Siemens DX is far from ending its employee layoff schedule and it's rumored most sites will once again be hit before end of 2012.
USA-Sacramento was just hit and we in the UK were told pending layoffs will start here by next week.
The madness continues.

What is with you? Why boil

What is with you? Why boil everything I have posted as a racist rant? If it was Kerry in office during this period, and the exact same policies and crazy doings were carried out by him as has Obama, then trust me, my postings would have only differed by inserting "Kerry" for all the "Obama" entries.

This would have made me a racist against my own kind correct?

How naively absurd this notion is correct? Well by your attitude that is what it would have been. Just imagine that; for the sake of a few votes I could have been a fuming, foaming at the mouth racist against all White people! Who could have guessed!

I guess it was a good thing Obama got elected because my whole family would have left me because I would have hated all of them because of that nasty, putrid, pale white skin of their's.

Good god, if I had them looked in the mirror, then what? Yiiiiikes!

Why don't you just shut the

Why don't you just shut the f*** up until you have something else to offer? Remember repeal and replace? What is your proposal for replacement? Until such time as you can come up with something better, you will continue to just be the racist you are who's only agenda is to get that black man out of the White House. Despite your protestations, your racism is quite obvious to all of us. You have nothing else to offer on the ACA issue or anything else for that matter. Just a lot of negative criticism that helps no one and interests no one either. America is getting sick and tired of the nasty, whining, crying, destructive right wing and offers nothing, does nothing (see the record of the House under John Boehner compared to all previous Speakers and then check the number of filibusters in the Senate since 2009).

You and your cohorts stand for nothing at all. You only are against things and, thus, have zero credibility.

So how's that Obama care

So how's that Obama care overhaul working for ya?

Out of an estimated 100,000 that have signed on 35,000 have been Californians, who of course did not have to rely on the fed exchanges, because California is one of about 14 states that are running state run exchanges. So that means far less than 65,000 have been able to use the bungled fed exchanges to sign on (as this 65,000 includes the rolls of the other 13 states that run state exchanges). The administrations estimate was 500,000+ would have signed up in the first month! So that means far, far less are going to be paying premiums if this keeps up, because those who have private policies just saw them explode by 75-200%, and they will not be able to pay them for the most part.

Guess what happens then? With young folks also refusing to sign on, (we can assume they are more willing to just pay the penalty, as only 25-30% say they will sign on)how many will actually be paying into the health care overhaul?

The answer is, not a whole lot. Which means even more fiscal difficulties, when it was already underwater by any right headed estimates before the start date.

The program, unless drastic changes occur very soon, will be in total financial chaos in no time at all.

This is what happens when you bite off more (much, much more)than you are qualified to organize. Being naïve about how complex the problems would be, simply screams out how clueless this president really is.

An "Emperor with no clothes", don't you think?

"The left didn't call Bush a

"The left didn't call Bush a liar"

Even the most jaded political junkie would shake their heads at your comment above.

So who is the most delusional?

As for "hating Obama", consider this a phrase that will be locked into the media jargon, for the calamity that is the countries spending and debt crisis.

You must have missed the

You must have missed the Bush-Cheney tandem act. The left didn't call Bush a liar. Cheney was and is the liar; Bush was simply naïve and incompetent and didn't have the basic work ethic to do the job of President.

Interesting that you confess to hating Obama. A rational political mind could hate his policies, but not the man like you do. Says a lot. I think the previous poster has your number.

Perhaps you should consider a Klan site where you can post your bilious hatred. The only rationale for being on this thread is that you are Siemens emblem for their new serum flatulase test.

Yeah, right. We all know how

Yeah, right. We all know how you like your Presidents:

Male, reactionary, and white !!

"and to convince us to hate

"and to convince us to hate President Obama as much as you do."

You are right I hate the guy.

But what else are we to feel about the man who holds the highest elected office and will lie straight to a national audience about a sweeping policy change that involves more than 20% of the national economy (healthcare)? He was ramming the whole nation through this process fully realizing that the chances for people who had existing policies and were happy with them, to be able to keep those policies after the bills passage, were very poor. It was not that he did not understand the complicated finances, he was told point blank BEFORE making any speeches about how " people can keep their existing policies" that those policies would most certainly be voided. Yet he gave those speeches many, many times remember?

Now I can accept and understand a president that could be woefully wrong about an issue he is passionate about; Bush W. and his WMD claims, for instance. You lefties called him a liar. Oh, pleeeeese, the guy believed bad CIA intelligence and nearly everyone else also believed incorrectly about the WMD, even Hilary and Kerry for Christ's sake!

But chk it out; the "O" man really did know he was lying to the American public about the above issue, and he kept on lying trough many speeches.

And you want me to be all hugs and kisses with the scoundrel?

Sorry baby, I like my presidents with some decency, even if they do not speak well at times.

It is easier to see the dark

It is easier to see the dark side of the moon that to try to enlighten you or explain things to you. And quite frankly, you are too biased and too close minded to listen. I reject both your ideas, or lack thereof when it comes to how to solve problems in this country, and I reject your tactics here. You are almost constantly in a state of assumption that is almost always wrong. You made assumptions about my age and now about my economic status. You make assumptions about the future that are the same I've been hearing for years from the conservative to right wing for decades. The track record of gloom and doom from the right is miserable. If you simply bet against all of the right wing predictions, you could be a wealthy person. Your approach to the economy has been repeatedly tried and has almost always failed. Your use of the socialism boogeyman is almost childish by now, and if not childish, certainly pretty mindless. You don't seem to know the difference between socialism and social programs. And I have yet to really hear any specifics from you as to how you would fix things and not just things like spend less to balance the budget and remove all government regulation, neither of which is going to happen from a purely practical point of view. What, if anything, would you do about our education system? How will you deal with an aging infrastructure while you cut spending? Will you cut or increase the military budget and, if so, by how much. What are your solutions to our immigration issues? The list goes on and on and all you do is talk about 'you liberals' and 'becoming socialist like Europe'. So the bottom line here is that a discussion with you about issues is pretty useless. I have only seen one basic thing on your agenda and it's pretty un-American to me unless you consider America to be somewhere in the early part of the eighteenth century.

I will however make comments from time to time as the mood strikes me just to provoke you into continuing your futile efforts to tell us all what not to do and to convince us to hate President Obama as much as you do. So keep up the rants for my personal entertainment. As I said, I will make my comments if and when I feel like it. It's pretty much like the King acknowledging the court jester once in a while just to keep his morale up.

"You have people getting

"You have people getting large sums of money that they did absolutely nothing to earn other than being born to someone who dies rich. There is just something very morally wrong with that concept "

First of all the ones getting my inherence (not yet fully documented yet) will only be the ones who I know are fending for themselves and not expecting inheritance money to get them by. They do not know this of course, and they will be observed very carefully until the time is near, and in case of premature death a much larger proportion will go to charity.

But regardless, I read the above statement several times because it does not register with me. It is the wealthy persons (1st generation wealth) hard earned wealth correct? So even if he wants to leave it all to his cat, so what! It is his money, so why do liberals always think that they should have a piece of someone else's pie?

I know for a fact, that not even YOU believe the above statement that you made. How so? Well first of all I think clearly and unbiasedly, because I have been at the poor end for a good bit of my life, and I never felt that I had a right to someone else's money, even when I had nothing (though I admit to envy).

Wealth after all is relative correct? I may be considered "wealthy" by some metrics but a great many would see me as middle class. And you my friend are middle class or upper middle class from what I gather. So if you are viewed by the homeless guy as "very wealthy", do you think he has a right to some of your assets when you die? After all the homeless guy would surely need it more than whomever you decide to gift it to. Would you be upset if a government agency took 90% of your assets at death and gave all of it only to the homeless? Shouldn't you be happy with this?

Something tells me you would scream aloud that it was your own hard earned cash and if you wanted to, you have every right to give it all to your spoiled little daughter.

And I would agree with you 100%.

I use Romney not to criticize

I use Romney not to criticize Romney or to claim he did anything wrong or illegal. It was the fact that a very rich man, who doesn't have a real job and lives off investments, was made public and allowed the American people to see many of the bad things about our tax code and how it can be used by the wealthy to shelter much of their wealth. Sure, anyone can use these preferences, but for the average working American, it doesn't make nearly that much difference assuming they even have enough to invest in a reasonable portfolio and have the time to understand the various investment options and risks. For most people in the middle class, these preferences are not useful for practical reasons. On the other hand, the wealthy benefit greatly from them and they are the ones who can most afford to pay more or at least at the same rate as a middle class American who works for a living. It's only fair, but you don't seem to care about fair. What wrong with having another 4-5 tax brackets for the very rich? Wouldn't you want to pay the debt down now if at all possible rather than have it increase even more for your children and grandchildren? By passing the buck now, you make things even worse in the future. Having laws that permit anyone making multi-millions to pay less that 15 % in taxes is just obscene. The problem is the law, not Romney himself. His taxes were simply the poster boy for the unfairness of our tax code.

As for a free pass on an inheritance, again I find this obscene. You have people getting large sums of money that they did absolutely nothing to earn other than being born to someone who dies rich. There is just something very morally wrong with that concept and it certainly does nothing to support a very American trait, our work ethic. What a terrible lesson to be teaching to our younger generation. And again, your basic attitude is: I have mine and the hell with the rest of you. Another great moral value to be passing on to your progeny.

Shame on you.

And I understand why you feel the way you do and your intent to help future generations. But that was not my question. So I will try one last time. Why do you bring this issue to the rumor mill and, in particular, attach it to a Siemens thread? That's the part that just seems totally weird. I understand your point of view although I disagree with it. I don't understand why you choose to post here. Get it? It's not that hard a question.

"I'm willing to pay higher

"I'm willing to pay higher taxes on my capital gains, so that puts to rest another one of your idiotic arguments. "

Well by all means then do so. I have no objection to fools that like higher taxes.

You say it is irrelevant that Romney used the long term cap gain to lower his taxes. Really? Then why mention Romney's name? Mentioning Romney's name in that context is what was irrelevant because that was the reason his rates were so low!! You see, you just see a rich man and bring his name up because you don't like him because of his political stance.

You really should have used another name to make your argument, but I digress.

And another thing. Why do I post? Do you really think I want to make changes to be sure that I can stay where I am financially for selfish reasons? Get real, my tax liability days are long gone thanks to Obama. And as long as "death" taxation doesn't change drastically my heirs will get most of my net worth, not the government. I write because I want to change young folks minds, before they lose even more of their future, to the "spread the wealth" idiots. I have no dog in the fight for lower taxes (at least not for personal gains, I have already made it), other than I think it will be much better going forward for everyone who is willing to work for it. The need for social welfare and redistribution of wealth, is like a poison pill for slovenly behavior. It may be tough love, but how many times have you see this phrase in the context of responsible behavior?

no one else owes you a

no one else owes you a thing.

Of course not. But it sure helps to have a rich daddy who leaves you a ton of money, whilst paying minimal taxes on the inheritance (another example of giving preferences to income that isn't earned by real work, but comes from the work of others). I would even go so far as to argue that all tax preferences are unconstitutional since they violate the basic concept of equal treatment under the law. Of course, people like you don't care about things like that; you probably wish we could repeal the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendment. Imagine how good the economy could and what a party the rich could have if we simply recognize the errors of ours ways, and bring back slavery. It is certainly in line with the conservative agenda of getting rid of unions, eliminating the minimum wage and other worker-related regulation. Let's just get rid of all regulation and return to the days of the railroad robber barons, the industrial giants and monopolies and all the other things that Republicans, yes, Republicans fought against at the turn of the 20th century. Let's just go back to real dog-eat-dog, a free-for-all and may the best man win.

You are the non-issue here.

You are the non-issue here. You completely missed the point about an unfair tax system (which I admittedly take advantage of, too). The fact that much of my income is from capital gains is irrelevant to my viewpoint that a preference for unearned income is simply unfair and offers no benefits to the economy. I'm willing to pay higher taxes on my capital gains, so that puts to rest another one of your idiotic arguments.

According to you, we have a future economic disaster looming. I see only two choices: Fix the revenue issue now or pass it on to your progeny. I am more than happy to pay a fairer share of my income to help fix the current revenue problem. You, on the other hand just want more and more cuts without being able to specify what cuts you want or to discuss their economic impact. And since conservatives tend to take military spending off the table, there simply isn't enough left to cut to balance the budget. There is one, and only one choice to fix our budget and borrowing problems: Deal with the revenue side and make the rich pay their fair share. Unlike you, and the super rich that you seem to want to protect, I am willing to make a personal sacrifice to help things; you just want to take it out of needy peoples' hides. I guess you don't have any real experience in dealing with, and fixing a balance sheet. You only see half the equation, which is pretty much in line with all the evidence you've presented that you are a half wit. Virtually every assumption you have made here is wrong starting with the assumption that I am much younger than you and of a different generation and that I am a die-hard liberal.

Your posts here are nothing but a worthless distraction from the intent of this site as well as a journey into the never-never land of econidiocy. Having facts is completely worthless when you don't have the capability to analyse them or understand them. For the life of me, I cannot understand why you persist at this site when all you are doing is confirming the low esteem in which you are held here. After all this time, don't you realize that we all understand your true motivation.

"like Romney who made

"like Romney who made multiple millions and paid only 15% in taxes"

Just as for you, Siemens is a non issue at this point. Who cares?

I know the feeling of anger that I hear in your postings. I used to be that way, frustrated by all those around me who seemed to have the silver spoon thing going. Trust me when I say this, very few of those kids with silver spoons will ever amount to anything if they do not have the goods. Most of us can be far, far more successful than these folks because self generated fortunes are far more durable. I am a living example. Feeling defeated by a lack of generational wealth did nothing for me. But a lot of hard work and carefully weighted risks eventually taught me that it really can be done, as long as government does not interfere with too much taxes and regulation. You really have to run a business to get the impact of all this nonsense.

And as for the lower taxes that rich people seem to have access to, they use the same strategies that all of us are entitled to if we are educated about them. If people feel left out, it is because you are not utilizing the tools that our overly complex tax system "secrets" away from Joe average. I say it this way because it is so obvious to me that regulators allow these kind of complication's so that only a select few will be take advantage of them.

Ya see how important tax rates are for those who invest? You could get the same tax rates as Mr. Romney (although they have since raised the long term cap rate from 15 to 20%, so Romney is also currently paying a bit more), no one is stopping you from getting these low rates! Of course one has to be very careful because it will take risking a huge proportion of your net worth (which you could very well loose if you invest incorrectly) and you have to hold your investment for at least a year before raking in profits.

So are you game? Just invest in the correct equities and rake in the profits one year later. If this was 2009 you would have paid 15%. Today you will pay 20% (just like Romney will in this current tax structure). But as we all know, you could very well lose a lot of it or sometimes most of it. That is the risk you have to take to get that 20% rate. Romney was smart enough and courageous enough to do this successfully. If you cannot take the leap that is YOUR CHOICE because you do not want the risk. I would say Romney deserves everything he got for his courage/ knowledge.

And I know well enough that some of what Romney got in that year was preferential tax rates on big wig CEO options stuff, but that was a one time thing. You can get all the same advantages that the big wigs are getting, you just have to be smart enough and courageous enough to take the leap.

Same for running a business. Takes courage and smarts and minimal government intervention for the best possible results.

So, what do you say? Lets go take that leap, no one else owes you a thing.

See what I mean? The

See what I mean? The flagging here is just crazy and meaningless.

Now that made a lot of sense.

Now that made a lot of sense. The original post was just fine whereas the correction (changing list to listen) got flagged.

Go figure. It's almost as if Alex G himself was running this thread.

Have you ever tried to list

Have you ever tried to list to Alex G try to explain something.


Have you ever tried to listen to Alex G try to explain something.
(List = Listen).

Sorry for any confusion. I must be catching it from the king of confusion, Alex G.

Looks like I suddenly having

Looks like I suddenly having a one way debate...

Did you finally wake up and realize your crusade of idiocy has nothing to do with layoffs at Siemens?

And we all know what one calls someone who debates with himself. You seem to be a master at it.

If you are that concerned about the fate of your children and grandchildren, then you should support the notion that millionaires and billionaires and those who make a living though investment rather than direct work, should pay more taxes. They sure aren't using their piles of money to create jobs as Republican dogma would have us believe. And despite Republican propaganda, we have far more of a revenue problem than a spending problem. Why don't you rant against someone like Romney who made multiple millions and paid only 15% in taxes (or less). Are you willing to trade in the economic health of your children and grandchildren, just to accommodate rich people like Romney, Gates, Buffett, and Soros? (Note the overall non-political nature of the list). You don't care about future generations as much as you care about preserving your own wealth and I'm pretty sure you don't even make into the million dollar a year earners, so the above really wouldn't affect you, but it sure would make life easier for future generations.

Like so many conservatives, you seem to have it all backwards. We have seen no evidence that lowering taxes on the very rich actually creates jobs. It's just a myth. And we have seen time after time that trickle down economics does not work and is just another myth of those who seek to hoard their wealth.

And the fact that you persist in selling your nonsense at this particular site without any explanation of why you chose this site for your crusade only adds to your lack of credibility.

Please leave and go where you are wanted. You are not welcome here as you can see. No one wants to discuss anything with you, mainly because discussing something with a person with a closed mind is an exercise in futility. You would be just as well off posting your nonsense at a 'Friends of Miley Cyrus' site.

Have you ever tried to list

Have you ever tried to list to Alex G try to explain something. Words come out of his mouth. They appear to hang together to form grammatically correct sentences. The sentences tend to hang together. But after a minute or two, don't you find yourself asking: What in the world is this guy trying to say. I recognize the words, but there is no meaning behind them. It's all just useless babble or doublespeak.

And yet Alex G has an history of charming upper management, in particular, those who focus on style over substance. I would defy any of Alex G's supervisors to make a list on his concrete accomplishments that have had any long lasting, positive impact on the company.

Alex is clearly the absolute king of BS (and I don't mean bachelor of science). I would think that his ideal position would be as a salesman for a manure factory.

For all the negative things one can say about Bayer during their brief infatuation with the diagnostics business, at least they had to good sense to get rid of Alex during one of their management purges.

"Hermetically sealed coffin

"Hermetically sealed coffin and embalmed ....God my arse"

Yes, Virginia, de Nile is just a river in Egypt.

Ya see folks, when faced with undeniable, ugly, but real facts/ numbers the naïve and faithful talk in babble. What young folk need to do is see past the pomp and circumstance, smell the roses and accept reality for what it is. It is no shame to admit foolishness and guilt. After all a good number of conservative voters disgusted w/ W. the last time around voted for the this King with no clothes.

But the Republican party discuses me, you say. They are only after power. Do you really think the Dem's are any different? They are both looking after what is best for them in the immediacy, screw the future. But which party ideals line up far more with fiscal, political,and military responsibility?

Yep, Republicans. At least you will have to admit any other fool in office could not have forced a more disastrous outcome.

We true fiscal conservatives are not in love with the Republican party; they are the lesser of evils. Like it or not that is the reality, and not being able to take the reasonable side (or the lesser of evil's) is like telling the dentist OK, no Lidocaine because I have a terrible fear of needles. Well if you do this kind of thing, a much, much bigger hurt awaits you.

Is the biggest ignorant in

Is the biggest ignorant in human history, the director of Systems engineering at Flanders , NJ site is still there. Alex G is a symbol of ignorance.

after 15 years dead, we

after 15 years dead, we opened our grandfather's grave to place our auntie's coffin. but we are surprised to see his corpse whole. the gravedigger told us that his body looks like freshly buried.his make up was still there, his coffin was still whole. his hair turned black. I was one year old when my grandfather died, but because of this incidence, i had an opportunity to see him. We know that God has a reason why. Thank you Lord.

Hermetically sealed coffin and embalmed ....God my arse.

Looks like I suddenly having

Looks like I suddenly having a one way debate, but I still haven't spent all of my ammunition, now that I am spitting out real hard facts and figures.

We all pay into SS benefits through our FICA deductions in our paychks correct? We have a SS trust fund that the government tells us totals about $3 trillion, in order that we can continue to pay future benefits correct? Benefits that young folk think is in that trust waiting for them correct?

Well, what if I told you that SS is in such bad shape that it is a pay-as-we-collect program. In other words we can only pay current benefits from the current collections thru FICA payments on current pay stubs. There IS NO MONEY in the SS trust fund.

But the government says there is $3 trillion in that trust you say.
Well the government is lying to you, and there IS NO MONEY in that trust. So how do they get away with that little fib?

The "assets" the government is telling you that is in the SS fund are actually "special issue government bonds". In other words they are internal federal IOU's!!!!! The "money" they say that is in the SS trust fund is borrowed money that gets exercised as they need them!!! It is literally a line of credit (which of course eventually has to be re-paid).

In clear plain language, money in the SS trust fund does not exist if we do not consider these notes that allow government to borrow as needed to pay SS benefits. It is essentially flat broke.

Does this fact, one that nobody seems to ever tell the young public about, make you a little pissed off assuming you are relatively young? Well you sure should be if you are going to be paying FICA for a long time before you retire. Having a zero real balance in the SS trust fund does not bode well for your future benefits. And the ratios going forward are all wrong for the SS trust fund to self correct it's balance sheet. In fact, as you have probably heard many times over, it is on schedule to be far more underfunded going forward than what we have already experienced. So things will get much worse not better.

Do you see why we conservatives had called for more cuts in government spending, borrowing and stimulus. It was to help correct the books going forward for young folk, so that less of a burden was put on your shoulders. As it was our president sunk the entire government leger into a giant black hole.

How the press ignores these very, very pertinent facts, is beyond
us. This is why we know the media is extremely liberal, or worse, just plain ignorant of the facts.

For the young liberals of the

For the young liberals of the world who think that Obama and his incessant borrowing is not really a game changer, I have some more numbers for you. You see how I really do have specifics when I want to use them, and at a specific time when I can pour it on?!
Once again, these are not numbers I pulled out of a hat, they come from real government/ economist's estimates. They have to be estimates by the way, because it is virtually impossible to put exact figures on these moving numbers. So go ahead and do your Google thing to vet me out, I would actually encourage it.

The national debt is not an encompassing number, for those of you who think it to be the sum total of the countries debt obligations. You all want to quibble about Bush's unfunded wars (legitimate complaints by the way) and a lot of other stuff he had been negligent on. What he did was peanuts compared to existing and newly formed debt legacies that will cripple the nation eventually. How about SS debt obligations? This is not totally Obama's responsibility, but you do remember the SS tax cut he instituted to stimulate the economy don't you? It has added billions, upon billions to the SS debt obligations. See how he reasons? Steal SS funds from the future to spend today. Think this was a great idea? If I think selfishly, I suppose it could be considered great for us older folk already on SS benefits because we are getting ours before the well runs dry.

What if I told you that the $17 trillion national debt we argue about incessantly is not even the single biggest hole to fill? Everyone argues that the 2013 deficit will be less that a trillion. So what!!! It simply adds injury to insult while the unfunded SS liability continues to grow past $15 trillion. You got that right; SS obligations are not even included in the national debt tabulation and it is currently nearly as big! With boomers by the millions retiring soon and young folks salaries stagnated badly, SS obligations will soon be a very big number.

There are even more numbers, mind numbing numbers actually, but I have already wrote too much. You see the situation is so very, very much more out of hand than you young folk are being made aware of. Remember, I once said that the young folk if educated about what debt's the administration is leaving for them to take care of, are so incredibly huge that they would regret ever considering this guy for office.

The situation is much worse than even the SS debt obligations put together with the national debt levels. But that will have to wait.

I'm sorry, but everyone at

I'm sorry, but everyone at the Siemens pesto division was laid off. It was either the pesto people or LA, and the pesto people lost. Please search elsewhere.

Do anyone hear have a recipee

Do anyone hear have a recipee for good pesto?

And They're coming to take me

And They're coming to take me away Ha Ha
They're coming to take me away ho ho he he ha ha
To the loony bin with all you can eat perscription drugs like thorizine, and lithium, and electric shock and insulin
They're coming to take me away Ha Ha

Napoleon XIV

i'm going to pay a few

i'm going to pay a few hundred bucks penalty a year first, later on I can call the insurance company to enroll silver plan on my way to the hospital for some expensive treatment. i don't see any loophole here, anyone?

Paranoia strikes deep Into

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
Step out of line, the man come and take you away

We better stop, hey, what's that sound?
Everybody look what's going down
We better stop, hey, what's that sound?
Everybody look what's going down
We better stop, now, what's that sound?
Everybody look what's going down

We better stop, children, what's that sound?
Everybody look what's going down

Zevon it is! The old brain

Zevon it is! The old brain cells are just not the same.

The preceding post was in

The preceding post was in error. Appropriate punishment will be meted out.

It's Warren Zevon !! And, yes, Virginia, there is a restaurant called Lee Ho Fook in London.


Oh I get it, Warren Devon!

Oh I get it, Warren Devon!

Draw blood? Was Warren a

Draw blood?

Was Warren a closet phlebotomist?

Well, I saw Lon Chaney

Well, I saw Lon Chaney walkin' with the queen
Doin' the werewolves of London
I saw Lon Chaney Jr. walkin' with the queen
Doin' the werewolves of London
I saw a werewolf drinkin' a pina colada at Trader Vic's
And his hair was perfect

Aaahoo! Werewolves of London
Draw blood
Aaahoo! Werewolves of London

By the way I forgot to add,

By the way I forgot to add, in the lion experiment if we do not continue to be "kind to the lions" and continue with our support, things would quickly unravel. The lions would be forever dependent upon our largess, because the hyenas are just waiting for us to quit.

Ditto for the USA.

How about a "real life

How about a "real life experiment example"?

How about a world where we could actually control all parameters and eliminate all experimental noise? In other words a world where we can set up identical specific conditions and have perfectly identical real world, real time experiments? Comparative experiments where one cannot say, "well they were not run at the exact same time w/ the exact same conditions so, you cannot say that if the time frames were flipped, things could have gone different".

Well, we could then run an experiment and rerun the experiment changing only one parameter, and turn the clock back and run the experiment again w/ the only change being the one single change.
In this fictitious world, the single change has undisputed credit for any changes in experimental results, as both runs occurred in the exact same time frame/conditions.

1. Lets start w/ the African plains. We take a certain time frame, lets say 1,000 years (in a time when humans do not have dominance)
and we look at the natural results; lions are strong/ healthy but live only an average of 7-10 years, while the wildebeest herds are in the millions w/ strong and tough characteristics. Everything is like it should be with that environment.

We rerun the experiment by turning back the clock to the same time frame. We now change one thing; we do not let the lions suffer hard times. We do not let any lions starve to death, by giving them meat when times are tough or the lions are sick/injured. We prevent hyenas from killing injured lions. Their life spans though, are in the 12-17 year range because of our "kindness". After 1,000 years what have we got? Weaker, slower and less vibrant lions along with weaker, slower and less adaptable wildebeest.

2. How about trying this with the USA from say, 1900 to 2,000?

We look at the USA the way it actually turned out in history. A vibrant, strong, world beating country that in the year 2,000 seemed to be headed for the very best of everything. Not perfect but better than most societies in history.

What if we changed one thing? Lets say liberals were in control for the entire period. We would undoubtedly have generated far more policies to be a kinder, gentler nation by keeping all the children well fed and housed, with heath care and education for any that aspired to higher college education of charge. We would have paid for all of this by "spreading the wealth". We would have avoided possibly, one or both world wars, saving countless American lives.

But by the year 2,000 what would America have been like? Children getting socially promoted paper degrees, work ethics nonexistent, welfare and Medicaid rolls in the stratosphere, Asian/ European countries taking the technology lead (indeed if these countries existed at all, in their current states), companies doing very little R&D, development efforts due to crippling tax rates, etc., etc.

And the Federal debt? Don't get me started.

If you disagree with the general consensus of this mind experiment (I know damn well I have exaggerated a bit), then you are beyond capable of reasonable, rational thought processes. Every intelligent person can deduct the same results I have posed above, if their minds are not polluted by liberal blindness.

Wake up, smell the roses, and take off those silly liberal sunglasses. Like it or not, I realize the USA needs every intelligent citizen to be on the right side, with the correct mindset to get the country going on the profitable path to a secure nation. I know you are a smart guy, so grow up and help us, instead of blindly following the liberal mantra. Your liberal ideals are big hearted and I am sure, make you feel like a good person, but you are slowly strangling the life force out of the American dream.

See what we are dealing here

See what we are dealing here with, folks!

Who's the leader of the club

Who's the leader of the club
That's made for you and me
Hey! there, Hi! there, Ho! there
You're as welcome as can be

Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse!

Forever let us hold our banner
High! High! High! High!

Come along and sing a song
And join the jamboree!

Mickey Mouse club
We'll have fun
We'll be new faces
High! High! High! High!

We'll do things and
We'll go places
All around the world
We'll go marching

Who's the leader of the club
That's made for you and me
Hey! there, Hi! there, Ho! there
You're as welcome as can be

Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse!

Forever let us hold our banner
High! High! High! High!

Come along and sing a song
And join the jamboree!

Notice how liberals cower

Notice how liberals cower when presented with real facts.

This guy was crying waterfalls about how I had no specifics. The less I posted the more confident he became, much like the school yard bully. I let it continue because I was waiting to spring the trap. Notice how he does not address the numbers.

I am sure the guy Googled my numbers and found out they were basically correct. Because I used the current administrations own numbers, he cannot argue about their accuracy (some after all are projected estimates), so the poor fella has no ammunition.

Fools will be beggars and the wise will gloat, but who is loosing here? The folks who voted this snake oil charmer into office, are the ones who will suffer the most.

At least if they have a conscience.

Looks like the resident flag

Looks like the resident flag prude got me. And all over an innocent nursery rhyme.

The nursery rhyme your mommy

The nursery rhyme your mommy never read to you:

Mary had a little sheep
She took her little sheep to sleep
It turned out to be a ram
And Mary had a little lamb

The rest you've already heard.

Mairzy doats And dozy

Mairzy doats
And dozy doats
And liddle lamzy divey
Kiddley divey too, wooden shoe?

Mares eat oats And does eat

Mares eat oats
And does eat oats
And little lambs eat ivy

Who da fk iz mark twainnnnn?

Who da fk iz mark twainnnnn? I aint eva herrr of no

Obamacare Well the fiasco


Well the fiasco starts.

Does anyone here realize that only a few thousand people have been able to get policies through the insurance exchanges? I know they tell you that "X" thousands have been successful, but the actual numbers are far, far worse. Something like 1/7 of all the claimed successful applications for insurance through the ACA exchanges, are actually functioning policies. Most applications were not successful, because ongoing glitches with the program are still being worked out.

Just think;
There are about 60 million that are currently uninsured. About 20 million are expected to sign up for Obamacare (ACA), about 20 million will get ACA health care policies completely free of charge, and there will be about 20 million who do not qualify for any benefits under the plan or who will just refuse to buy insurance. And any pre-existing condition, disease stage, age or disability, etc., etc. cannot be used by insurance companies to refuse policies, so the worst situation cases will all be accepted.

There were some taxes, penalties, fees, etc. attached to the plan along with that requirement and assumption that most everyone will be paying something towards premiums.

If you really believe that ACA will be self funded after including all the very, very sick and diseased individuals + all the millions more that will be covered that previously had no insurance, I have a bunch of Florida swamp land that you must be very eager to buy. The system we have had for the past several decades could barely fund itself, while not having all these huge extra burdens to carry going forward.

Be prepared for a completely overburdened medical care system, after a few years of looking good.

What is wrong with you? Go

What is wrong with you? Go away already. It is clear no one wants to engage you and your simplistic, self-serving, Johnny-one-note view of the world. No one here supports you and no one here cares to argue with you. Your constant posting of the same old, same old is not only boring and annoying, but a sign of a compulsive-obsessive disorder. For the last time, please take your craziness elsewhere. Your inability to understand the purpose of this site and your disrespect for its intent should get you banned for life here. You are nothing but a nasty old troll. Try trolling elsewhere.

Everyone who actually looks

Everyone who actually looks at the numbers, will surely care.

I do, and I won't even be responsible for paying much of it off. Soon to be retired folks just won't be paying much in taxes.

But if you work, make a decent salary and are young, you are very likely in the 35%+ tax bracket. And at least 40% of the taxes you pay will go wooooof!

And this will be in virtual perpetuity, unless we do what we should have been doing all along and pay down the debt instead of exploding it. But by 2016 w/ the debt at $18+ trillion, I just don't know.

Yes I do, actually; it will be too late for an easy and quick fix.
So thank the blessed one and keep paying those taxes. After all we sure don't want to default now, do we?

You are not getting tru to

You are not getting tru to anyone. You are simply an annoying pest. Your Mr. Liberal seems to have left here long ago either realizing this was the wrong site for politics or out of boredom with your droning on and on. Just leave already. No one wants you here. No one cares about your or your silly numbers.

"You just rant on and on into

"You just rant on and on into a void. Go away troll"

Looks like I am getting tru to you, and you are a little taken aback by my numbers, or you truly are beyond reach for our sides views.

So how about the rest of you liberals? Frightened by what the president will leave us with in 2016? Surely some of you are disillusioned by the financial mess we are in, and the further in the hole we will be in a few more years.

Just think that at least 40%, and as much as 80%+ of the Federal yearly tax revenue for the years following his final year in office, are going to be spent just for the payments on the interest for our debt.

Very scary indeed.

No one is listening any more.

No one is listening any more. You just rant on and on into a void. Go away troll. This is NOT a political site. Your views are completely irrelevant to us. Why are you unable to understand that? You are simply an annoying pest now. Are you by any chance related to that Mobile person who shows up every once in a while to rant on about being jilted or something? You sure sound equally crazy.

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