Siemens DX is far from ending its employee layoff schedule and it's rumored most sites will once again be hit before end of 2012.
USA-Sacramento was just hit and we in the UK were told pending layoffs will start here by next week.
The madness continues.

This site has been hijacked

This site has been hijacked by politcal dabates between Dataman and the Conservative guy's, so please start another post for the Siemens nonsense. No one cares about the Siemens DX actions anymore, they are done anyways, right?

"Your freeloader days are

"Your freeloader days are over..."

This coming from a guy who wants to take from the wealthier and redistribute it to other people; read---meaning himself, by way of government largess to spongers like him. How else do you interpret this? You talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

You my friend are the exact kind of liberal taker not maker, that scares the conservatives. Somehow because we have more the rest of the less ambitious should get a piece of it, by the government mandating it. I do not even disagree with the sentiment, we should be giving to the less fortunate (not necessarily the freeloaders like you, though, who expect it from us). We just do not like government taking it from us and giving it away as they see fit. And the government never gives it to the right folks. Tat is why Mitt tries to pay as little taxes as possible, and then turns around and donates 30% of his income in any given year to charities; you read that right THIRTY PERCENT. Sure sounds like a greedy, self absorbed, cheap bastard, right?.......onlt the liberals will see him that way. As for Barrack, your hero, champion of the less fortunate.....he gave a far, far lower %-tage of his income over the years. Sounds more like a self absorbed, cheap bastard to me. You guys have just been calling the wrong guy cheap and uncaring.

Siemens is in the process of

Siemens is in the process of eliminating as many as 1,600 jobs in health care, see the following article:

When PL was early in his

When PL was early in his career at Siemens, he did a video on compliance training that was distributed to probably most of the employees of Siemens. It was clear that he'd probably flown in to make the video, and had slept in the airplane. HE HAD BEDHEAD!

I actually loved him for it - made him seem "real". Also loved that fact that he's so high up now he doesn't have to constantly preen himself and polish his image.

Yes, the real troubles in Siemens are the Energy and Cities and Infrastructure Divisions. PL miscalculated when the global economy would turn around, and he's fallen behind the major competitors in these markets. Sooooo, cost-cutting, cost-cutting, re-orgs, restructuring, etc.

What's unfair, is that HE made the mistake, but 1000+ employees will lose their jobs. Just like in war - the old men start them, and the young men die in them. C'est la vie...

Not much in the article about

Not much in the article about DX so the impact is unknown there. DX is a tiny part of Siemens. My guess is they will have higher rate of layoffs than the rest as Siemens continues to struggle with consolidation of 3 companies and in eliminating redundancy in personnel and products.

Loved the picture of PL. He looks like a bit of a wild man in it. Maybe he is one of the protagonists in the political 'debate' here.

More news on coming

More news on coming layoffs:

What's the difference what I

What's the difference what I think? You know it all. Feed your own hatred and anger. No more intellectual handouts for you. Your freeloader days are over.

"Could be. You should know.

"Could be. You should know. You know it all."

And what would yo attribute it to ?

Could be. You should know.

Could be. You should know. You know it all.

"2. The largest news

"2. The largest news organization in the US is FOX News. They have much larger viewership on cable news that either of their major competitors. They are hardly a bastion of left wing, liberal socialist influence."

Assuming the above statement is true. Could it be because viewers feel the news they get there is the most accurate & fair?

Maybe they are tired of the slanted news of CBS, NBC, ABC & CNN ?

What other reason could there be ? ... Well the news ladies are all foxy on Fox news. Dana Perino :-)

"I'm telling you one of us

"I'm telling you one of us has a delusional processing problem, because we see 2+2 and we are coming up with different answers."

Figures. The World Turns; the mind narrows.

Excuse the previous

Excuse the previous post.

Bush years and income tax revenue (not including social security, fees, etc) :

Your data; My data;

2000 - 1.2117 trillion 2.03 trillion
2001 - 1.145 trillion 1.99
2002 - 1.0064 trillion 1.85
2003 - 0.9255 trillion 1.78
2004 - 0.9883 trillion 1.88
2005 - 1.2055 trillion 2.15
2006 - 1.3978 trillion 2.41
2007 - 1.5337 trillion 2.57
2008 - 1.4501 trillion 2.52

"Looks kind of hard to discern a trend here. My suspicion, which I cannot prove right now is that the big increase in 2005-2008 was primarily due to the real estate bubble and all the people who were flipping properties.

Since your data is only a single set of data points, no trend whatsoever can be examined. This makes any cause and effect conclusions fairly weak."

I would say our data is basically a mirror image of each other, as mine is total revenue and yours only from income tax revenue. I point out the tech crash, 911, and Katrina as they were major, major events that hurt our economy. Bush tax cuts were passed in 2003 and most economists will tell you that the turnaround was a function of the fed lowering the fed interest rate many basis points, AND BECAUSE OF THE BUSH TAX CUTS. Yet you take what is simply your opinion by admission and come up with, "the improvement was because of house flipping". And you are telling me about my half baked theories!? This is what I mean, even with the cold hard data you so much covet to make a case for your arguments, you come up with donuts. I'm telling you one of us has a delusional processing problem, because we see 2+2 and we are coming up with different answers.

Bush years and income tax

Bush years and income tax revenue (not including social security, fees, etc) :

Your data; My data;

2000 - 1.2117 trillion 2.03 trillion
2001 - 1.145 trillion 1.99
2002 - 1.0064 trillion 1.85
2003 - 0.9255 trillion 1.78
2004 - 0.9883 trillion 1.88
2005 - 1.2055 trillion 2.15
2006 - 1.3978 trillion 2.41
2007 - 1.5337 trillion 2.57
2008 - 1.4501 trillion 2.52

Looks kind of hard to discern a trend here. My suspicion, which I cannot prove right now is that the big increase in 2005-2008 was primarily due to the real estate bubble and all the people who were flipping properties.

Since your data is only a single set of data points, no trend whatsoever can be examined. This makes any cause and effect conclusions fairly weak.

"In your guys, you know he's

"In your guys, you know he's nuts"

Well, I screwed that one up, didn't I?

It's: In your guts, you know he's nuts

Enjoy your wallowing. Who deserves it more than you?

Oink Oink !!

I'm wallowing, and the mud BS

I'm wallowing, and the mud BS feels good.

OK, enough. I have better

OK, enough. I have better things to do that to argue with a close-minded, anti-intellectual, 'I know I'm right in my guy' idiot.

Remember 1964? The Goldwater slogan? "In your heart you know he's right"

I have a similar slogan for you: "In your guys, you know he's nuts"

I will leave you to wallow in your own BS.

"A majority of newpaper

"A majority of newpaper publications supported the Republican candidate for President in 1972, '76, '80, '84, '88, '96, and 2000"

Ya see folks, data man Googling again and thinks Googles vast data base makes him smarter. In a sense he is right, like a dictionary or encyclopedia is smart---tons of data and info. The trouble is interpretation is everything, kinda like schoolkids who all have the same algebra texbook. Same information pile but vastly different knowledge bases. Its like the lawyer who throws so much facts at juries that he becomes the "authority" of the case.Too much data and too much thinking can sometimes come up donuts. I'll give you a very pertinent example; Siemens acquisition of the three companies to form Siemens DX. They probably thought they had great data, great plans, great minds, the best marketing strategy, etc., etc. and what did they end up with? Even you will agree that things came up donuts. Its not how much info you have, how much money you have or even how intelligent you are. It's making wise decisions and being actually able to do things w/o depending on someone else or external forces to make things right. Much like life for the rest of us, the most intelligent people with the most info. are not necessarily the most successful ones. Look around you, and see the wealthy and sucessful ones; many times they are not the smartest ones, but I'll bet you they are wise and conservative in their views. These characteristics just go w/ the territory and is why so many struggle, thinking the playing field is not level. You may actually be right about the playing field not being level, but it's not because of any structural disadvantages, it is becuase you are not keeping it level for yourself. You are tilting it away from your advantage by not taking resposibility for your own well being.

Simplification from a simple

Simplification from a simple mind. Conservatives want smaller government, eh? They want big brother to control peoples' values. Just look at their views on abortion and birth control that are part of their party platform. Look at their positions on religion and how it should be part of our government. Look at their attitude towards unions which are all about freedom organize and come together for a common purpose. Here is another simplification for you: Liberals are about equality and about the average person; conservatives are all about protecting the 'privileged' class and maintaining class distinctions. Their views on 'freedom' approach anarchy. Is that offensive to you? Good. You are equally offensive in just about everything you say (independent of your point of view).

Following up on your ignorant comment about the 'liberal' press, I offer the following:

1. A majority of newpaper publications supported the Republican candidate for President in 1972, '76, '80, '84, '88, '96, and 2000.

2. The largest news organization in the US is FOX News. They have much larger viewership on cable news that either of their major competitors. They are hardly a bastion of left wing, liberal socialist influence.

Do you ever consider facts? Your $50,000 'example' is pure speculation and, given your admitted biases and hatred and narrowmindedness, it has no value and no credibility. Come to think of it, I can't think of much that you have written here that has any credibility.

Siemens CEO to cut jobs,

Siemens CEO to cut jobs, close offices as margins shrink
By Maria Sheahan | Reuters – 5am EST, October 11, 2012

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Germany's Siemens may outline job cuts and office closures on Thursday to stop profits sliding as customers put off ordering engineering equipment because of Europe's economic crisis.
Chief Executive Peter Loescher's strategy of boosting growth with energy-saving and infrastructure products has not worked and analysts expect him to present managers with a plan of up to 4 billion euros ($5.2 billion) in savings.
Germany, Europe's largest economy, has been resilient to the euro zone crisis, with exports from successful industrial companies driving growth.
But an expected slowing of revenue growth in the fiscal fourth quarter at Siemens, the country's biggest firm by market capital and a major employer, shows the crisis is hurting demand for German goods.
"It has become obvious that the margin gap between Siemens and its competitors has opened again," HSBC analyst Michael Hagmann said.
Loescher took office in 2007 when the company was embroiled in a bribery scandal, shed some assets and invested in growth areas. Last year, he said annual sales would rise to 100 billion euros in a few years, up from about 76 billion in 2010.
But growth has not kept up with the pace of investment as the global economy has taken longer than expected to recover. Siemens reported a big drop in new orders in July, putting pressure on Loescher to take action.
The first company outsider to take the helm in Siemens' 160-year history, Loescher says his strategy is not wrong but it will just take some more time for the economy to recover.
Analysts expect him to announce between 2 billion and 4 billion euros in savings when he speaks to 600 managers in Berlin, some of whom may lose their jobs in the program.
He may tackle a gap between Siemens' handful of market-leading businesses and its underperforming units - wind and solar power as well as the new Infrastructures & Cities unit - possibly by divesting some assets.
He may also shut offices in some of the 190 countries where Siemens operates to focus on the few that make the most profits.
Details of the savings plan, which German media said may include thousands of job cuts, will be published when Siemens releases financial results on November 8.
They are expected to show its quarterly gross profit margin eased to 27.6 percent, the lowest level in two years as revenue growth slowed to 4 percent.
At the end of June, Siemens had 410,000 employees, of whom 129,000 were based in Germany, making it one of Germany's biggest employers after Volkswagen and Deutsche Post DHL.
Siemens still leads the market in some of its major products, such as software that helps automate factory production or technology for MRI scans of the human body, where it competes with rivals such as General Electric or Switzerland's ABB.
"But Siemens' competitors have been much more active in officially targeting cost-reduction measures," Credit Suisse analysts said.
France's Schneider Electric and Switzerland's ABB have already completed big cost-cutting programs, and Philips Electronics said last month it would cut more jobs as part of a drastic overhaul of its business, and French engineer has cut costs and increased prices.
Siemens meanwhile invested in areas such as renewable energy in anticipation of a long-term boom. Group spending on research and development rose 13 percent to 3.14 billion euros, or almost 6 percent of revenues, in the nine months through June.
Siemens' solar, wind and hydro power businesses saw a 40 percent drop in new orders, hurt by a slump in German demand due to regulatory and financial hurdles that have slowed the expansion of offshore wind projects.
Also, Siemens set up the Infrastructure & Cities business last year as it expected cities strained by growing populations to seek a one-stop-shop for transportation and energy issues.
The unit, which includes security systems and train-building businesses, has so far failed to deliver.
In the nine months through June, the profit margin at Infrastructure & Cities shrank to 5.5 percent from 6.3 percent, well below Siemens' three other core businesses - Industry, Healthcare and Energy.
"We see the formation of Infrastructure & Cities as a strategic error and a waste of management time," Redburn analyst James Moore said.
Loescher's move to slim down the company could also lead to further divestments. Siemens has already shed a number of assets such as automotive business VDO and IT unit SIS.
It plans to spin off lighting business Osram next year, and analysts said it could put its hearing aid business back on the market after its last attempt to sell it failed in 2010.
At the same time, it will continue to invest in growth sectors such as gas turbines by making acquisitions. Sources recently said that Siemens was the front runner to buy Finmeccanica unit AnsaldoEnergia, for instance.
Loescher has been tight-lipped on what he could do to safeguard margins but has mollified anxious investors with the promise of shares in Osram once the business has been spun off and with a 3 billion euro share buyback.

Since he parks his money

Since he parks his money overseaas romney doesn't worry about the tax laws.

OK its worked, I presume all

OK its worked, I presume all this crap below about US politics (which by the way the rest of the world consider irrelevant as we at least can see that anyone can simply buy a term in the big chair)is the product of the Siemens social media team? (recently expanded)

They are tasked with monitoring and controlling Siemens image on social media and this is an old tactic, fill an undesirable topic with distracting and dull crap so the threads true purpose dies and no one reads it - too much ranting to pick through.

Works well eh?

Look, there are crazies in

Look, there are crazies in every group and the crazier you sound off the more crazy you make the other side. Liberals want fairness and equal treatment for all above everything else. Conservatives want to be free to fend for themselves w/o having to worry about everyone else. This is basically the entire firefight in a nutshell. The problems come up because liberals need power outside their control to feel satisfied; read government. Conservatives want the least government involvement because they don't want someone else telling them what they can or cannot do, and feel better the more they are responsible for their own well being.

The problem is this; there is not enough of anything to go around equally to satisfy the entire population. So you are going to have the haves and the have nots. Liberals don't want to hear this, while conservatives believe it is inevidable.

Lets try this argument; if every adult in the USA was stripped of everything and everybody then recieved $50,000 what would happen 20 years later? Will everyone have approx. the same amount since we all started with the exact same $50,000? No; some would be broke and others millionairs. So do we keep stripping and redistributing the monies every few years so we all are approx. equal? See how this doesn't make sense? It really is the same argument to say wealth is unequally distributed in the USA today. Spreading the wealth only goes upstream and can never really take hold, unless the tax laws get completely bonkers....and we would be done before it ever gets to that point.

In all fairness, I must

In all fairness, I must acknowledge the probability that there are a small number of people who call themselves Democrats and vote for Democratic candidates and who are socialists at heart. Interestingly, the only announced socialist in Congress is Senator Sanders from Vermont. He caucuses with Democrats, but that's about it. In reality, he is more of a Social Democrat than a Socialist, but that is probably too subtle a distinction for you. There are clearly extremists in the Democratic party, people like Anthony Weiner and Alan Grayson. Most regular Democrats refer to those few extemists as the lunatic fringe.

In contrast, the Republican Party is much more unified around their philosophy, but like the Democrats, they have their fringe element. Most people would refer to them as the sane fringe.

Yes, you are wrong again. And

Yes, you are wrong again.

And just to make you happy, I'm not going to waste my time telling you why.

Will you be making a public

Will you be making a public appearance so we can get down on knees before you?

You may know you are right, but that's just your vanity. If you cannot distinguish between saying that Romney did nothing illegal and saying that the tax laws are bad, that's your problem. Hold whatever views you want. Ignore facts and data when they don't suit you. Continue to claim that your side is always right and always was and the other side is and always wrong. Facts are just for socialist intellectuals, right? Never admitting to a mistake because in your mind you and those you support have never made a mistake in their lives. Let your illusion of superiority encourage your rudeness, inability to carry on a civil discussion without accusing others of everything from being traitors to socialists to Nazis and any other negative image your warped mind can congure up continue because it is all you can do. Just like a little child who starts to lose an argument, you resort to namecalling every time. If I had to guess, your inane style damages your 'cause' far more than anything you have said to promote it.

Why don't you just take your hatred and anger and bigotry and all those other ugly little thoughts in your head down to your local shrink. I'm sure you have adequate health care coverage and you might as well use it so you will have the satisfaction of getting your money's worth.

Notice how there is a

Notice how there is a deafening silence coming from the press, media, late nite tv, and the entertainment industry with respect to gas prices? When Bush was in office all I heard was Bush does not care about the working man, because he was an oil man. How could a president do this to the general population when everyone was already struggling. Seems to me we are all in very much the same situation (actually it is much worse for most currently) and gas prices just hit an all time high. But absolutely not one toot from any of these people. Is this obvious bias or are you liberals going to tell me I am reading the signs all wrong again?

"Forget that these same

"Forget that these same privileges are not available to most people."

Can you read? Everybody can get that 15% tax rate if you get the income from long term cap gains/ dividends!!! Mitt gets almost all his income from these sources!!! No trickery or cheating involved just be willing to risk everything. Kind of scares the sheeet out of you doesn't it? I bet if you did invest everything you own, and try to hold on for one year, you would get very little sleep.

I know you think I am not open minded. In many ways you are correct because I know I am right. I see the same things you do and you see them 180 degrees around. We are no different in being pig headed, but one of us has to be wrong and it's not me.

You can throw the entire

You can throw the entire playbook out of the window since it did not take into account what a poor job the Siemens due diligence team did and how poorly they were equipped to the unique aspects of the diagnostics business. There are basic rules on how to run any business well, and then there are the specifics. Siemens may be great the the former, but in this case, the devil was in the details; details that Siemens did not understand and still don't seem to know how to deal with. And the big time consulting companies can't help them with that since they don't deal at that level. They tend to deal with higher level strategies and long range plans, not structural issues. Siemens simply doesn't have the critical mass of people who know what it takes to be successful in DX and who have a history of accomplishment to back it up.

"If still interested in the

"If still interested in the original topic of this thread, here's the game plan for DX as of Feburary 14, 2014:"

Where's the "just follow the playbook boys and girls" guy? Is this what you mean by the playbook?

Then go post somewhere else.

Then go post somewhere else.

Can someone create a new

Can someone create a new thread "SIEMENS DX CONTINUES LAYOFF SCHEDULE II" or something like that? I just don't have the time.

Forget the oft repeated

Forget the oft repeated platitudes about how we should reward people like Romney for investing in ways that further minimize his taxes or completely shield the income. Forget that these same privileges are not available to most people. Just look at the way this person talks to you. He has no respect for other opinions, no openness to facts or new ideas, refuses to accept responsibility for anything bad that ever happened on the Republican's watch, and not the slightest inclination to compromise. Why should anyone respect anything he says?

If still interested in the

If still interested in the original topic of this thread, here's the game plan for DX as of Feburary 14, 2014:

Note that "footprint will be smaller" by 2014 - perhaps finally the end of DPC?

So, for those who work at DX, DO you have a sense of urgency, and ARE you re-energized?

"Palen was far more qualified

"Palen was far more qualified then Obama;
She understands what a budget is and how to balance it. Either at Wasella or Alaska -- the buck stopped at her desk. "

It didn't stop at her desk for very long since she she quit both jobs way before the end of her term.

Obama was a US senator, although not for real long.

However she is a rogue.


"Nothing wrong with tax laws

"Nothing wrong with tax laws that let Romney pay under 15% of his income?"

Typical victimized liberal. I would feel sympathy for this worm but he seems of average or above average intelligence, so he does not get a pass. Special tax laws the rich? You foolish lefty, the tax laws Mitt used to best advantage is availible to all of us brave enough to risk your hard saved cash on the equities market. I'd bet you have thousands, tens of thousands or even a million or two net worth, right Mr. Liberal? Well go ahead lefty butt, buy some shares hold it for more than a year and get the dividends and capital gains for only a 15% tax rate. There is no special rich-man-club card to get in. Feeling a little queasy? That's because it takes a lot of hard work to understand what companies shares to buy, so you have a better chance of keeping you cash value equivalent that you started with. What!!??? I can actually loose my money!!!!???? Yes, dumbnuts, that's why only a few do it big time. "But Mitt has more money than me!" he screams; yes and that means he can loose 10's of millions of dollars if he invests poorly, but he has the guts to give it a whirl anyway. I'd say Mitt deserves the tax rate he gets because if dumbnuts had his type of money he would squirrel it away in the safest place he could put it, for fear of loosing a dime of it. Kinda puts the two in two different financial knowledge camps doesn't it?

I forgot... give credit to

I forgot... give credit to one Democrat Al Gore ... he invented the internet.

Having America unprepared to

Having America unprepared to defend ourselves --- FDR. Locking up American citizens because they are Japanese... FDR.

Having an 8 year span where no American soldier was killed due to enemy action ... Eisenhower

Getting America so deeply involved in Viet-Nam. 500,000+ American troops.

Having a staff which cannot get their stories straight about what happened in Libya .... Obama.

1982 Recession: President: Reagan
Yes - this recession was because of the policies of Carter.

1987 Market Crash: President: Reagan
And -- if you would have listened to Reagan and purchased stocks, you would have done pretty good for yourself.

dot--com bust ?

It can't be the same. No one

It can't be the same. No one is bothering with Mobile, Alabama in this election. Given the flaws in the American electoral process, with the undemocratic electoral process, states like there will be virtually no campaigning in 40 of the 50 states. Kinda sucks when it seems that no one cares about you. The closest Alabama got to being involved in the election was Mitt's big promo for cheesy grits.

btw: Is the Mobile freak male or female? It's not all that clear from the psychotic posts.

Maybe all these off topic,

Maybe all these off topic, political nonsense came from the same person? Just like talking to imaginary friend.

Remember the crazy lady who messed with every Siemens topic? She's back.

Post to somewhere else if you can.

For the past two years, House

For the past two years, House Republicans have continued to deprioritize the security forces protecting State Department personnel around the world. In fiscal year 2011, lawmakers shaved $128 million off of the administration's request for embassy security funding. House Republicans drained off even more funds in fiscal year 2012 -- cutting back on the department's request by $331 million.

More facts about the

More facts about the consulate attack in Libya:

On Wednesday morning, CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien asked the Utah Republican if he had "voted to cut the funding for embassy security."

"Absolutely," Chaffetz said. "Look we have to make priorities and choices in this country. We have…15,0000 contractors in Iraq. We have more than 6,000 contractors, a private army there, for President Obama, in Baghdad. And we’re talking about can we get two dozen or so people into Libya to help protect our forces. When you’re in touch economic times, you have to make difficult choices. You have to prioritize things.”

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

After 9/11, Bush established a BI-PARTISAN commission to look into what happened. Now we have a purely partisan, Dan Issa 'investigation' with Democrats, once again, excluded. Sounds like the Issa hearings on birth control in which women were explicitly prevented from testifying. Even Issa himself stated that he would use his committee to investigate anything and everything to 'catch' Obama doing something illegal or 'wrong'. Yes, there should be an investigation, but not based on pure, raw partisan politics. Haven't we had enough of these wild goose chases? Is this how to fix the economy and national debt? As for the issue over a demonstration against that stupid movie or not, it appears, based on what we know NOW, that there was no such demonstration. What there was, was alot of confusion and uncertainty during and immediately following the attack. Some people wrongly concluded there this was part of an anti-American demonstration. They were wrong and have admitted so. So what? Remember 9/11? I do. I remember 'reports' of up to a dozen planes that were going to be used for additional attacks. I remember a President going into hiding for several hours (and rightly so) until things could get sorted out. I remember Rudy Guiliano getting the way of police and fire workers while touring the damage and having to be almost forcibly removed from one of the adjacent buildings (which ultimately collapsed). This is what happens in crises and surprises. At least this administration admits it's mistakes. How about those WMD that Bush and Cheney never found and how they never apologized for all of the Americans who died or got injured in an unjustified invasion of a sovereign nation? It takes a real man to admit a mistake and a coward to stay with the same story or position beyond all reason.

Can you imagine what would have happened if, after 9/11, there had been a Democratic Congress that decided the most important thing to do was hold a partisan investigation that had as its goal to prove that 9/11 was all Bush's fault?

How low can the Republicans sink in the name of their goal of political dominance through any means?

The Great Depression: 1929 -

The Great Depression: 1929 - President: Hoover
1958 Recession: Presdient: Eisenhower
1973-4 Recession: President: Nixon-Ford
1982 Recession: President: Reagan
1987 Market Crash: President: Reagan
1991 Bank Crisis: President: Bush
2001 Tech Bubble Crash: President: Bush *
2008 Great Recession: President: Bush

*Clinton President during run-up to Tech Bubble Crash

Democrats: Cleaning up Republican messes since 1933.

Since when, other that in your warped mind, is 'community organizer' something negative or to be dishonored and laying people off and shipping jobs to China considered to be a good thing?

Please write the script. It

Please write the script. It will be the only thing that has come from Siemens DX that works.

I think I'll write a script

I think I'll write a script that auto flags these political posts, then run it every day :-)

MR & DS visited our site yesterday, same old town hall pep talk. I bet they were sizing the place up, whilst the site management kissed up.

Doo da daa daa, dum dee daa

Doo da daa daa, dum dee daa daa, laa daa daa daa...........

Who cares nowadays? I knew

Who cares nowadays? I knew you'd get around to that sooner or later since you tend to go off with irrelevant points to the economy and the crisis we have in this country. Sorry, but you can't bait me into a discussion of Clinton, Ken Starr, Newt can his concurrent affair, etc.

Try sticking to the point.

Clinton should have been

Clinton should have been impeached. Not for getting BJ's in the White House but for lying under oath in the Paula Jones sexual harassment trial. That my friend is perjury.

"Layoffs are coming and will

"Layoffs are coming and will be worse than last year"

no they will not be worse. Not in DX.

Once again, you are wrong on

Once again, you are wrong on a proportional basis. Do you remember Reagan's Star Wars, the unfunded Bush Drug Plan, the war in Iraq, and the impact on the deficit of two tax cuts that produces relatively few new jobs at a time when we could have been paying down the debt with the Clinton surplus and, then, when we had a war to fight?

And when the policies you pursue wind up throwing millions of workers out of work, tax revenues go down and the cost of federal benefits (unemployment insurance, food stamps, etc.) And you may say that more people are receiving food stamps than under any other President as long as you acknowledge the President who put them there in the first place.

"I can see Russia from

"I can see Russia from Alaska!"

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