequences we should suspect that our democracy in is trouble. This is equally true whether you win or lose. You just can't understand that basic concept.

I gave you the answer with

I gave you the answer with out spelling it out in black and white. Just wanted to know how much you knew.

Never miss an opportunity to

Never miss an opportunity to link it back to your chosen scapegoat. Never rise to a real challenge. What a guy you are. Bascially a one trick pony which fits in well since you say neigh so often.

Actually we on the West coast

Actually we on the West coast only have 4 hours left before the world comes to an end, so if indeed this comes to pass I'll have to admit all the irresponsible, entitlement minded, debt ridden citizens of this great country will have won a huge victory. Their irresponsibility will have given them the exact same end-of-times scenario as the most conservative and responsible of us. Oh well, if it doesn't happen then maybe I'll have a party.

There is only one tax code

There is only one tax code that allows a huge gain with zero taxes for state, federal, or any other taxes. Up to $250,000 per individual or $500,000 for a married couple filing jointly, for capitol gains in a single year can be fully exempt of any taxes. This can be repeated every other year. I know what it is, but I am wondering if you can manage to Google it and tell me what it is. By the way this is a very, very good way to make income because it is indeed fully tax free and legal. I have exercised this several times so I know precisely the rules.

The NRA suggested armed

The NRA suggested armed guards at schools as there response to the recent school shooting. I wonder if anyone told them that there was an armed guard at Columbine High School in Colorado.

More misguided right wing thinking without checking facts first. They might also try reading the entire Constitution before focusing in on a single, somewhat confusing amendment. They might also want to take a look at the Militia Acts of 1792.

How many more people have to die to satisfy the undue influence this group has on our country? When our representatives takes oaths to the NRA (or Grover Norquist, or even unions for that matter or any other group), they are violating their oaths to represent the American people and have no other allegiances. Shouldn't that constitute an impeachable offense?

(Watch how the old troll fails to see that I called out unions as well as the NRA). It is not possible for him to accept the possibility of someone being being neither from his left wing extremist viewpoint nor a boilerplate liberal (whatever that is in his mind. I could very sarcastic and ask whether someone who can only read half of a statement means that they only have half a mind, but I don't want to bring the level down any more.)

If you say so. Yes, I am

If you say so. Yes, I am exceptional. Or I know more about tax laws that you do.


I have an offer for you that would result in your paying zero taxes. No Federal, no State, no local, no property, no sales, no taxes at all. Are you interested in hearing the details of the deal?

"keep my tax rate under 10 %

"keep my tax rate under 10 % (yeah, I'm better at it than Romney and his accountants)"

Well first of all its not possible to get the tax rate below 15% for investment income, with some very rare exceptions not availble to typical investors. And no, these exceptions are not even availible to most of the wealthy. So your comments were pure fiction.

However, your description of making an income off of paper investments are right up my alley. Not currently though as I am small timming puts and calls, dividends, etc. because I still generate my income from business ventures. But when retirement comes, I figure it will be best to plan for something I can do by pounding the keyboards so when the bad back goes I can still work! I've thought of precious metals but Gold confuses me because it does not have intrinsic is simply hoarded. And for a pragmatic guy like me it doesn't work. I like pure function, like my old Buick, and hoarding something with very little commercial use would be scary. So dividends, puts and calls and futures trading seems like the way to go, but it will be risky and I'll have to be very cagey. At least I will only need living expense income to prevent loss of net worth. I do not plan to spend my net worth, it will go to the young ones and some to charity. You see we conservatives do not spend our wealth but invest or leave it to heirs and charity. And my bet is that conservatives leave more after death than do liberals.

No kidding. That was also

No kidding.
That was also just a play on words.

Ummmm, it was a joke. For

Ummmm, it was a joke. For anyone who is worrying, just remember that this is the end of the 4th age or period of the Mayan calendar. This means that whatever happens on the date will just be the beginning of the 5th age. Certainly no evidence that I know of that suggests that the astronimical events that are about to occur will be the end of the world. This happens every 25000 years or so and involves some galactic alignments and cycles which I don't understand at all.

Still, any excuse to sit on the beach and throw down a few beers and a barbeque or clam bake is worth it. With or without the Mayan calendar, life is too short not to take advantage of such opportunities.

Enjoy !

not 'unheard of riches', but

not 'unheard of riches', but unheard of niches.
You're giving yourself too much credit.

I'm going to figure out how

I'm going to figure out how to survive tomorrow and what to do next. The few of us that do will have a lot of work ahead of us and unheard of riches.


He is Magic Mike

He is Magic Mike

21 December has Arrived in

21 December has Arrived in Australia

I'm gunna get a front row seat in sunny Queensland seaside, have a BBQ with mates and family, drinking beer at the beach watching black bikini babes walk past .... what are you going to do on your last day ?

Are you really suggesting

Are you really suggesting that the small DX group is taking over 25 % off the value of Siemens' stock?

Thank you siemens for giving

Thank you siemens for giving me bonus and make the stock go over $110. please take a dump on dx, then it's 150 again.

Some of us have plenty of

Some of us have plenty of time on our hands. When you don't have to work for a living, but can make sufficient amounts of money simply through good investing, why would anyone work? The only ones who have to work are those that generate the profits for companies in which I invest, leaving me free to spend a little time on researching various investment opportunities, designing portfolios that keep my tax rate under 10 % (yeah, I'm better at it than Romney and his accountants), and annoying the extremists who post here. After all, why work when I can make money off of people like the old reactionary troll?

How do you like that? A rich, non-working, fully-invested-in-capitalism and living off my investments, modersate. I wonder if you have a label for me !!!

"The Ultimate Fighter reality

"The Ultimate Fighter reality TV series competitor Ray "Magical" Elbe....."

I squeese in my posts from when I want a 5 min escape from the daily druggery. But you must have more time than all of us. Have you ever tried applying all that energy into starting something of your own on the side? I did, even as a 15 year old. Hand waxed cars for $5.00 until my arms nearly fell off. It was enough to get me thinking about easier ways to make money......valuable lesson though. You should try it. Having a lot of energy is half the fight. Even if it doesn't make much the first couple times out, the effort will teach you about practical decision making, and you may even start seeing things a little more my way believe it or not.

The Ultimate Fighter reality

The Ultimate Fighter reality TV series competitor Ray "Magical" Elbe tried one trick too many during a lovemaking session while holidaying in Malaysia.

What should have been a passionate, enjoyable moment quickly became every bloke's worst nightmare, with Elbe suffering catastophic injuries downstairs and earning himself a five-day hospital stay with a severely mangled manhood.

The MMA fighter claimed to have accidentally launched his girlfriend more than eight inches into the air but had no defence against the landing, which caused a "fracture and slight tear in the urinary tube", according to Elbe's blog from his hospital bed.

But he wasn't done there.

Bleeding badly and shocked by the potential ramifications of what he'd just done, Elbe passed out and fell, hitting his mouth and chipping teeth in the process.

Elbe then spent almost a week in hospital after surgery to repair the damage, which cost him more than $6000.

To make matters worse, Elbe said everyone in the hospital was so fascinated by his injury that he had a constant stream of visitors stopping by for a look.

"The worst part of this has been the fact that literally everyone who works in the hospital has come in asking to see my shaft out of curiosity. Guess in a muslim country this type of accident isn't as frequent as you would suspect," Elbe wrote.

Elbe also chronicled what may well be the most awkward phone conversation in history - an emergency call to his parents, explaining why he needed them to wire him an emergency cash stash in the middle of his holiday.

Doctors expect Elbe to make a full recovery.

Happy Holiday Everyone

One wonders how the old troll

One wonders how the old troll would react if the situation were reversed. Go join your left-wing extremist counterparts in a big hate-in. Leave the rest of us in the middle alone already. We have no use for your type (LEFT or right). Neither of you contribute a thing to society other than division. I don't mean all conservatives; I don't mean all liberals. I mean small minded, hate filled, individuals like you, regardless of philosophy.

Look at it this way. If you stop spewing your anger and hatred here, you can spend more of your time making money from your company. Money that your grand-children deserve for some unknown reason and money to pay your higher taxes. Your presence here won't affect your new, higher taxes one iota, so you are far better off doing your day job and running your company. I'm sure the extra effort can produce more money than you could ever make from whining here.

btw: your last post was pure idiotic babble. It really makes you sound like a dope.

"The point here is that there

"The point here is that there are many ways to slice and dice the population in order to define a majortiy"

You see folks, this is what happens when liberals take control of our universities. If you wonder how in the hell we produce so many worthless "thinkers" like this fella, you can thank the universities. Lawyers, politicians, artists, professors, psychologists, etc., etc. you know the type; they deal with endless streams of minutia. They will talk ad neauseum about any subject and twist and spin soooo much hoopla into it that people get dazzled. The trouble is, it is mostly like a Rube Goldberg contraption.......endlessly facinating, complicated and totally senseless, useless. You ever been to one of those pitches that sell time shares? These guys can talk for hrs about a totally useless investment and get thousands of people to buy them. Same thing here, it can actually sound good until you analyze the details carefully and what do you end up with?............donuts.

" I missed that part where

" I missed that part where the minority rules."

You must not have heard of something called Congress, where on one side, a majority is equal to 60 % and on the other side, the party that has more seats also had the fewer total votes for them in the past election. That's right folks. Due to gerrymandering, more people voted for Democratic Congressional candidates and more Republicans got elected.

Then there is the issue of which majority you mean.

White people?
People whose parents or grandparents were immigrants (not 100 % sure of this one)
People who live in cities?

The point here is that there are many ways to slice and dice the population in order to define a majortiy. I do it the easy way. I just refuse to be politically correct. This makes me the epitome of democracy since I do not discriminate among any group when it comes to politically incorrect ccomments. I insult them all equally. The rationale is that I am basically against groups and labels which I find usually only to divide us and rarely do a thing to unite us.

Are you in a group? If so, I probably hate you !!

"Do you prefer ketchup or

"Do you prefer ketchup or mustard with your foot?"

Definitely ketchup. It is sweet and mustard is sour. I used to chew and chew, until it dawned on me that it hurt everytime I bit down. So now I just lick the ketchup off because my toes were starting to hurt too much. Oh well, seems like everything I like to eat is bad for me, and the doctor keeps telling me the older I get the less chewing I should do to my toes.

Maybe in my lifetime we will

Maybe in my lifetime we will see our country return to its roots and shed this fear of being Politically Correct , where does it say one person does not like something and the rest of the MAJORITY have to change , I missed that part where the minority rules.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah ( a little late).

Are you cereal? Are you

Are you cereal? Are you actually trying to say that the discussion here is affecting peace on earth? Whoever you are, you give us far too much credit. I never imagined that things posted at the Rumour Mill influenced world peace.

If we quit, will you promise to present our name to the nominating committee in Oslo? I think I'm ENTITLED to a Nobel prize for my contribution if I quit posting here.

You guys have "too much time

You guys have "too much time on my hands", sung to the tune of the popular song. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and may you both find something more interesting to do in 2013 so the rest of us can have some Peace on Earth!

You once again missed the

You once again missed the point. I didn't call conservatives rabid dogs. I called YOU and others like on BOTH the right AND left a class of people with certain characteristics. You can't even see how blind you have become. You either can't read or you don't read and/or you don't process information. You just like pull things out of thin air, don't you?

Why should I believe you?

Why should I believe you? I'm the one who knows hold old I am and you don't. You don't know; you just believe or assume. The pity is you can't tell the difference between knowing and believing, much like you have problems distinguishing fact from fiction. And somehow I suspect that you manage all of that without the assistance of 'medication'.

btw: Do you prefer ketchup or mustard with your foot? (I'm conducting a scientific survey on this one).



By the way I do indeed assume

By the way I do indeed assume you are a young man no matter what you profess to be. My flip flopping was to try and trip yuo up to make one of those "gottha" arguments. And by young I mean younger than me, which believe me you are.

Well, I can see your point,

Well, I can see your point, it's an easy one for you to use to qualify the conservative as the rabid dog. After all, we all know that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, right?

Ruff, ruff.

Oh, and I see that you are

Oh, and I see that you are back to calling me a young man. But when I posted a few references to the '60s you assumed I was as old as you. Then I told you it was a joke and you went back to assuming I'm a young man. Truth is, you don't have a clue about my age or my gender either, for that matter. I hope you don't run your business by jumping to conclusions all the time.

What if I were to tell you that I work for the Democrats or some liberal organization? What if I told you I was working for a new organization dedicated to finding the middle path by taking the best ideas from both sides? What if I told you I was just prodding you so I could understand the mentality of the other side? What if I'm just playing head games with you?

You are lucky that your life is so simple. All you need to see is one idea with which you disagree and you immediately classify me as the dangerous opposition. Once that idea is fixed in your mind, you are open to nothing else. That's why you reject facts and data so much when they don't support your position. You can't allow anything to interfere with fixed notions.

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