Siemens DX is far from ending its employee layoff schedule and it's rumored most sites will once again be hit before end of 2012.
USA-Sacramento was just hit and we in the UK were told pending layoffs will start here by next week.
The madness continues.

Below forgot to say DX UK

Below forgot to say DX UK

DX is hiring... after laying

DX is hiring... after laying off service managers just last year we have SEVERAL service manager vacancies now, although those with any experience need not apply. Only Puff the Dragons little magnets need try, easy peesy they seem to walk it. (Are Siemens Corporate Compliance Office asleep or what?)

Also don't ring the helpdesk, they are all leaving to take other jobs or even work in the field (well no one outside the company wants to join Siemens!) so plenty more vacancies on the desks. So if you phone in don't be too hard on the trainees. If you want the job you need to be cheerful, like attending meaningless psycho babble management halo courses and making excuses for crap products and reagents on backorder. Apply via Facebook.

Ya know, I didn't post real

Ya know, I didn't post real numbers or real specifics for a long time because you railed single mindedly on the "lack" of specifics for so long. I let it drag out because I knew you thought I had no facts to back my postings with. After a good spell, I did specifically name certain policies and tax cuts that were obvious to me. You basically called them lies or fabrications. So I played along and you kept harping on that same old theme, that conservatives have no facts or specific ideas. You were like a club fighter who gets in a great punch and smells blood. You keep swinging wildly because you thought I was backed into a corner, and I played along.

So ultimately I posted very, very specific numbers on the current Fed debt and Obamas projected debt by 2016; numbers given out by HIS administration. I then realized I had to post extrapolated interest payments in a way that would get everyone's attention; specifically the % of Federal tax revenue that will be necessary to be allotted just for the interest payments by the time he leaves office. Projecting even interest rates rising to historical AVERAGES, not absurd inflated rates, but very real rates we may indeed have to deal with, gave extremely scary numbers.

I am thinking you are not addressing those numbers because they indeed scare you to the core, as they should. I really do not want to pick a fight here, I am trying to highlight how much a pass Obama is getting on what he has done to our countries finances. We all need to get together, both sides of the political spectrum, to stop this nonsense. If you get the feeling I am just trying to thrash liberals, I am not. On non-economic issues I am further left than right. I am trying to trash the very naïve liberal thinking, that huge borrowing for the sake of stimulating the economy and damn the Fed debt growth, is very, very misguided. And very bad specifically, for the very group that is very much in favor of this financial policy stance, the young.

I personally am a conservative first and Republican by default. I have tremendous issues with the party, primarily the big government stance, but Democrats are actually worse. Whatever troubles me with the Republican party has to compete w/ the more conservative economic stance they have vs Democrats, and the conservative stance wins out. I truly wish we had a third party just to stuff Republicans back to where their political stances best serve the country. The crazy right fringe is just a necessary evil that comes along w/ the ride, just like the crazy far left that the Democrats have to accept also. We need conservative, fiscally responsible policies FIRST AND FOREMOST, and virtually everything after that can be treated w/ less urgency. We are not enemies, the two of us, but we represent the war that is being raged from both sides and one that has to be won for the conservative fiscal stance that is the only way our country gets to where we need to be, especially for the future.

I am simply trying to get committed liberals to see the current fiscal folly for what it is; an extreme danger to the prosperity of the countries future.

Go away already. If you can't

Go away already. If you can't understand something as simple as the fact that no one wants you here and that this site is inappropriate for your posts, how could anyone believe you can understand anything as complex as the economy. So just leave, crazy old troll.

Ya see folks, the numbers are

Ya see folks, the numbers are real, and real numbers never lie.

They are just numbers after all, but too bad they are so big.

When Obama took office the

When Obama took office the debt was at $10.6 trillion, and yes this includes W.'s great work.

It is currently near $17 trillion and some predict it will be $20+ trillion when he leaves office. If it is at least $21.3 trillion (very, very possible), then indeed he will have added to the debt, more than all the previous presidents COMBINED. Admittedly that is 3 years away and a lot could happen to change this, but it is entirely within the realm of reasonable expectations that this will indeed be the case.

So is this entirely incorrect, preposterous, impossible? It may not actually come to pass, but I would bet my entire net worth that he will continue to ADD not subtract from the current balance (which is almost $17 trillion), so the debt will most certainly be in the range of $18-20+ trillion when he leaves. That is hardly more than a bit less than my $21.3+ trillion prediction.

Lets hope Mr. Liberal is entirely correct, and I am totally wrong about the level of debt when he leaves office. I could not be happier if the debt is in single digits by the time he leaves.

Lets make a deal, shall we? If he leaves and the debt is in single digits, I will embrace Obama as one of the greatest presidents we have ever had, because he would have spent more than all of them, but managed to turn in a miracle and pay it back down and then some. Lets hope for a miracle, for America's sake.

Be gone wretched troll. This

Be gone wretched troll. This is a Siemens thread.

"Numbers might be real. The

"Numbers might be real. The interpretation is idiotic"

This is what I mean folks, he has to admit the numbers are real because he Googled it and found I was correctly posting the actual numbers. So how is the interpretation of the numbers incorrect? The debt will be at least $17 trillion by 2016 and at the extremely low current interest rate it gobbles up a huge portion of the fed tax revenues. If the rate goes to the recent historical average, the interest on this debt will indeed gobble much more than 50% of tax revenue. So what is exactly incorrect folks? True rates may stay at the extremely low end it is currently at; ~2.4%.
Even then, having to spend over 40% of the yearly tax revenue to pay for the yearly interest rate at that rate is still a huge, huge problem.

So now that we agree the numbers are correct how is spending at least 40% of our tax revenue just to pay for the endless interest for that debt, incorrect interpretation?

Like I said, 40% of the money the USA will be losing every year to this interest payment for the debt has to be a huge problem. The liberals of the world do not want to deal with the facts, that's all folks.

Try throwing away 40% of your paychk every week and see how it impacts your quality of life. It will be like night and day.

Numbers might be real. The

Numbers might be real. The interpretation is idiotic, amateurish, totally biased, and completely wrong.

And no one seems to want you around here either since this is a biotech rumour site. You can't even seem to understand something that simple. So take your interpretation to some remedial intelligence site for help. You seem to have worn out your welcome here.

Siemens sucks. Don't hold

Siemens sucks.

Don't hold back on your feelings. Be proud of yourself.

And thank you for finally explaining why there is always such a strong wind on the Tappan Zee Bridge going from Nyack to Tarrytown. I thought it was either the weather or some form of global warming and all this time is was just Siemens sucking. You have finally satisfied my intellectual curiosity on this vital issue.

It is equally dumb to argue

It is equally dumb to argue with an idiot or to try to educate an idiot. You are much better off just asking him to leave this site and go to a political site where he belongs.

Let's ban all the idiots and bring this thread back to Siemens and their own special brand of insanity.

You really are a complete

You really are a complete idiot and know-nothing. It is little wonder that you can't comprehend things when you have everything so wrong and your reasoning so faulty.

Me thinks that YOU do not know the facts. I know I am using poor English, that happens when I see funny stuff. You do not believe my numbers because they do not fit with what you want to believe. Go ahead and chk the numbers out. They are indeed incredibly correct. Of course we need to project out to the end of his term, but even the administrations numbers will verify all the numbers I have posted.

I know they do not make sense to a person with reasonable intelligence, that is why I post them. The numbers the current administration has racked up are truly incredible. When I pos them, I know people will roll their eyes and say, "what a nut!"

But the numbers are real. Go ahead and vet them out.

Meanwhile back at Siemens...

Meanwhile back at Siemens... just in case anyone had forgotten, I feel the need to remind everyone that:

Working for Siemens sucks.
The way Siemens treats its staff really sucks.
Siemens works on the Masonic model of promotion and sucks.
Its not what you know its who you kiss ass, that sucks.
Siemens managers suck.
Siemens DX sucks.
Siemens DX products 'extra big' sucks.
Siemens sucks.

Thank you.

Obama will have increased the

Obama will have increased the debt more, in his two terms, than ALL OTHER PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED!!! This is just incomprehensible, really, unfathomable.

You really are a complete idiot and know-nothing. It is little wonder that you can't comprehend things when you have everything so wrong and your reasoning so faulty.

Once again, please leave this

Once again, please leave this thread alone and to it's original purpose. This is NOT a forum for your political views. Go to an appropriate site where your magnificent insights are welcome. You are not welcome here!

Obama is not able to handle

Obama is not able to handle the black hole of owe....yes I agree but there will be no one who is able too within a period of 4-8 years.

All of what you wrote is true, so I have no disagreement w/ you. The only problem is, you equate some previous bad debt years to Obama's as if they are basically the same animal. Far, far from it.

If I am irresponsible and buy a Starbuck's latte that I really cannot afford, I am out 8 bucks. If I go out and buy a 300 foot yacht for $30 million, I an still being irresponsible for buying something I really cannot afford, but one is far, far more damaging to my financial well being correct? That is what equating Obama's debt's say, to W's debts, is like. Not even close.

Obama will have increased the debt more, in his two terms, than ALL OTHER PREVIOUS PRESIDENTS COMBINED!!! This is just incomprehensible, really, unfathomable.

"Wake up folks, it really is

"Wake up folks, it really is far more dumb and irresponsible than anyone could have ever imagined"

You are right, but thats not really new go back and have a look in which decade the US tradegy starts and what was the reason will find out that it starts not with what do you want to tell us.......Obama is not able to handle the black hole of owe....yes I agree but there will be no one who is able too within a period of 4-8 years. It will be a matter of decades. As long as there are no continious efforts to reduce the owe year by year, which in not popular, there is no way out. Europeans have the same problem so US is not alone .....may be every governemt has the same plan to crash the system for a financial reset.....

I thought we had taken over

I thought we had taken over this thread.
Go Siemensing somewhere else!

Here is another mind boggling number taken from the Obama administrations own reports;

Almost 40% of every dollar the Federal government spends
on anything (this means every single dollar spent), is
money that is borrowed from some other country!!!!

Think about that for a second or two.

Lets say you go to lunch and the bill is $10.00. You would pay $6.00 and borrow $4.00 from your lunch partner just to be able to eat.

Going home, you fill up w/ $50.00 worth of gas and pony up $30.00 and beg the guy filling up next to you for $20.00, so you can leave the station.

You buy $100.00 worth of groceries on the way home so dinner can be made for the family tonight, but you pony up only $60.00 and beg the cashier to pitch in the balance of $40.00 so your kids go to bed w/ a full belly.

See how ridiculous it is, to be spending 40% of someone else's money every time you buy something, or pay for something? In real life, you could not imagine living like this for even a day. Yet the current administration is doing this, every day for their entire time in office, which will eventually be 8 years. Sadly it is not just $100 dollars here and $2,000 there, but BILLIONS, hell even TRILLIONS of dollars!!!!!!!

Wake up folks, it really is far more dumb and irresponsible than anyone could have ever imagined.

Just to clarify and answer

Just to clarify and answer one of your questions, I did not go to any business school so I don't know all of the business stuff by the numbers and rules. However, I have over 10 years of experience in corporate strategic and product planning, plus a good deal of R&D, legal, regulatory, and marketing background in the diagnostics industry. I also have a long term record of real success in terms of shepherding products from conception to the marketplace. So while I may not have the formal university credentials that you asked about, I will stack up my experience against just about anyone else in the industry.

Remember, that it's not bragging when you tell the truth. When Mohammed Ali said 'I'm the greatest' (note the present tense) he wasn't bragging; he was telling the truth in a somewhat aggressive way.

Note that I also predicted that the clinical chemistry portion of Siemens diagnostics would ultimately reside with the ex-DuPont, ex-Dade products and that clinical chemistry would ultimately no longer be done in Tarrytown. For whatever reason, that prediction didn't generate quite the hostility that my DPC prediction made, but recent events in Tarrytown have validated my clinical chemistry prediction as well. It really wasn't all that hard to figure out Siemens intentions once all three acquisitions were completed. All that was necessary was a bit of experience and a lot of dispassionate analysis from the outside (meaning I have zero stake in what Siemens' strategy was or is) and to create a 'theory' that explained why Siemens bought three companies with significant overlap and what logical things they might want to do with their new business. And while I understand that my predictions and style may have offended many, I cannot and would never try to change reality simply to make people feel more comfortable.

Apparently, you do not know

Apparently, you do not know what a cash cow is. Siemens was clear from day 1 that Immulite assays would be adapted to Centaur and not necessarily Vista. In fact, early on, several Centaur systems were sent to LA to do the applications of DPC methods. This short-lived attempt failed and the application effort was transferred to Tarrytown. Siemens also let the world know very early on that they had no intention of extending the Immulite product line. All future systems were cancelled. That is a fact. All upgrades were stopped; another fact. New method development was halted with the possible exception of Vitamin D. Cancel any possible work on upgrading the DPC solid phase; another fact. Siemens could not have been more obvious about their intended 'use' of Immulite in their strategy.

The plan for Immulite was simple. Keep as many systems in the field as possible and keep them using DPC reagents. Keep in mind that the money is in the reagents and not the instrument in diagnostics. That is what a cash cow is. At the same time, attempt to convert as many Immulite customers to Centaur as possible with the message that moving to Centaur represented an upgrade for the customer. Since there was only minor overlap between Centaur and Immulite, this sounded like a decent strategy. The problem was that Centaur was too expensive, the performance of a few methods on Centaur were not as good as Immulite. But the thing that really blew a hole in the plan was the inability to transfer technology to Llanberis and maintain a steady supply of all reagents. Rather than converting to Centaur, many customers simply jumped ship and went to competitors and that fact is what was most responsible for the failure of the cash cow concept.

I am sure that any reasonable analyst would have realized from day 1 that Siemens had no intention of maintaining two parallel systems that did basically the same thing and that the early evidence made it clear that Centaur was to be continued (including a few system upgrades that never quite made it to the market) and that Immulite was going to be made to disappear. Siemens never hid that strategy from anyone. However, the intent was that, as part of its demise, Immulite would be milked for all it was worth in terms of ongoing reagent sales.

I made this prediction very early on, shortly after the Bayer acquisition, based on asking myself why anyone would buy both DPC and Bayer. The cash cow concept was the only logical explanation. The notion that Immulite was doomed irritated many people at DPC, who attacked the idea relentlessly and refused to see the continuing evidence that supported my prediction. Most seemed to refuse to accept the fact that I never tried to justify Siemens decision on Immulite vs. Centaur; I merely reported on it before it became more obvious to everyone.

So I stand by my long term analysis of a cash cow mode for Immulite. The fact that Siemens managed it so poorly is quite irrelevant to the prediction or Siemens' original intent. If you cannot see this as a cash cow strategy, what in the world would you call it (remember, I am talking about the intent and the plan, not about the ultimate disastrous results of poor implementation).

or simply using it as a cash

or simply using it as a cash cow

I have seen this nonsense posted here several times after reading posts here occasionally, and this hilarious quote from a very pompous individual is simply mind bogglingly naïve. "Cash cow"? You do not stop R&D operations, transfer and shut down manufacturing for an old technology with the thought and planning to make a lot of money from these actions! What school of business did you study at? It is obvious Siemens didn't want any more invested in Immulite than absolutely necessary, hence the cheap European farm laborers doing diagnostics manufacturing. Cash from Immulite? Are you kidding? Nothing they have done indicates a plan to squeeze cash from immulite. But you are correct, LA was done the minute that the contract was signed.

Why buy DPC then? If you can put 2+2 together it is plainly obvious;


But when Vista self destructed, and nothing could be transferred from Immulite to Vista, what did Siemens have left of the nearly $2 billion they paid for DPC? A big menu that only worked w/ Immulite and an LA site they are too afraid of closing because it leaves them w/ basically zero assets if they do. Llamberis? Immulite platform? A dedicated menu for a dying system?

That's not much for $2 billion. As for the "cash cow" theory? Ask Siemens how much net profit they are getting from the Immulite operations. It is more like a NEGATIVE cash cow if anything.

No, their vision was to adapt the big menu (then get rid of Immulite) to the newer systems and bolster the one-stop-Siemens has everything mantra, while grafting the imaging technology to it all.

Must have looked great on paper, but something got lost in the translation.

I doubt it's an issue of

I doubt it's an issue of having a soft spot. Siemens' management showed complete incompetence when it came to dealing with LA, transferring the technology, and then shutting them down. My guess is that the original plan called for a complete shut down within 2-3 years following the acquisition. LA is the most obvious example of how poorly Siemens understands the diagnostics business. There are many other examples to point to as well.

LA has more lives than a cat.

LA has more lives than a cat. Even with 1/10 of it's original employee base it's still around in a mostly empty huge building.
We still deal with them regarding Allergens but that also eventually might be moved to Tarrytown as well.
With so few people and a high cost of keeping an LA presence someone high up in Siemens must have a soft spot for them.
Lucky people indeed.

"The new system is called the

"The new system is called the Ruatnec. It is nothing like a Centaur, it has spiffy tailfins and an iPod dock."

It sounds like the diagnostics version of a Studebaker. (You have to be pretty old to get this one).

It appears that as of today,

It appears that as of today, both LA and Llanberis are involved in making reagents for Immulite. If you have been following the DPC/LA/Immulite story since the Siemens acquisition, it is fairly obvious that Immulite is a dead-end product. No further development of instrument extensions, no new Immulite system, no conversion of the solid phase, and very little, if any, new method development. It appears that Siemens decided long ago that their future in immunochemistry rested on the shoulders of Centaur and that very little, if any, of Immulite, LA, or ultimately Llanberis is a part of the long term future. At one point there may have been a hope that Vista could take on all of the Immulite and Centaur methods, but those hopes are just faint memories now. So, today both LA and Llanberis continue to exist. If you have followed the history of Siemens diagnostics, you will most likely conclude that neither location is a part of Siemens long range plans and they probably never were.

There is much that can be said about the decision itself relative to Immulite. There are good arguments on both sides for Siemens either keeping Immulite and building on its success, or simply using it as a cash cow. This post does not take sides in this discussion, but merely attempts to report on what has happened in the past and what is likely to occur in the future.

Oh. So it's the child of a

Oh. So it's the child of a Centaur and Immulite.
Another big seller for Siemens.
Do the people in LA and Llanberis make the reagents also.

The new system is called the

The new system is called the Ruatnec. It is nothing like a Centaur, it has spiffy tailfins and an iPod dock.

First new system? What system

First new system?
What system is that?

The big Siemens question

The big Siemens question right now is whether there will be a late October massacre or will the next round of layoffs be deferred to the next fiscal year. Many nervous people at multiple Siemens sites. It's a bad situation when most of the talk is about layoffs and not about the excitement of Siemens first new system since the acquisition. That says a lot both internally and to customers.

Please leave already. Can't

Please leave already. Can't you see that no one is interested. Just find a site where your talents and insights can be appreciated. Leave the rest of us to our juicy rumours about Siemens. None of us care about your politics or anyone else's. Why is that so hard to understand?

Still irrelevant. And still

Still irrelevant. And still 100 % wrong in your assumptions. Go to a political site and leave this site to its intent. We are sick and tired of your Tea Party leaves.

Irrelevant to thread. Go to a

Irrelevant to thread. Go to a political site, jerk-o

This is what happens when a conservative gives in and takes the time to post some real, hard numbers which are unassailable, because they come directly from this liberal administration. When faced with the reality, rather than admit shock and enlightenment at how scary the "O" mans numbers are, Mr. Liberal contacts the site to clean up the "offending data".

That's like shoveling the dog crap in your living room, underneath the rug. Yeah, you can't see it anymore so I'm sure you're feeling better, but the smell doesn't go away.

I don't need to re-post anything because I am sure the stink will be in your liberal brain for a very long time. I hope the rest of you learned something.

Siemens Norwood site is right

Siemens Norwood site is right down the street from Walpole. 80 people would represent a good sized chunk of its total (which was maybe 200 people?) which departments were the 80 from?

But Obamanomics is so much

But Obamanomics is so much more fun than dissecting Siemen's crazy agenda.

Thank you to the

Thank you to the administrators who are cleansing the thread from all of the political trolls' posts. They were never welcomed here. And now back to the fun at Siemens.

Irrelevant to thread. Go to

Irrelevant to thread. Go to a political site, jerk-o.

Looks like Siemens HR's resident neckbeard is back to threadsh*tting on Biofind. This guys sockpuppet should be showing up any time now.

Clinical chemistry in

Clinical chemistry in Tarrytown is being shut down completely. Remaining R&D staff being offered transfers to Delaware.

I think it's appropriate to

I think it's appropriate to start singing,
So long, farewell
Auf Weidersehen, goodbye

What happened to all the

What happened to all the comments?

Hooray. Flagman is back. A

Hooray. Flagman is back. A welcome return to our minister of intellectualism.

I think Norwood was part of

I think Norwood was part of the original Corning facility that later became a part of Chiron prior to being acquired by Bayer. Thus, it would appear that the Norwood facility is most closely associated with Centaur. The facility itself is located just outside of Boston, MA. Interestingly, there are a number of job openings at Norwood as well.

BTW another thread said that

BTW another thread said that Siemens Norwood laid-off 80. Is this part of DX? In the UK? What do they make/do?

QUOTE I repeat my request

I repeat my request for the umpteenth time:

Can someone please change the title of this thread to the quote above? And put us all out of our misery...

Uh, Norwood laid off 80

Uh, Norwood laid off 80 people this week. Any comment from the peanut gallery?

Time out polidiots. According

Time out polidiots.

According to another thread, 80 were laid off in Norwood last week.

You know Sparky, Socky's

You know Sparky, Socky's starting to sound a little uppity. Maybe you should put him in his "special" drawer for a while.

I guess when SMAC I AND SMAC

I guess when SMAC I AND SMAC II were dominating the clinical chemistry market -- Technicon had 80%- 90% of the market.

Very well stated. "The

Very well stated.

"The issue with DS wasn't competence. While it's true that he contributed nothing technically for 30+ years, his real talent was ruining the careers of his colleagues, backstabbing anyone who disagreed with him, and being one of the most creative engineers when it came to finding reasons that things couldn't be done. DS, more than any other individual was responsible for the decline of Tarrytown and the transition from a company that dominated clinical chemistry to one that is a minor player today. Given his meanness, one can only hope that his pasture is filled with cow pies."

"Maybe obvious to you, but

"Maybe obvious to you, but you're very wrong"

Sorry Sparky, but even an HR rep would notice it. The fact you're making a little more of an effort to change the styles up since it got pointed out confirms it. Question- do you hear two different voices in your head as you type these up?

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