Siemens DX is far from ending its employee layoff schedule and it's rumored most sites will once again be hit before end of 2012.
USA-Sacramento was just hit and we in the UK were told pending layoffs will start here by next week.
The madness continues.

Dump the layoff fears, this

Dump the layoff fears, this thread is now championed by the politico's!!

"The new fiscal year just

"The new fiscal year just started and no news about layoff. Because there will be no layoff for the year and this thread becomes useless. "

Apparently you didn't read the article "Siemens May Cut Thousands of Jobs" August 21 on Fox Businesss News.

"Siemen's new plan will be based on the program developed for its healthcare unit, the company said in July. The plan for the healthcare unit foresees 1,400 job cuts "by" 2013."

Layoffs are coming and will be worse than last year.

"The new fiscal year just

"The new fiscal year just started and no news about layoff. Because there will be no layoff for the year and this thread becomes useless. "

You could not be more wrong.
Last year's layoffs were on November 4.

If you can, discuss something you know about.

"Quite different from how

"Quite different from how George Bush (who's election was extremely controversial and bitter, as you may remember) was treated initially on day one."

Yes; and Kennedy's election could have been controversial but Nixon decided for the good of the country not to challenge the Illinois election results.

"And just for the record,

"And just for the record, were 100 % of the Bain acquisitions successful from the Bain point of view? "

No, but it was all done with "PRIVATE" investor money. NOT TAXPAYER MONEY.

Nice to see that you are

Nice to see that you are current on the latest Republican big talking point. Good to see their shills spreading their wings. Still finding ways to avoid any specifics or dealing with all the math questions that arise from your multiple versions of a tax plan and budget. If, by in over his head, you mean that he has yet to find an effective way to get through the Republican stonewalling of government rather than working together, and finding ways to deal with guys like Eric Cantor who says his prime goal at a negotiating meeting is to make sure no deals are reached and then undercuts his own party leader after a deal is met ... then yes, you are correct.

There is a word for people who set a goal of making a President, and simultaneously, a legitimately elected government fail. It's a word well known to Republicans ... one of their favorite words. The word is subversive and it is so ironic that they have been openly trying to subvert the Obama adminstration since day one (yeah, I have facts on that one too). Quite different from how George Bush (who's election was extremely contravesial and bitter, as you may remember) was treated intially on day one. Democrats did not stand in the way of the Bush agenda as I recall. They worked with him on no-child-left-behind, the accomodated him on two tax cuts, and they worked with him to set up Medicare Part D.

Another great irony. The party that created Medicare Part D, donut hole and all, is the same party that wants to eliminate Medicare completely in the future. Romney of course now stands on both sides of the issue. One version of his promise is to eliminate it completely for those now 55 and under. The other version is to maintain it forever as a choice along with private options (don't we have that now with Medicare Advantage Part C?). It's just like his tax program. One version is a 5 trillion dollar cut in revenue with concurrent cuts in spending. The other is 5 trillion in cuts from lowering tax rates made up for by cutting unspecified preference such as home mortgage interest (maybe?). C'mon Mitt. Which one is it? Are you for it before you are against it, before you propose it again? How can anyone vote for someone who can't tell them what he is going to do. All he says is 'I'm not the other guy'.

And just for the record, were 100 % of the Bain acquisitions successful from the Bain point of view? Did they profit on each and every one of them. From Wikipedia: Much of the firm's profits was earned from a relatively small number of deals, with Bain Capital's overall success and failure rate being about even. One study of 68 deals that Bain Capital made up through the 1990s found that the firm lost money or broke even on 33 of them.[48] Another study that looked at the eight-year period following 77 deals during the same time found that in 17 cases the company went bankrupt or out of business, and in 6 cases Bain Capital lost all its investment. But 10 deals were very successful and represented 70 percent of the total profits.[49] Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Does a 50 % failure constitute being over one's head too.

Kinda sucks when facts get in the way of your arguments, doesn't it. I expect another barrage of personal attacks from this one. Will it be the charge of being socialist again? or Nazi? (Can liberals really be both?) Is it time for another temper tantrum?

Obama giving a speech at a

Obama giving a speech at a fund raiser today about his term in office; ".....But in the middle of it we made all kinds of mistakes. We goofed up. I goofed up. But the American people carried us forward,......"

"Goofed up"; are you kidding me!? I'm not making this up, this is a direct quote; Google it.

Can you imagine the hoots of laughter liberals would have had, if George Bush had said this in a speech? It was just a fund raiser, but the only place this could have been accepted w/o hoots of laughter is at a comedian's political roast. Anywhere else from a sitting president is just embarassing. This guy is in waaaaay over his head.

i completely agree that

i completely agree that Siemens problems with DX is completely self induced and has little to do with the economy or who was or is in the WH. My comment was a (failed) attempt at sarcasm.

Sorry, but I seriously doubt

Sorry, but I seriously doubt Siemens will be holding back on any layoffs.
Doesn't matter who wins the election either.
Besides, they're a German company and are much more interested on how the EURO problem plays out.
Financially, Diagnostics never worked for them as planned. Basically, they lost their shirt and need to cover the loss.
DX has nothing left to cut other than its size. The redundancies, even after six years, keeps tanking this division.
Siemens should have just stuck with IMAGING and stayed out of diagnostics altogether. How many CEO's have come and gone already?
DX is still losing marketshare and customers each and every quarter as well.
I don't blame Obama or Romney or Bush for that matter.
Siemens just never understood this industry and it's costing them.

This makes no sense. I

This makes no sense. I assume that if you support Romney you would believe that if he wins, everyone will know there will be a turn around, and Siemens will hold back on the layoffs. And even if they don't, there will be 12 million new jobs out there waiting to be filled. The final irony will be that the Republicans will adopt a new anthem: Happy days are here again ....

Don't worry people cause

Don't worry people cause we'll get back to Siemens layoffs after the election...and Romney wins. I have no doubt about that considering the polls are getting closer daily.
The "undecided" are seeing the realization what another 4years of Obama will do for them. So let the political idiots post what they want. They'll be gone soon enough.

But back to Siemens. This past month the Town Halls at different sites mentioned nothing yet of layoffs in the US. Siemens Management official ever denied them happening in the short term either.
It's becoming more apparent the 1400 layoffs a Siemens official told Fox Business News about will be taking place in one "big swoop" before the end of the year. Think of it as German Spring cleaning. They already shutdown the Wind Plant (400) in one day! The same plant Obama visited two years ago.
Best Advice: Don't plan on buying those expensive Holiday gifts just yet. Some of us in DX will not be employed come January.

"The ONLY thing that will

"The ONLY thing that will bring us closer to being Greece is Ryan, Romney...."

We already are Greece you silly fellow. Bush was terrible esp. w/ his last year in office; $1 trillion plus fedeal deficit.

Obama?, I'm not sure what you would call him if Bush was terrible;
$1+ trillion for 4 straight years. I'm pretty sure this is more in the 4 years combined than the total of all deficits for every president we have ever had. Pretty bad performance if you ask me. And no way in hell he pays this off in his term if he wins, so he will have burdened our future forever with this enormous interest because in all reality, we have probably gone past the point of return. Somewhat like Japan, forever burdened with the unpayable burden of enormous interest payments. And you guys are being asked if you are better off than you were 4 years ago. That is even arguable to the downside, but it totally misses the bigger picture. Unless our GDP grows by leaps and bounds for years to come, we are f$%&'d up forever, just like Japan. How's that for your wonderboy?
Yes, he inherited a mess, but that was it. Bush inherits an economy tanked by the tech craze, gets hit w/ 911 within 9 months of being in office, and even with a nascent recovery struggling along, gets bombed by Katrina (a huge hit to the tax revenue and clean up cost. Yes and two wars, one indeed very suspect, but not a deal breaker for the economy. And Bush never blamed Clinton for handing him a tanked econmy. I think it is about time Obama and you libs get out of the house, get real jobs and stop blaming Bush and everyone else for screwing this up.

Do not know Romney's tax

Do not know Romney's tax plan.... OK; what was the Obama budget the past few years? Tax & spend I guess.

"Here's a rumor about

"Here's a rumor about Siemens: there are a couple of jerks there that want to make sure there is no discussion on Siemens layoffs and so have hijacked a thread on biofind, filling it with long, irrelevant, posts about politics."

Hijacked? Do you think we are necrophiles? What thread? The thread is dead. No one is stopping anyone from posting things about Siemens and layoffs, and if you've been reading this thread, you have seen that I have been encouraging some more posts of relevance.

I do appreciate your humor though.

btw: It's Arnsberger (spelling) syndrome .... possibly named after Arnsberg, Germany??? (joke?)

Sinking lower into personal

Sinking lower into personal insults, eh? Can't win on the facts? I will not sink down to your rude, childish level to respond to your nonsense and assertions. You obviously have no clue as to how Congress works and are reduced to Republican talking points ... old ones at that.

Here's Romney, the car salesman:

American Public: I am interested in looking at your cars.

Romney: They cost $25,000

American Public: What features do they have? What are the specs?

Romney: Just buy one and you will get all of that information when we deliver your car.

How can we have an election about issues when one side wants to talk generalities and meaningless flag waving (I love America; I love freedom --- yeah, well who doesn't?) Why should I respond to your assertions when you have no use for facts or data. And more important, why do you never respond to my data? Can't you handle the truth or reality?

So trying sticking to facts, data and real issues, and leave the insults out. If you are that frustrated, get a punching bag for your rec room. Go out and run a few miles. All you accomplish with your insults and name-calling and labels is to reduce your credibility. Haven't your heard? Didn't you get the memo? Character assassination is out.

$10,000 bet, anyone, that Mr. Fact-less will come back with all of the insults from the other side, thus justifying his behavior because his 'enemies' sometimes are equally childish? $5,000 that he does a 'well, you started it'. $50,000 for a picture of him sticking his tongue out at the TV when the President is on the screen.

Here's a rumor about Siemens:

Here's a rumor about Siemens: there are a couple of jerks there that want to make sure there is no discussion on Siemens layoffs and so have hijacked a thread on biofind, filling it with long, irrelevant, posts about politics.

The writing style and general cluelessness indicates that they have Asbergers, are retarded, or both which means they are most likely in middle management.

"Why don't you give us some

"Why don't you give us some details and facts instead of asking us to vote blindly on the biggest item...."

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! And nooooo for you sensitive types this is not a racial remark.

I am well aware that much legislation is not fully vetted by the people who vote for this stuff as they are so "busy" doing the peoples work. But the Health Care overhaul was a different thing altogether and you damn well know it. It wasn't "just" a bill, it was to affect ~20% of the national economy and virtually every American life. Except of course for the president and those voting for the bill. Yet the president himself DID NOT EVEN KNOW ALL THE PERTINENT DETAILS; he was the primary instigator for this change and he did not care to vet the actual language in the fine print? You have to be kidding me. You liberals following blindly, a leader like this is what is fascinating, and this one incident alone warrants as much research and study as the Third Reich; "Follow blindly our great one into the dark night......"

If you do not see the utter disaster in this guy you are moron. His ego is so immense that he was satisfied to get his ideology in legislation, passed by a bunch of his lemmings, and changing the industry and lives of millions of Americans. Must have been such a tremendous rush to get so much done while flaunting so much power and proving to so many on the Right how really smart and righteous he is was. Just don't bother him with the details, like reading or even getting a review session on the bill to be sure that the details he wanted were actually the way he would have wanted them in it, for he just didn't have the energy or time; he had more important things to worry about. After all he is president. Or could it be that the details were too much for him to grasp and he knew it? Either way handing over the details of the language in the bill and not vetting it, is like building a house from the ground up and telling the architect and contractor "I want a beautiful big house" and walking away until it was built; but this was far bigger and more complicated than any house. Woe be me.......

The ONLY thing that will

The ONLY thing that will bring us closer to being Greece is Ryan, Romney and the secrets they won't divulge.
What is behind those curtains?
Be specific mr Romney and Ryan.

Screw Big Bird Toss him in

Screw Big Bird
Toss him in the oven and feed the homeless Obama is generating.
Another 4 years with him will just bring us closer and closer to being Greece.
FYI: I bet it tastes better with yams and stuffing on the side.

Smoke and mirrors. Or in

Smoke and mirrors.
Or in sales terms- dog and pony show.
Except in this case we know it doesn't work.

I know the Everett Dirksen

I know the Everett Dirksen quote. Do you want a President who thinks big or one who plays small ball. Is PBS the highest priority or just a purely political play to the right wing?

Still don't know the Romney tax plan. Is it a 5 trillion dollar decrease in taxes or what Romney called a revenue neutral plan which means the same total tax is collected (as he said during the debate) after both rates are lowered and preferences eliminated? If it's the latter, where are the savings, where is the money for the God-like 'job creators' you want us to worship, and how will taxes be distributed among the various payers?

Why don't you give us some details and facts instead of asking us to vote blindly on the biggest item? What IS the plan? Why is is important to know about pulling money from PBS at $1.35 per citizen, but not to know the big stuff?

Are you familiar with the word FRAUD?

You ought to be ashamed! Big

You ought to be ashamed!
Big Bird and his buddies taught you and your contemporaries all kinds of great things.
Now you want to dump him while paying for an unfunded war and stupid economic decisions made by the republicans?

"PBS gets roughly 0.012 % of

"PBS gets roughly 0.012 % of the federal budget " and ,012% there , and another .012% elsewhere. He guy. Enough of these Big Bird type handouts and we will go broke.

I understand and respect your

I understand and respect your position as well. However, I would suggest (somewhat sarcastically) that the ongoing political discussion is still doing you a favor. It keeps the thread near the top of the list so that, in the event that there is something truly relevant to post, it will be easy to find this thread.

I present the above, not to be a jerk, but more as a demonstration that there are always several perpsectives to most things. You could just as easily start another thread and label it as the non-politcal, Siemens news only thread. I would probably respect tht thread. However, my suspicion is that if you did that, the thread would have a few posts, and then it would slowly move down the list until it was keeping company with the interminable Deuce threads. I, too, wish this thread would return to its original purpose since there are literally hundreds of forums to discuss politics. However, no one seems to be posting anything along those lines. I am not sure if the 'better dead than political' approach is the right answer.

The other point here, is that very little in life is quite as black or white, or neatly packaged as we would like.

Abnother option is to just think of this thread as being very modern and up to date since it is in line the concept of multi-tasking (a process to which I do not personally subscribe). I prefer the Winchester approach:

Do one thing at a time
Do it very well
And then move on

I understand a bit where you

I understand a bit where you are coming from, but my question to you is , why don't you start a new thread? If your pieces are meant to be "fillers" until you feel there is info about Siemens posted, then I suggest you start a new thread. It isn't your unrelated topics to this thread that is annoying, it is your disregard for the reason this post was started and not being considerate of others related to the original topic of Siemens layoff.

If you something relevant to

If you something relevant to post, then post it. Since no one seems to be doing that, it seems that there is nothing new or directly relevant to Siemens layoffs right now.

If you don't like what this thread has become, stop patronizing it and complaining. Or just start another thread. If you can't see that we are just having some fun, that's your problem. If you think that Siemens layoffs are more important than this election, that, too, is your problem. I think both of the protagonists in the recent political discussion can agree on one thing: the outcome of this election has the potential to affect your lives far more than anything Siemens ever can or will do.

Perhaps you can answer one question though: Why are Americans so averse to politics and so ignorant about issues and so prone to discussing them hormonally and emotionally rather than rationally? The answer to this question should be apolitical.

these people can not help

these people can not help themselves

Can we PLEASE get back to the

Can we PLEASE get back to the issue at hand, DX laying off people left and right? Please keep the liberal drivel at HuffPost.

For the record: "There are 47

For the record:

"There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it. ... My job is not to worry about those people. I'll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives." -Mitt Romney, in leaked comments from a fundraiser in May 2012

The issue with the 47 % was

The issue with the 47 % was not about the committed or not wasting campaign resources to try to win them over. The point was to spend the most on the 6 % in the middle. Everyone gets that. The problem was the way he characterized the 47 % he had no chance to get. It wasn' that they had an honest disagreement with how the country should be governed or how to solve various problems. It was that they were leeches, lowlife, lazy, etc. when many are retirees, military people, people out of work who are busting their butts looking for work, etc. It was a basic insensitivity to the down and out and the atttitude that it was all their fault and that they could and should solve their own problems. It was the same indication of a complete disconnect with the average American, much like:

the $10,000 bet with Rick Perry

the 'corporations are people, my friend'

the description his cars ('I drive a Mustang and a Chevy pick-up truck. Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs, actually. '),

the NASCAR thing: "I have some friends who are NASCAR team owners."

"I like being able to fire people who provide services to me."

"I'm not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there."

These kind of statements just don't resonate with the middle class. It's not just one or two of them; they add up after a while and create an image of the man. And, rightly or wrongly, it makes people feel that he is not one of 'us', nor does he even know what our lives are really like. He can read about it or visit it, but he doesn't seem to really feel it.

The 47% remark: The way I

The 47% remark: The way I interpret what he was saying is that 47% no matter what, are going to vote for Obama. Basically the die hard Democrats. So why waste his efforts trying to court those votes.

Same for Obama 47% are going to voter for Romney, no matter what.

It is best to go for the voters who, "think before they vote" and are willing to vote for the person they feel is best. Now the problem with this is. Best for the individual voter, or best for the country?

The real bottom line unfortunately is people tend to vote for the candidate who will help them individually the best, not what is best overall for the country.

Two recent headlings: Peanut

Two recent headlings:

Peanut butter plant found contaminated with salmonella.

A few dies, dozens sickened by meningitis contaminated hormone shots.

Let's hear it for those who want less regulation.

Do you get it yet?

"Obama w/o a teleprompter and

"Obama w/o a teleprompter and up against a great debater looked like------I don't know a community organizer?"

Are you trying to make a point or a joke?

I doubt you would like to hear the impression that Romney left for people who were aware of his previous positions and proposals.

Who is he?

What does he stand for that is a core belief and not a position-du-jour?

Does he want to reduce total tax revenues or is his plan revenue neutral as he said on Thursday. Will all of the decrease in taxes resulting from lower rates be offset by an equal amount of tax increase due to elimination of preferences? If so, will everyone then pay the same taxes or will some peoples' taxes go down while other go up? If the rate reductions are to be offset by eliminating preferences as he strongly suggested on Wednesday, where will the extra money come from that the 'job creators' need to create more jobs? Flip-flop-flip-flop ... it's like watching windshield washers on a car.

How do you make that 47 % remark when you are relaxing with your friends and fellow rich elite and letting your hair down, then doubling down on it for a week or more ... and then look straight into a camera and say: oh, sorry, I was wrong?

There is little doubt that Mitt's personality dominated the screen on Wednesday night. We will have to await the decision of the jury as to whether he dominated with his ideas; that is, if anyone can ever figure out what he really stands for or where he really wants to take the country.

In the long run, today's unemployment numbers will be far more important than last night's debate which was only Act I in a four act play. If you want a truly meaningless statistic, most winners of the first degate in which an incumbent was involved have lost the election.

However you respond, it won't be nearly as interesting as seeing how the Republicans will do without being able to talk of how many consecutive months we have had with unemployment over 8 % now that it is lower. Will they spin the data or attack it? Just get your brown shoes on everyone so the stains won't show when you step into more Republican doo. The paranoids are already coming out of their caves.

Obama w/o a teleprompter and

Obama w/o a teleprompter and up against a great debater looked like------I don't know a community organizer?

If your Siemens stock doubled

If your Siemens stock doubled over the past few years it means it has kept up with the overall market which has basically doubled sine March, 2009. Expecting a triple from a large conglomerate like Siemens sounds a bit over-optimistic for a company the size of Siemens unless there were some special circumstances involved that drove the initial price down. Since DX is only a tiny part of Siemens operations, its impact on the stock is probably negligible.

Congratulations on your good fortune. I hope you can find a way to enjoy your winnings.

I bought at 53, always

I bought at 53, always thought that I can sell at 153. It seems not possible for the next few years. so I'll dump when it's over 110. Thank you Siemens for letting me make a small fortune.

siemens may have had a good

siemens may have had a good fiscal year. don't really care since I sold my stock back in march.
DX had an atrocious year and that's what we're talking about.

Unemployment now at 7.8 %.

Unemployment now at 7.8 %. Details of report are not quite as rosy. Good thing most Americans are like my friend here. They won't get into all the details nor will they understand the economic subtleties. They just want that executive summary number. One less talking point for Republicans.... the over 8% streak has been broken.

Another Romney flip-flop last night. Romney finally caved in and admitted his 47 % remark was wrong. Funny how it was just fine in a private meeting with his rich elite clones, but after being caught with his pants down and finding that doubling down on the comment wasn't working, he flipped again. Does the man have any principles at all or does he just go with the perceived flow much like that famous picture of Mao, floating down the Yang-tse river? Will the real Willard please stand up for once.

Have a nice day.

"Notice how Congress exempted

"Notice how Congress exempted themselves from Obamacare ?

Need I say more?"

A. Relevance?

B. No, you needn't say more just for lil ol' me. But I'm sure you will anyway. More assertions and opinions, that is, but no facts or data. The Carville comment was particularly childish, even for you. Your stubborn refusal to deal with facts, coupled with you mule observations makes me wonder ..... hmmmmmmmmmm

Notice how Congress exempted

Notice how Congress exempted themselves from Obamacare ?

Need I say more?

You two need to get another

You two need to get another room. Anyway, word is that believe it or not Siemens had a good fiscal year end. Things are looking up.

"OK.... Let's try this one. I

"OK.... Let's try this one. I offer as evidence the two children of James Carville and Mary Matalin as evidence. Males and females of different species cannot breed by definition."

First of all this is nonsense, different species breed and have offspring all the time as long as the chromosome #'s are the same. The progeny however, may not be fertile. Ever heard of a mule?

And as for Carville, you have to be kidding me; one look at him and I know he could not possibly be human. Maybe you should tell him to chk to see if his kids are sterile.

Typical Americans (and their

Typical Americans (and their politics)......loud, ignornant and think they are the only people on earth, and on this site.

Keep it up boys, you are validating the stereotype.

In all fairness to the

In all fairness to the providers of this site and those who maintain it and monitor it, I propose we join forces and buy them a few boxes of nappies. Can you just put yourself in their mindset and culture for a minute? They must be wetting themselves with every new post.

Siemens DX has no man between

Siemens DX has no man between cattle A and cattle C, so it failed.

PS: Just to get under your

PS: Just to get under your skin ....

it's CITE (as in citation to help you remember), not SIGHT

Have you considered that I do work for Seimens, but not in biological science. What if I told you I work in their Englisch und Grammatik-Abteilung (English and grammar department) and I am involved in the startup of facilities in China and India?

"And as for the species

"And as for the species comment, I'm shocked you did not sight a specific study (with all the hardcore data on the exact amino acid sequences) that deciphered several locus points on the human genome that proves that liberals indeed are the same exact species as conservatives are: Homo sapiens. Your turn."

I see it's game time.

OK.... Let's try this one. I offer as evidence the two children of James Carville and Mary Matalin as evidence. Males and females of different species cannot breed by definition.


Your turn now.

Let us, just say for a second you are correct and we are different species? What evidence would you like to put into play to prove which is the superior species?

SAT scores?
Target shooting scores (a more essential skill for basic survival)?
Dressage skills?
Golfing -- oh, but that must be interspecies since both Obama (who many on the right have been trying to paint as 'not one of us' for years) and many rich elite conservatives play golf
Amount of wealth accumulated over a period of years?
Amount inherited (surely a superior race would be good enough to choose rich parents)

Go for it !!!

What's this? I log on and I

What's this? I log on and I see disparaging remarks about lawyers, donuts and species---what has the world come too! Look, I fully realize you are not a lawyer, that was just an attempt to get under your skin. You obviously work for Siemens or a competitor and do so in a capacity with a biological science degree, or why would you have started posting here? As for the donuts, I am somewhat surprised that you didn't correct me by saying it was precisely Ding Dongs that came up, not donuts. And as for the species comment, I'm shocked you did not sight a specific study (with all the hardcore data on the exact amino acid sequences) that deciphered several locus points on the human genome that proves that liberals indeed are the same exact species as conservatives are: Homo sapiens. Your turn.

Once more on the subject of

Once more on the subject of reasoning/ deduction from the info at hand. Liberals have gotten to the point that you beleive the following is fair treatment of a hard working business owner;

1. The government has the right to regulate how I discriminate in deciding whom I chose to hire.

2. The government will tell me what reasons I need to document, in order to let go of an unwanted employee.

3. The government will force me to carry insurance (I know it is taken from employees salaries, but this indirectly costs me more in salary inflation) to pay for

unemployment benefits for those I do let go, and pay 50% of the benefits on top of this.

4. The government will regulate what the minimum I can pay for my employees salaries.

5. The government will force me to re-construct my facilities to accommodate handicapped employees I do not wish to hire in the first place because of the jobs I have

for them to do.

6. The government will tell me how often and how long I must allow for breaks and lunch periods.

7. The government will come by and inspect my workplace facilities so that no possible harm could befall any of my employees.

8. The government will also inspect my facilities for any possible environmentally harmful discharges, and make me install mitigating equipment.

9. The government will regulate my manufacturing and QA, QC procedures if products have any tie in to public health effects.

10. The government will come by and see if I treat any animals I have on the premises humanely.

This list could go on forever, but I'm writing off the top of my head so I'm sure I'm missing some things. To add injury to insult, you liberals then assert that if the government raises the business owner's taxes by only 3-5% it should not change any of the financial dynamics at all. After all it is only 3-5% more taxes that the government really needs since it has let its budget and spending go awry. If you read the above and still assert that raising taxes has no effect on employment numbers, you have never run a business or you are in a partial coma. How any intelligent person can believe that higher taxes will not hurt the economy is one of the most baffling interpretations of information that could possibly be.

"Wow. Is anyone reading all

"Wow. Is anyone reading all of this?"

Well, obviously two people are. Just waiting for some new posts on Siemens and layoffs. Seems like there is nothing new now. Nothing here and nothing on any new politic-free thread either.

Just passing the time until the other shoe drops, I guess.

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