Siemens DX is far from ending its employee layoff schedule and it's rumored most sites will once again be hit before end of 2012.
USA-Sacramento was just hit and we in the UK were told pending layoffs will start here by next week.
The madness continues.

Ok. Here are a list of a few

Ok. Here are a list of a few REAL black organizations that exist today (there are thousands more...).

Afro-American Hist. & Genealogical Soc. Inc.
American Association of Blacks in Energy
African American Male Empowerment Summit
Congress of National Black Churches
Harvard Black Law Students Association
Nat'l. Assn. of Black Accountants Inc.
Nat'l. Assn. of Black College Broadcasters
Nat'l. Alliance of Black School Educators
Nat'l. Assn. of Black Social Workers
Nat'l. Assn. of Black Journalists
Nat'l. Assn. of Black Women Entrepreneurs Inc
Nat'l. Assn. of Black Scuba Divers
Nat'l. Assn. of Black Telecomm. Profs. Inc.

and I bet you a dollar whites aren't allowed in. Now. Imagine this...

White American Hist. & Genealogical Soc. Inc.
American Association of Whites in Energy
White American Male Empowerment Summit
Congress of National White Churches
Harvard White Law Students Association
Nat'l. Assn. of White Accountants Inc.
Nat'l. Assn. of White College Broadcasters
Nat'l. Alliance of White School Educators
Nat'l. Assn. of White Social Workers
Nat'l. Assn. of White Journalists
Nat'l. Assn. of White Women Entrepreneurs Inc
Nat'l. Assn. of White Scuba Divers
Nat'l. Assn. of White Telecomm. Profs. Inc.

I wonder who are the racists?

Check it out.

Yeah yeah yeah Blah blah

Yeah yeah yeah

Blah blah blah


Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn !!!


Most of the debt came under Republican Presidents including the ongoing contribution from Bush for the unsound tax cuts (that did nothing for employment her), two unfunded wars and an unfunded Medicare Drug plan with specific provisions that prevent the government from negotiating prices on drugs so Americans pay the highest drug prices in the world and basically subsidize the rest of the world. Those are facts. Of course, you ignore all facts that don't support your preconceived notions which are based on who knows what. Chew on 'em for a while; choke on 'em for all I care. If you care to comment on that, fine; otherwise crawl back into your Alice in Wonderland Tea Party hole where you belong.

Save your hatred and stupidity for others.

"Who here is disagreeing with

"Who here is disagreeing with you about the national debt being a big problem? NO ONE !!! We disagree on how to fix it, but you are too pigheaded to see that"

Then we actually have very little disagreement here because we are seeing eye to eye on the big problem, the debt. As for the fix, I did very, very clearly define a very good fix; get the dummy out of office. At 1+ trillion a year, getting him out fixes most it. Mitt may spend like Paris Hilton at Abercrombie's, but we all seriously doubt he could be worse.

Look, Obama actually does my future retirement some good because he is less likely to cut SS benefits like it really should be cut, to create fairness for future generations. But I am against him for very unselfish reason's-----I have two very young grandaughter's that will be very, very heavily impacted by interest payments toward the fed. deficit. They will be paying it for very likely their entire lives, as long as they earn an income and pay taxes. I'm assuming they will not be lifer welfare recipients, but who knows. So none of this Obama nonsense really affects me negatively so much, except his anti-business stance. It's really the future generations I am worried about. I have already secured my future, and am only currently padding it. Obama cannot take it away unless he steals it from me thru some marshal law ordinace, so I do not get political for my own security, I already have it. It is you young people that scare me by supporting this guy; he is trashing your future. Much like parents that spend and bancrupt the fortune that they should pass on to their kids, Obama is securing a permanent indebtedness to the young. My grandkids will have scarcer job opportunities, less social structure to rely on, crumbling infrastructure, greatly compromised SS, Medicare, student loans, etc. etc. And you say I have no data to back this up? Are you kidding me? If your parents died and left you a loan (I know most loans do not put liens on heirs, but for the sake of argument) that was enormous and permanent, do you need data to tell you that your life will be completely compromised by interest payments on this loan? The future is bleak for young folks, with any president who passes the buck to future generations to take care of. It is exactly like stealing, only the impact is only gradually felt over an extremely long period and with the fed. deficit, it is tacidly legal. I rant because of my fears for the future and for less opportunity for you young folks, my grandkids especially, not for "preserving" my moat. Obama doesn't have the time fortunately to seriously impact my net worth.

"Obama's pension should he

"Obama's pension should he lose the election?: it would be ~$200,000 a year for life, plus free secret service protection for life..........."

Who here is disagreeing with you about the national debt being a big problem? NO ONE !!! We disagree on how to fix it, but you are too pigheaded to see that. You just go on and on with your incessant whining. You don't base your 'solution' on any data, you refuse to comment on data when presented to you (often with the source of the data), you just 'know' you're inherently correct. You can't provide any data to substantiate your position, and, quite frankly, I don't care any more. You are not worth the time since your mind is closed. So go on with your crazy rants, build the moat to protect your precious fortune, and keep presenting irrelevant information such as how much Romney gave to charity (btw, it is a requirement for Mormons to tithe so, based on Romney's relgious beliefs much of his 'generous donations to charity' are a 'must' for him). It is ashame that ignorance, anti-intellectualism, pigheadedness, etc. are not considered to be pre-existing conditions. If they were, maybe you would appreciate Obamacare a bit more since it would allow you to get some help.

The previous poster talked about 'politics' vs. 'policy'. The biggest problem with Romney is that he takes every side on every issue depending on his audience. No one can figure out exactly where he stands on anything. The math on his general proposals simply doesn't add up. The man is a pure opportunist: an excellent trait to be the head of a company like Bain and a dangerous trait for a President of the United States. And you, my 'friend', are the epitome of American politics: all fluff and no substance. No wonder so many Americans of all persuasions are turned off by politics and don't even bother with it any more.

So if you wish to keep posting, I have a couple of other outer space quotes from Hollywood (you completely missed the Mr. Spock - not Dr. Benjamin Spock) reference from Star Trek (original TV show and went off an another one of your irrelevant tangents that seeks to villianize those with whom you do not agree):

From 2001, A Space Odyssey: HAL: "Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore"

From Star Trek (original TV series; the Harcourt Fenton Mudd episode wtih the multiple female androids): Norman: I'm sorry, but I am not programmed to respond in this area" anymore.

Last chance to win that $10,000 bet. What is Mr. Spock's first name? Proceeds unclaimed by November 31 will go to the fund to defeat Michelle Bachmann and Allen West, two of YOUR craziest clones. (Yeah, I know ... the mistake was on purpose, if you can even find it).

American politics soooooo

American politics soooooo boring!!!!

You just buy a term in the whitehouse because Americans can no longer tell the difference between commercials and reality so the more PR you buy the easier you get in.

They never discuss real policy because no one ever really has any as it rocks the status quo, its all about politics.

You vote is pointless, why even bother?

Obama's pension should he

Obama's pension should he lose the election?: it would be ~$200,000 a year for life, plus free secret service protection for life.
Mitt's pension from being governor of Mass.?: it would be Zero since he did not accept a salary as governor.

Mitt contributed $4 million, or nearly 30% of his income to charity last year.
Obama's charitable contribution's last year? I'm not sure of the exact figure, but I'm pretty sure it was nowhere near 30%.

Looks like Mitt is really the "old, grumpy, conservative, tightwad who doesn't care for the poor", right? Then just what would you call Obama?

Oh, that's right, he is very, very generous with other people's money.

That includes any of you young folks out there who are going to be paying for that huge deficit interest for the rest of your lives; and the younger you are the longer you will be paying for it while getting even less back. His spending will leave you with very little of the entitlements you should be rightfully getting, as so much money will be spent instead on the interest payments. He is sacking your future, by spending so much money during his time in office. Makes him look like a hero for "rescuing" the economy while trashing your future. If you feel good about this transfer of wealth from the current generation to the much younger ones, then go ahead and vote for him. Mitt indeed may make it less comfortable for the current generation, while trying to get fiscal order back on track. That means a fuller less burdened future for the following generations while the current generation shoulders more of the responsibility for our generation's follies. Seems like a much better deal for young folks, but go ahead and vote for Obamaif you are still feeling good about him. As an older guy, I'll reap better SS benefits for a longer period if he is in office anyway, so go ahead and help fund my retirement while sacrificing a bit more of yours.

Blah blah blah to the broken

Blah blah blah to the broken record.

"Yeah yeah yeah" I'm sure a

"Yeah yeah yeah"

I'm sure a lot of Greek folks also said similar things when warned about their countries huge debt problem. Now a lot are saying, " could we have ever let this happen!"

Yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah yeah

By the way 16 trillion is an

By the way 16 trillion is an unimaginable number.

It took 200 years for the country to build up a one trillion deficit, and now the current deficit is SIXTEEN trillion dollars! And Obama has, by far, the biggest chunk of it in the shortest period of time.

If you spent 100 million dollars A SECOND, it would take you more than 44 hours, or almost two full days, to spend 16 trillion.... just an unimaginable number.

Or imagine this; if Obama is elected and continues on this pace for 4 more years, the interest on the deficit at the end of his term will be enough to fund the ENTIRE MILITARY BUDGET of China forever, if the two stays the same (i.e. the interest at that time and the Chinese military budget at that time). I don't think it would be a good idea to get to that point, but the American voter may just allow him to do it.

"The unpaid for Medicare Part

"The unpaid for Medicare Part D Drug plan from the Bush era."

Like I said , I was not a fan of Bush, especially during his last term. I agree with you on the foolishness of this benefit plan, as it only benefited a specific group (old folks) and could not be funded while running untold millions in the red. Data man, I take it that you feel that the passage of this single bill had a huge impact on our fed deficit, correct? Well I agree, it added tons of red ink to the huge deficit Bush had in his last term.

Then think about this for a second; this bill only pertained to a fraction of the population and specifically to only one benefit......the drugs old folks need. And the US government could not even fund this single added benefit, which is a small fraction of the overall health care costs.

Now just imagine Obama care that will include the coverage of ALL the uninsured in this country, with no significant new revenue stream to fund it. And forget about forcing those who do not have insurance to pay for it-----we all know that they will not pay the premiums or the subsequent fines, because they do not have the money! How in the hell do you think this program could possibly be funded while extending the medical costs to the entire population, with the claim that the quality of care will not suffer for anyone? The math sure does not add up, especially when you consider the Medicare part D plan couldn't even be funded. Be prepared to pay out of pocket for any expensive operation should you need it, because the waiting queue for the authorization of any expensive surgery will surely be long enough that you would die before you get to the operating room. This plan will run a negative cash flow from day one and just get progressively worse. If you think the 16 trillion current deficit is huge, you ain't seen nothing yet; that is until Obama care is fully implemented.

Chem 1 was still going when

Chem 1 was still going when Bayer bought Technicon in 1989. Just the mention of Chem 1 used to drive HL crazy. He was told that they lost money on the system and it was the most profitable (by different people). He never could figure out they were both right. They lost money on installation which included a free or low cost service program, but when it came to reagents, they were the most profitable of all Bayer systems. And despite all of that, somehow they got sold on the idea of spending a fortune on a system that was a new, improved, chemistry, immuno system that had some of the same fundemental problems that Chem 1 did.

I wonder what was the last

I wonder what was the last year the Chem I's were sold? How long did they continue to support it? The "stop valves" were the heart of the system and I suspect they were the most unreliable part of the system. Probably the most expensive module too.

Well, it kept the field service guys employed, I guess.

You are right about Chem 1

You are right about Chem 1 being the beginning of the downfall of Tarrytown. What is more remarkable is that, under Bayer, they decided to compound the error by using the same technology on the failed Advia IMS which porbably cost Bayer a billion dollars in R&D costs alone.

The real issue was that people in Tarrytown got enamored with technology and lost sight of the fact that customers wanted good performance and reliability over cutesy technology. All of the people who made Technicon a great leader in DX are long gone and the talent required to create new systems no longer exists in Tarrytown.

If the is one thing that most

If the is one thing that most Technicon employees can agree on. Chem I was instrumental in the downfall of Technicon.

Those who supported it should be proud of themselves ... yea right .... :-)

Gutless middle management who didn't have the fortitude to stand up and say you are wasting time and money on this concept.

I guess at that time there were many who were in middle management and were approaching retirement They just wanted to hold on to the cash cow till they retired. They didn't want to make any "waves".

Financial innovation and

Financial innovation and polishing the image. DX management are well trained in these areas! They will go far but the rest of DX will not!

"DX had strong year, good

"DX had strong year, good bonuses will be paid to all"
Really? A lot of people here blamed both MR who's a bad CEO and LA which dragged DX down. What happened?

Actually, all things considered, DX had a crappy year and brought down Healthcare numbers.
The amount of money they made is so far below what was expected it's a wonder only 1600 layoffs are scheduled. Many will be from DX.

"Thats what happens to people

"Thats what happens to people like you and Sarah Palin who don't read and are basically hostile to knowledge."

Well, I have to plead guilty to a certain extent, but with a qualification. Yeah, we business owners can be out of touch w/ the current fads/ entertainment media; just don't have the time or interest. But as for reading and gaining knowledge, that is all we do! But it is focused on the stuff we absolutely need to know to have a leg up on the competition, within whatever realm we compete in. Actually, reading these posts is a catharsis for me---a release from the stuff I'm buried in everyday----a little like watching a ball game whenever I can.

Like I said much earlier, many of us "reactionary /conservatives" are busy trying to excelerate wealth and most of our time is spent doting on our favorite vehicles of wealth building. It never allows for a lot of Google searching. Between customer contacts and business associate calls, we struggle to find time to shop on-line or chk how our equities and puts and calls are performing. Not much time for Googling and searching for minutia that will not build us wealth, while soaking up time to log it all down. You can be absolutely certain though, that I know by heart, every little detail of any of my investment ventures.......even all the #'s you think I do not hold in my head. I just hold the ones that will continue to allow me have control of my financial well being.

You see, you are in my view, barking up the wrong tree. You follow every minute detail of the Democrats talking points and transfer that "valuable" knowledge to as many poeple as you can in hopes of electing these guy's. Well, what exactly do you think they can do for you? Get the rich to pay more taxes? Get the government to force insure'ers to cover everyone's health care? Force business owners to give up the business friendly tax exemptions? Do you really believe that even if you get all of these things passed in congress that they will make your future comfy and secure? No my friend, there isn't enough time for it to make much of a difference in your life. Nor is there enough monies to go around for every citizen and even if all of these things do create vastly more revenue for the governments coffer's, they cannot give individuals significant funds to free you from entitlements. If you spent the time and energy like a conservative, to try and excelerate your financial net worth, you have a far, far better chance of getting to a critical mass that will allow you to fund everything you need once you reach it. The sooner you get there the more control you will have, because at some point you will be able to drop being an employee. By definition, if you work for a salary, you are building the wealth of someone or a group of someone's, since they pay you because you are doing work that profits them a huge %-tage over what they actually pay to YOU. Otherwise they are pretty dumb businessmen. You want to be the one THAT HIRES worker's to make YOU wealthier, not the other way around. And electing politicians that intend to make life easier for the business person, not more difficult (i.e. more taxes, reg's), is what you should be doing in order to be able to start that business with less bother from the feds.

If you simply work for a salary and save, save, save, even 5% for every year of your working life to full retirement, you are not guarranteed a secure future. This you cannot argue with, because it is simple math, and will be especially true if SS is compromised in a significant way. And do you feel 100% sure that your full benefits will continue w/o interuption till death? I don't know about you, but I would not trust government with my retirement-----all the more reason to be an investor and get to that critical mass ASAP. Can you not see it our way just a bit? It really does create real freedom, most importantly freedom from government entitlements; of which every program is suspect.

Is this rumour or are the

Is this rumour or are the numbers out now?

If so, what do they say?

"DX had strong year, good

"DX had strong year, good bonuses will be paid to all"

Really? A lot of people here blamed both MR who's a bad CEO and LA which dragged DX down. What happened?

They only had one really

They only had one really successful system after JW sold Technicon to Revlon and that was the RA series. STAC was a victim of the sale itself to make the books look better and Technicon decided to pursue Chem 1 than to build upon and expand the capabilities of the basic RA concept. From that time on, it was pretty much downhill for Tarrytown.

Stages of an engineering

Stages of an engineering project ....

1) Enthusiasm
2) Disillusionment
3) Panic
4) Search for the guilty
5) Conviction of the innocent
6) Praise for the guilty

I remember reading this in the EE times around the time STAC or CHEM I were moving along.

I'd be happy to see a few

I'd be happy to see a few relevant postings as well. I would definitely prefer it to the filler that's been here in the absence of any relevant posts. And I don't see any on the new non-political threads either. Is it possible that Siemens died and no one noticed or perhaps everyone is either working hard or in a state of suspended animation. Given the pending layoffs that everyone believes will happen soon, the lack of information, rumor, or discussion is peculiar indeed.

DX had strong year, good

DX had strong year, good bonuses will be paid to all

I realize that DX business is

I realize that DX business is in the dumpster and things must be slow for Siemens corporate flacks -- but can't you find something more challenging to do than hijacking Rumor Mill discussions?

Wrong again. You obviously

Wrong again. You obviously never read the book. It would only get in the way by teaching you some facts. You are simply an ignoramous, and you actually seem proud of it. How you can confuse Dr. Spock with some guy on a children's tv show is beyond me. It sounds like you are part of that generation you just slammed. I can't imagine how things would be if everyone turned out as ignorant, self-centered, and greedy. You seem to be the epitome of the ME, ME, ME generation.

Without the use of facts and references, I see no reason to continue to discuss the various concepts and theories that seem to just come into your mind de novo. You may have the room all to yourself and be appropriately quarantined. So pop a few antacids for your bilious stomach, take a few prozac to calm down ... in addition to whatever other self medications you seem to indulge in.

Dr. Benjamin Spock, The

Dr. Benjamin Spock, The great one -- do not spank your children if they mis-behave. Understand them .. coddle them, it's societies fault. Now we have a bunch of young adults who believe the world owes them a living because they have a BS in Psychology, Art Appreciation, or some other useless degree.

"Yes, I do write off the top

"Yes, I do write off the top of my head, so getting hard data wastes my time; the same with proof reading. We conservatives are always busy looking after our own business after all, ya know!"

Thank you for your admission. I see your own business leaves you plenty of time to spew your bile here, but no time to get facts. You may think of yourself as a conservative, but whether you like the term or not, everything you have written here puts you into the reactionary camp. If you don't know the difference between conservative and reactionary, look it up yourself. I'm getting tired of doing your homework for you. Talk about freeloaders; you're at the top of the list.

Sloppy with writing.
Sloopy with facts and data.
Sloppy with understanding things.

If you are typical of a small business own, it is no wonder that half of them fail within 2 years. The only way someone like you could be successful would be if you owned a turnkey operation or a franchise with someone to hold your hand and guide you.

I could really care less about the thoughts that come off the top of your head. Either get some facts to support your assertions or be gone. Go get your jollies somewhere else. I'm done trying to entertain you.

PS: The Spock you were thinking of was Dr. Benjamin Spock, the guru of baby raising for the post-War (WWII) generation of parents and another whipping boy of the right when he took up peace and nuclear disarmament as a purely ethical issue. Can't you get anything right? Do you feel confused? Left out? Isolated? Thats what happens to people like you and Sarah Palin who don't read and are basically hostile to knowledge.

"Mr. Data man, wasn't Spock

"Mr. Data man, wasn't Spock some kind of doctor on daytime tv? I'm not much for social media, haven't seen the vampire movies yet. Maybe I'm too old anyway to see a bunch of teenagers turn death into a beautiful thing."

Wrong again. He was the First Officer on the Starship Enterprise. Maybe you've heard of Star Trek?

Yes, I do write off the top

Yes, I do write off the top of my head, so getting hard data wastes my time; the same with proof reading. We conservatives are always busy looking after our own business after all, ya know!

By the way I'm not averse to

By the way I'm not averse to data, my line of work when I was employed a while ago was dealing with mounds of data. But Data to a liberal is like a license to interpret "truth" by using data as DNA evidence.

Mr. Data man, wasn't Spock

Mr. Data man, wasn't Spock some kind of doctor on daytime tv? I'm not much for social media, haven't seen the vampire movies yet. Maybe I'm too old anyway to see a bunch of teenagers turn death into a beautiful thing.

"Unpaid wars that Bush

"Unpaid wars that Bush started ..... "

Let me see ,,, LBJ funded the Viet Nam fiasco by raiding the Social Security "LOCK BOX". Well by the time SS runs out I'll be pushing up daises. Pretty soon I'll start collecting SS and be spending your children's money -- now that thought makes me feel good :-)

The weak answer Obama why gas is now $4/gallon verses $1.80/gallon surprised no one.

Natural gas prices have plummeted because of the over abundance available right now. Do you suspect that the laws of supply/demand has something to do with it?

For all the big strutting

For all the big strutting macho men here ......

Was Mitt really trying to accuse the President of pension envy last night? Does the size of a man's pension really matter?

I know, it's lame, but appropriate for the level of discussion here.

More Romney

More Romney history:

Oh, Mr. Republican. Can you please explain how one can have logic without any facts or data? Could it possibly be that your hatred of facts is a result of your not having any of your own to support your positions? Or am I just too good, too fast, and too knowledgeable for you to handle? Me thinks you are just out of your league here.

Your statement on logic is, itself, completely illogical. Should I call you Dr. McCoy or Bones?

Your friend, Mr. Spock

($10,000 bet you don't know Mr. Spock's first name).

You really have an hangup and

You really have an hangup and almost revulsion at facts and data. You just prefer assertions like the one you have now made twice about how Bush got all those Al-Quaea people. Any evidence for that or is it just another of your baseless assertions.

I will not discuss Palin further. She is irrelevant now, thank goodness. Not interested in your 'on paper' theories either.

How about this one? Romney lied again last night while at the same time committing his 'binder of women' gaff. What a man he is. Great multi-tasker. Can lie and gaff at the same time !!


Here is what Mitt says happened:

"An important topic, and one which I learned a great deal about, particularly as I was serving as governor of my state, because I had the chance to pull together a cabinet and all the applicants seemed to be men.
And I -- and I went to my staff, and I said, "How come all the people for these jobs are -- are all men." They said, "Well, these are the people that have the qualifications." And I said, "Well, gosh, can't we -- can't we find some -- some women that are also qualified?"
And -- and so we -- we took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet.
I went to a number of women's groups and said, "Can you help us find folks," and they brought us whole binders full of women."

- Now here, apparently, is what REALLY happened:

"What actually happened was that in 2002 -- prior to the election, not even knowing yet whether it would be a Republican or Democratic administration -- a bipartisan group of women in Massachusetts formed MassGAP to address the problem of few women in senior leadership positions in state government. There were more than 40 organizations involved with the Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus (also bipartisan) as the lead sponsor.
They did the research and put together the binder full of women qualified for all the different cabinet positions, agency heads, and authorities and commissions. They presented this binder to Governor Romney when he was elected.
I have written about this before, in various contexts; tonight I've checked with several people directly involved in the MassGAP effort who confirm that this history as I've just presented it is correct -- and that Romney's claim tonight, that he asked for such a study, is false. "

You think (and I use that word 'liberally') that finding the truth requires hours of google searching? Once again you have no idea how wrong you are. With a liar with the expertise that Romney has, it's easy as pie to find the truth. You just can't handle the data, the facts, or the truth. You are much too blinded by your own small-minded hatred and biases. Pity for you.


PS: I know I screw up here by not proofreading what I write sometimes. Please try proofreading yourself. Some of your 'grammar' and wording is simply not English. If just saves me the time of having to figure out what some of your jibberish means. Are you some kind of foreigner (were YOU born in Kenya, perhaps ... may I see YOUR birth certificate, Donald?) or just as ignorant of the English language as you are about politics and economics. We can try another language if you prefer. I am fluent in quite a few.

You sure do like to clutter

You sure do like to clutter your mind with a zillion details and it must take a little too much effort. No many can handle this much stuff at once, except for the better politicians, and even they get a lot of facts wrong. You must be buring up the Google servers. Trouble is the logic is lost and a sample here and there is all it takes to point things out.

Bush DID indeed get most of the EXISTING (read contemporanious)leadership of al-Queda at the time; this was factual at the time. Of course as you correctly stated, terrorists have a very loose hierarchy that adjusts immediately to loses in the field so like Great White shark teeth, the next up just moves into place. You say Obama has killed many, many of the leaders, so you are saying there is a vacuum of leadership in al-Queda at the momment? Even you know what that truth is. And yes he did run them out of Afganistan, because they were not in power. What was he supposed to do nuke the entire country to be sure he actually got every last one? You cannot even distinguish a peacful citizen vs terrorist there so that is nonsense.

And as for the Palin argument, she was not qualified for the job, I am in full agreement; that was not my argument. I used her castigation as an example of how biased the media andd the left are. I said ON PAPER she was more qualified. What do you want to qualify presidential candidates on, intelligence and political savy alone? Then Newt Gingrich is a shoo in and so would Charlie Manson if one was to just consider intelligence---the guy has a high IQ.
Virtually all politicians have enough raw intelligence, it's what they believe in and what experience they have is what counts so we can judge whether they can wisely perform in office. Obama had nothing to gauge his suitability for office by his track record alone. You guys just liked the way he sounded and liked what he promised, just admit it. Blind leading the blind, the last time around. This time the only track record that really matters is the national debt at 16 trillion and counting. At his current clip of a trillion+ every year we will be at 20+ trillion in 2016......probably past the point of no return at that level and it will be the Roman Empire collapse on the fast track.

"How many Top Management

"How many Top Management Zionists are running Siemens. Does anybody know."

Zionists running a German company? Just stay where you are. The little men in white coats are coming for you and have a nice isolated rubber room for you. Take your nasty anti-Semitism elsewhere.

So who won the debate last

So who won the debate last night? If I look at Mr. Republican here, it must have been Obama. Watching Mr. Republican is like watch Pinnochio. With Pinnochio, the more he lies, the bigger his nose gets. With Mr. Republican, the worse things get for Romney or the more likely it looks that the President will be re-elected, the more outrageous, irrelevant, and non-sensical Mr. Republican's posts become. For me, the debate, like the one two weeks ago, is a single event, a single data point to which I do not ascribe a large weight over time. These debates are just a variant on the old TV game show, except this one should be called 'To tell the Lie'. Both of them did it, whether lie, selective facts, or distortions. There is no point in getting into a pot-kettle discussion no matter how much it makes Mr. Republican feel good. Bottom line last night: they both threw punches and Obama's were better.

Mr. Republican, on the other hand, unleased an entire series of blatant lies after the debate. My guess is that he is a NY Yankee fan, too and the fact that they are now down 3-0 to DETROIT (the town that Romney and his friends wanted to be left to die) is probably adding to his frustrations.

Reminds me of a little 2-3 year old who throws temper tantrums when they get frustrated. Let me have the pleasure of my own taunt now:


Kinda sucks being you !!!

"You have got to be joking.

"You have got to be joking. Bush ran an entire population of zealous terrorist out of the country of their governing, while killing thousands of them, and killed virtually all the existing operational officers of al-Qaeda except binLaden and Aswari. Obama gets binLaden and that trumps winning a war?"

On what planet do you live? You are absolutely absurd. Who did Bush run out of what country? The Taliban run out of Afghanistan? Have you been reading the papers for the past 10 years? They are still there. What statistics are you quoting thzt says that Bush killed "virtually all" (your words) of Al-Quaeda operatives? The claim itself is insane since Al-Quaeda has always been very spread out and not concentrated in one location. Running people out of one country and into another is useless from a military point of view; it just changes the venue. If Bush 'won' the war in Afghanistan, why are we still there? Tell us, oh liar and distorter ... what war did Bush win?

Fact is that Bush retreated from Tora Bora and decided to take us into Iraq based on the lies he told us about WMD. You have no case here and you know it, but rather than admit to reality and that your guy Bush wasn't perfect, you invent one lie after another.

"Case in point; Palin was far

"Case in point; Palin was far more "qualified' to be president than Barrack on paper, but she was gutted for her lack of qualifications. So what then made Barrack sooooo much damn more qualified? He wasn't, he got a pass. Not that I thought Palin was a good choice, she was not. She was far too green, but that still leaves the question of why Barrack was seen as so qualified; he WAS NOT."

You are still arguing a 4 year old case. You were wrong then and are still wrong. You look at it as a comparison between a community organizer (and to you that is a sinister thing somehow) vs. a sitting Governess. I look at it as a person who is well read, educated, and who has a world view about a large variety of important issues vs. a small minded person who doesn't read (can't even tell us what she reads routinely) and thinks that international diplomacy is based on how close her state is to Russia. You look at the positions they held and I look at their knowledge and understanding of things. Sorry, but Palin was and is a lightweight and was never qualified to run this country from a knowledge or emotional point of view. She couldn't even stay to finish out her term of Governess.

Don't you feel just a bit pathetic trying to make this useless argument again? I know I feel pathetic having to respond.

"Mitt (what he should have

"Mitt (what he should have said): "well, I have to admit, your #'s do add up and it turns out you have added more to the fed. deficit in 4 years, than all previous presidents for the nations entire history combined. Now that was impressive work Mr. President.""

The above is a blatant lie. Even Romney said last night that the national debt has risen from 10 to 16B under Obama. Once again, Romney got the math wrong by claiming Obama doubled the national debt when his own numbers translate to a 60 % increase. When you look at additional facts, you realize the increase under Obama's watch wasn't his responsibility, to wit:

1. Loss of income tax revenue due to massive unemployment caused by the policies of the previous administration

2. The Bush tax cuts for the rich continue to add to the national debt each and every year.

3. The unpaid for wars that Bush started but never paid for

4. The unpaid for Medicare Part D Drug plan from the Bush era.

You don't care about facts. And now you come with an outright lie.

How many Top Management

How many Top Management Zionists are running Siemens. Does anybody know.

"How many major Al-Quaeda

"How many major Al-Quaeda leaders did Bush get in 7 years?"

You have got to be joking. Bush ran an entire population of zealous terrorist out of the country of their governing, while killing thousands of them, and killed virtually all the existing operational officers of al-Qaeda except binLaden and Aswari. Obama gets binLaden and that trumps winning a war?

"You could have made your

"You could have made your argument 4 years ago had it been Obama-Romney in 2008"

Well, only you could have thought that I would compare the military experience of a sitting president with two wars to manage, vs a presidential candidate who didn't even serve in the military.

Obviously I made the comment that the two are virtual equals, in terms of what qualified them to run the US military, as to my original question of what made Obama qualified to be president during his first campaign. Truth is, neither was really qualified, but Obama was never grilled by the press about it and also was given a pass by every liberal. Its not even a crucial issue as any candidate not having served in the military, would be lacking. My point was that you guys always give yuor candidates the pass while condemming the other side.

Case in point; Palin was far more "qualified' to be president than Barrack on paper, but she was gutted for her lack of qualifications. So what then made Barrack sooooo much damn more qualified? He wasn't, he got a pass. Not that I thought Palin was a good choice, she was not. She was far too green, but that still leaves the question of why Barrack was seen as so qualified; he WAS NOT.

Obama: "Governor Romney, your

Obama: "Governor Romney, your #'s don't add up."

Mitt (what he should have said): "well, I have to admit, your #'s do add up and it turns out you have added more to the fed. deficit in 4 years, than all previous presidents for the nations entire history combined. Now that was impressive work Mr. President."

Question: So, Governor

Question: So, Governor Romney, how did you like working with all of that binder of women in your cabinet?

Answer: It was wonderful. We always had fresh hot coffee (warm milk for me) and we saved the State a small fortune because we didn't have to pay them as much.

Management constantly talks

Management constantly talks about pushing decision making down. However, the decisions that lower level people can actually make are either constrained by higher level management decisions, restricted by ineffective policies and procedures, and basically worthless because of how extremely limited the vertical communication is within the company. The upper management have no clue as to what is happening in the trenches, and lower levels have any faith in upper management and have been reduced to hearing, but not listening at Town Hall meetings. Hey, management, get out of your offices and meet the troops. Not at pre-arranged, small group Q&A jokes, but go out to where they are working, talk to them about how things are going, make a point of meeting some of your employees at lunch. Takes some time to break that trust barrier, but you'd be surprised at the positive results.

All of those meetings you are in all the time don't seem to be doing any good. Why not try a bit of MBWA? It's been known to work.

I have first-hand evidence

I have first-hand evidence that DX decision making hierarchy has become top-down rigid, which distributes decision-making far down the chain of command. While DX managerial structure can foster some good, it can also replace real evidence of consumer base desires with the management’s detached perception of what that consumer base needs.

I’m giving DX six months to bring a strong, new, pro-level market. After that, DX will lose a customer. If it loses too many, any later release will be met with formerly loyal DX users who have moved on, and who will never return.

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