Siemens DX is far from ending its employee layoff schedule and it's rumored most sites will once again be hit before end of 2012.
USA-Sacramento was just hit and we in the UK were told pending layoffs will start here by next week.
The madness continues.

Me gets what me worked for.

Me gets what me worked for.

You gets? Bernard Getz?

You gets?

Bernard Getz?

You gets what you asks for.

You gets what you asks for.

Good riddance.

Good riddance.

Amen, suffer fools

Amen, suffer fools

Well, the Buick guy chiming

Well, the Buick guy chiming in once again. After a long arduous look at my tax return, and knowing we have a spend, spend administration for the next 4 years, I have decided to give up the ship. Yes, I am going to sell everything and start collecting my SS benefits since Obama may be willing to raise the retirement age to 68 or so at some point to try and balance the ledger sheets. I will qualify for benefits this year so why sweat it anymore? I am fully able to live off of the SS benefits and some dividend income and will not have to sacrifice my net worth to survive, so that it can be passed on to my heirs and some to charity.......anything but leave it for the Feds. So Mr. Liberal if you are still out there, how does electing Obama effect my future? Except for possibly collecting SS a year later (if the great one can raise the cutoff age soon, and I still have not applied for benefits), just exactly how much effect can Obama exert on me? The answer is virtually none, for my stated income will be below any tax increase cutoff point. Of course unlike you, I was fully aware of this before the elections. You seem to have thought that wealth preservation was the motive for us conservatives, and maybe for the young ones that may indeed have some merit. But for us old codgers who already have critical mass, whomever was elected was passe, because we knew we could maintain our nest egg just fine as long as we are conservative with it. So your rants about us only wanting a Republican for selfish wealth preservation reasons hold no water; at least for us old guys. I don't know if this will register with you, but once again the future health of the US economy/ deficit was THE REASON we wanted a Republican.

Well, I'll just sail off into the sunset soon and go golfing finally, for as much as I desire. I'll leave it up to you young ones to pay for the Obama deficit that we all warned you about. I really do hate to pass the buck, but that is what you guys voted for.

Best thing about being self

Best thing about being self employes --- being able to fire your "boss" customer if they do note treat you correctly.

I say look for a new job.

I say look for a new job. This knowledge will eat at you from inside out.

Too bad. No one cares.

Too bad. No one cares.

Taxes, taxes, taxes. To file

Taxes, taxes, taxes. To file oyur tax returns every year probably puts more stress on business owners, than hearing Chris Matthews say how he gets the "chills up his spine" listening to his hero give a speach.

It depends how big your ego

It depends how big your ego is and how good you are and how much good people get rewarded within your department. There are far too many unknowns here to even start to answer your question.

I found out by accident today

I found out by accident today that my manager earned 190k base a year, just double what I earned. More embarrassing is he's 34, two years younger than me.

Do you guys think I still have a future in this group, or I should start looking for somewhere else, so my ego can feel better.


Maybe he is embarrassed that

Maybe he is embarrassed that he has some white blood in him.. Not a real "bro".

Some half White/Black people

Some half White/Black people look more White, but in Obama's case, he definitely looks Black. In fact he does not look half White at all, much to the pleasure of Black folk I am sure, and why not?

Yes. The reason is a matter

Yes. The reason is a matter of public record.

No; Obama is half black, but


Obama is half black, but it is rarely mentioned. Any ideas why ?

".....the elected president

".....the elected president of the USA the last two terms has been a Black man for Christ's sake!"

This now qualifies as a racist comment.

"Disgusting wretched

"Disgusting wretched person...."

Wooooooo, pretty angry my son.

OK Bigot. You have lost any

OK Bigot. You have lost any support you ever had here. The thread is now yours.

I have written to the site adminstrator to ask that you be banned from this site. I have also forwarded this site and thread to a number of anti-discrimination organizations and agencies in the hopes that they can go after you to the extent that the law permits.

Enjoy the loneliness of this thread by yourself. And watch your back. You have exposed yourself far too much here.

Bigot Pig. No need to point

Bigot Pig. No need to point at David Duke, etc. You represent the worst of America all by your ignorant, small minded self.

The Second Term has started. Despite all of your whining and predictions of doom, you still have the freedom to be a racist. I hope you enjoy the next four years of a real American in the White House, and the next few months of Republicans caving in as they finally recognize the reality of the last election and of their own complete lack of support within among real Americans.

Your minority grows smaller with each of your racist ignorant posts. May you only go the way of the dinosaurs very soon.

Disgusting wretched person that you are.

Edwin, Bob, Chipmunks

Edwin, Bob, Chipmunks (Alvin), liberal, dufuss, etc.

All names for the same Black or probably Jewish liberal with the anger and delusional problems he claims us conservatives have. I beg all of you to go back and read these posts. He was baited some, I'll admit, so I may have gotten more of an incoherent response than is even normal for him but regardless.......who is the one with the anger issue?

The left always points to the David Dukes and Neo-Nazis' as the way all conservatives think. So is Al Sharpton the way we conservatives thnik all liberals are? Not a chance, so do we see the disconnect? The reason the left feels this way is because all the tru conservatives going about their daily lives are basically silent.......most are older, slower, busier and so involved with keeping their business and social lives on tract that political noise to them is just that ........noise. They are silent because they are self reliant and do not need government or anyone else to give them psychological or financial boosts. The left is noisy because they think others, including government, are their biggest problems.......nooooo the problem is the average person getting off their duffs and righting their own ship. Trust me, because it has happened to me several times in my own life, if a wise conservative loses everything, as long as he has enough time he will build up his financial security and life right back up by working even harder and using life's experiences to learn from. The liberal always has excuses for his own non- achievement. Just the ingrained thought that life must be fair to everyone (and the results must also be fair) or else we need to change the laws of the land is pure nonsense. Nooooo the laws of the land must not inhibit particular groups from the rights that everyone else in the land has, and as long as government does not sanction selective discrimination, the end results should not be expected to be the can be very unfair, especially to the ones that make unwise decisions. Does the USA have so much ingrained prejudice that we need to worry so incessantly about it?................the elected president of the USA the last two terms has been a Black man for Christ's sake! At the very least, Obama's presidency is the Joker in the hand that conservatives have needed all these years as proof that the "unfairness and prejudice of the American people" has long been passe'.

This is why i post because most that are on my side are silent and unheralded for simply doing what is right........being self sufficient.

mmmmmmmmmm Beer and chipmunk


Beer and chipmunk stew ..... Priceless (especially when paid for with plastic).

That's what REALLY makes America great.

Single, male looking for a

Single, male looking for a sucessfully rich, retired porn star in her late 80' who owns her own beer distribution firm.

I will love you forever. Photos are not necessary.

Have a nice day,

Chipmunks? Chipmunks? How do

Chipmunks? Chipmunks? How do ya skin the little fellers? Also, how do you season them. I have never been able to get them to taste like anything other than chicken. Once I tried raising them for profit but all of the acorns were beginning to drain my bank account. You would never beleive how much acorns cost.
Even tho my mother in law offered to put up some money as an investment, I still thought it best to shut down the operation. You see, I had visions of me and my mother in law ending up on Judge Judy suing each other over the money she invested.

I lost my blue buttons. It is

I lost my blue buttons. It is rour fault I lost my blue buttons. You are responsible. Now I will never be able to account for the chipmunks. You all know how many chipmunks it take to fill a standard 8" pie shell? No? I didint think so. Well I will tell you. After field dressing and removal of the parts you typically dont eat, apprx, 15 to 18 of the little fellers. Plus around 4 medium potatos sliced thin.

But I dont complain. Nooooo, not me. So every body, keep your eyes open for my blue buttons. If you see them, snatch em up and hold them for me . I will be stopping by from time to time.

Have a better than average day,

P.S. i acknowledge that the

P.S. i acknowledge that the christian right and the rebublican party are dying breeds....then again it can be argued that so is America. I do not believe this to be a coincendence.

have you noticed that 7 out

have you noticed that 7 out of 10 states with the best unemployment rate are red and 7 out of 10 with the worst are blue....go figure.

I find it to be closer to

I find it to be closer to regular babble than anything else. Which leads me to consider other the types of babble. Let's see..............


there I feel better now
and remember'

The penis mighter than the sword

Pure incoherent babble.

Pure incoherent babble.

And the Bush tax cuts were

And the Bush tax cuts were inacted to prevent a further deepening of the recession he inherited from the tech crash and 911. See what people do when they are desperate to stimulate the economy? They cut taxes!! So if lower tax rates are good for growing the economy during a crisis, they are not for when times are better? Have we got any logic here folks? Of course lower taxes are allways better for the's just that it is safer to burden the wage earners wih greter taxes, when they have jobs and are feeling better about their situation......does not change what lower tax burdens do for an economy. If lower taxes occur when deficits are running higher, that means you should be cutting spending.....economics 101.

I may be dumb, as you say,

I may be dumb, as you say, but I can take satisfaction in being in the majority on most issues. You, who seem to be an expert in misusing data and facts and not understanding some basic economic principles, are in an ever shrinking minority. You are a dying breed and I am a part of the growing future.

You just can't deal with it ..... and I'm loving it !!!!


Dufuss, you are still not

Dufuss, you are still not aaddressing the deficit situation.
Alright already, Bush was at fault for much of it but Obama boy was rsponsible for even more of it. The two wars would not have broken anything, neither the prescription benies to old folk. What collapsed the system was 30 years of imbedded mortgage insired nonsense, fueled by liberal policies forcing lending institusions to fund sub-primes. It spawned the then exponentially disastrious credit swap default greed that had the potential for investment firms to be on the hook for an estimated 40-60 trillion. The financial crises actually had very little to do with W., you guys just are to simplistic minded. For proof go ahead and add up all the stuff you guys directly attribute to W.........hint, hint it will not add up to anything close to 40-60 trillion dollars. It was the credit default swaps you imbiciles, that scared the Goldman-Sacks of the world. You guys are really, really dumb.

President Obama extended the

President Obama extended the Bush tax cuts once as a result of Republican blackmail. I guess you missed that one. He ran on not extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich and he won. You must have missed that too. Please don't confuse political expediency for values. Either way, those tax cuts did nothing but add to our debt and didn't seem to produce all those jobs that Bush promised us.

And unitl we re-write our history books a la Russian Communists (who, as you remember, decided that Stalin was a non-person after his death) and delete people like George W. Bush, Richard Nixon, Chester Arthur, Ulysses Grant, Rutherford Hayes, Grover Cleveland, and Millard Fillmore, I don't think our current President need to worry about your dire predictions of the future. (You could probably add the post WW I Presidents, Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover to the listg of 'bad' Presidents as well) The only thing you seem to have on your side is fear and all you do is preach fear of the future. For almost a century it was the Red Scare (which never quite materialized, in case you forgot) and now it's the Black scare (don't even bother to deny the racism that exists on the right). I see you have no response to all the things that Americans support and that Republicans have been blocking with their minority in Congress. Obviously, you either don't understand democracy or don't support democracy as a way of governing.

And since you, or one of your clones, raised the issue of wasting time, I see that Michelle Bachmann is right back at it again. After 33-34 attempts by Republicans in the last Congress to repeal Obamacare (a complete waste of time and an exercise in futility) the gentlewoman from Minnesota is out there bragging about how she made sure that the first bill on the agenda for this Congress is another time-wasting attempt to eliminate that which most people actually suppoort. It must be hard to lick your wounds since your 'death panel' lie didn't work. The only real death panels are those that exist within the insurance companies that decide what they will and will not cover. At least if the government were running things (which they are not) such rulings would be subject to public review and would not be based solely on profit motive. Just another one of your Republican right wing lies and threats that America didn't believe.

If the Bush tax cuts were so

If the Bush tax cuts were so bad why did Obama extend them? Obama will go down as the worst president in the history of the United States---When he is done he will have accomplished the largest tax hike in U.S. history (check), raised our debt more than any other president in U.S. History (check), and abolish the 2nd ammendment. Have you looked at your paycheck lately? I thought the tax cut was only for the 2% crowd.....and you think the propaganda is only for the repubs. Take your blinders off....

Well, you are half right. It

Well, you are half right. It is a fact, but when you listen to the right wing, it also seems very deniable.

There was more to George W. Bush that just two unpaid wars.

There was an unpaid for Medicare Drug plan estimated to cost several trillion dollars. More debt and a windfall in profits for drug companies since Republicans refuse to all the American government to negotiate drug prices like every other country does. In effect, the US has to subsidize drug costs for most other developed countries. And this, from the same people who scream bloody murder about socialism.

And let's not forget the Bush tax cuts that added trillions to the deficit and with which Obama and the nation has had to live with for the past 4 years as well. I don't know how Republicans keep the books, but when you cut revenues, you increase debt.

Republicans are good at one thing, at least. Sloganeering and propagandizing. You are right. Repeat the lie over and over again and it becomes the truth (I believe it was Josef Stalin who first used this phrase). Republicans seem to think that the American public is a bunch of Manchurian Candidates. They need to re-check the results of the last election which they lost on every front, nationally. Even Democratic candidates for the House collected more total votes than Republican candidates; the Republican majority is simply a result of gerrymandering designed to override the one-man, one-vote mandate of our government (the same issue that, ironically, was the basis for the SCOTUS Bush v. Gore decision).

It is little wonder that current polls show an huge difference in the President's approval rating and the approval rating of Republicans. But then again, Republicans don't believe polls and are even trying to find ways to 'not believe' the results of the 2012 elections. Sometimes you just gotta wonder what these (old white) guys are smoking.

"Obama Fed deficit (yes, I

"Obama Fed deficit (yes, I only mention Obama because he has created far, far more of it in such an incredibly short time, than all of the rest of the presidents put together) "

Once again, republican revisionist history. If you say it enough times eventually someone will believe it. If you say it even more times you eventually believe it yourself.
What obama created was a way out of the staggering debt left by an incredibly inept president including near economic collapse and two wars paid for with credit cards. That is an undeniable fact.

Thank you, chicken

Thank you, chicken little.

The bird brain mentality strikes again.

Go to Yahoo Finance, click

Go to Yahoo Finance, click The Daily Ticker and read " America should declare bankruptcy" by Doug Casey

I know liberals think the

I know liberals think the Obama Fed deficit (yes, I only mention Obama because he has created far, far more of it in such an incredibly short time, than all of the rest of the presidents put together) is just big, but not a fatal incumbrance, so I want you all to listen to this video. This is not some right wing wacko, but an big time investor who is laying out the facts to us straight.......and it is even worse than I thought it to be. So you are calling me alarmist? How about the real, total, 100% accounting for all entitlements, legacy costs and deficits actually being closer to 100 trillion??!!! And you liberals really think we are actually going to pay this off??? The numbers do not make sense at the reported 16+ trillion deficit, but if it is anywhere near 100 trillion, the game is already over. The only question is, when does it actually come crashing down? Not in my lifetime, but probably soon after.

Tarrytown is feeling very

Tarrytown is feeling very left out right now. No rumours to report, no anticipated closing, no ego's to bolster here.

Pity !

What is happening at Siemens,

What is happening at Siemens, Tarrytown ?

Very true. That's a

Very true. That's a statistically proven fact.

Well, the old ones that

Well, the old ones that appear thin and OK on the outside are ususlly frucked up on the inside!

Except for those of us who

Except for those of us who know that the body is the temple that our mind and soul occupy, and have learned to keep and maintain our bodies.

Old Farts have lumps, bellies

Old Farts have lumps, bellies and are hairy too.

Only when they come from

Only when they come from those afflicted with hemorrhoids.

do Farts have lumps?

do Farts have lumps?

The attention starved Buick

The attention starved Buick guy back again for a reprieve from the drudgery (I do find the liberal guy entertaining).

After observing many kinds of people serving in small business environments, not just my own, I have some generalities that I would like to share. But first we have to eliminate the criminal factor from each of these groups and let the non-criminal good people from each establish how each group generally treats employment.

Hard working, with integrity on tough jobs;

Hispanics, Asians, some White folk but admittedly a smaller fraction of us, those from the Middle East, Blacks from Jamaica.

Lazy, unreliable with an entitlement mentallity;

American Blacks, Jews (they seem to prefer pencil pushing and never do the hard lifting jobs), American Whites a good proportion of us, any color Viet Nam vet.

If it sounds like I'm bagging mostly Americans, you would be correct. That's just my life experience and I could be dead wrong.........but I wouldn't bet on it. If you ever have run a business that requires hard labor you would agree with me. When was the last time the group that laid out your patio concrete was composed mostly of Jews, American Whites, or American Blacks? I'll bet everything I own that you could not find a single group of guys that do this tough work, that are entirely composed of these groups and have done it for many, many years. Most are Hispanics.

Does this sound racist? Yeah, it's arguably racist against both Blacks and Whites, so how does this shake up in your head?



"Remember this country was

"Remember this country was created equal for all rich white males."

Yes it was, but it has changed considerably over the years, where even a "black man" can become president. Amazing how our constitution works.

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