Please post here any news about layoffs and leave the political scene on the other thread.

That may be true about Jack,

That may be true about Jack, but Revlon was still the best of the horror show that followed. Revlon pretty much left Tarrytown alone and HS was a very aloof CEO. But consider what followed. From Cooper to Bayer to Siemens; from worse to worser to worsest.

Screw the Whiteheads, good

Screw the Whiteheads, good old Jack sold out to Revlon so he could get his name on a medical school, Revlon, a bunch of thugs

So Seimens aint Teamin? What

So Seimens aint Teamin?

What a surprise. And what a shame too. There were basically two things that made Tarrytown what it once was:

The vision of the Whiteheads and their gut understanding of diagnostics (much like the Z's in LA)

Teamwork that included just about everyone. All departments working together and doing what was necessary to get things done without territorial barriers.

Here is to fond memories.

.. the development of a

.. the development of a diagnostics system is a TEAM effort.

This is Siemens. TEAM effort isn't part of the program.
Employee's care as much about DX as DX cares about them..non-existent.
I worked for DX 3 years before bailing. It was a total change in atmosphere at my current job. Yes, it's a competitor, but an eye opening experience compared to the way I was treated at Siemens.

You people need to come to terms with your predicament and get out of there as quickly as possible. There are jobs waiting!

Software has historically

Software has historically been the worst output from Tarrytown (conpared to instrument hardware and reagents) and has generally held up many projects. This has not always been the fault of the programmers themselves as much as it has been the poor quality of software management. The leadership has never put together a mechanism of communication with various groups (hardware, methods, marketing, QA) to clearly define software specifications, nor do they have an acceptable level of interaction with other groups during development.

True, software 'requirements' tend to change the most during a major project development which is all the more reason that good communication and interaction between software and their internal customers is so essential. This must be an ongoing process and must be fostered by the leaders in the software group. Remember people .. the development of a diagnostics system is a TEAM effort.

The dismissed managers in

The dismissed managers in Ttown software probably lost their job because they were resistant to management-by-fear. It is impertive to have yes men at all levels in order to bypass any controls designed to assure a decent code release.

Hold on if you think subsequent code will be better than previous releases,

You are obviously working

You are obviously working hard, yet spinning your wheels. Perhaps you are working hard at the wrong things.

Are you rah-rah gung ho about Siemens DX in general?
Do you talk up the company line?
Do you suck up to your superiors?
Do you kiss (well, you know this one).
Do you knock down anyone who is critical of Siemens or management?

If you answer no to any or all of the above, then you are probably not in line for a promotion. I hope you are not so naive as to believe that completing your tasks on time and within budget is sufficient to earn a promotion. The America of advancing through hard, dedicated work is gone, my friend; welcome to the America of the politcally correct and submissive.

"so work hard and get

"so work hard and get promoted to become a manager."

Who are you kidding? Since when did working hard at siemens get you a reward? It doesn't even get you a raise.

I like my job.

I like my job.

"Writing code and deciding

"Writing code and deciding what to write are two different skills. A slower coder with exceptional systems analysis skills will outperform a super coder who doesn't know what the problem is."

How true, however starting with DonC, 3 directors with over 50 years combined experience, hands on working experience in DX have been'dismissed' and replaced with code writers who have never seen the inside of a clinical lab let alone ever touched a working instrument.

One might suspect such moves were made to achieve subservience contrary to product quality.

Yessir Right after my next


Right after my next lecture.



If you are paying $92 a month

If you are paying $92 a month for phone service you might want to consider another provider. The amount you are paying seems quite excessive. Even your internet costs seem to be somewhat above average.

I am a bit surprised to hear that Siemens will not reimburse you for legitimate business expenses ... but only a bit surprised. They definitely seem to have the penny wise, pound foolish approach to management .... just another indication that they are a big company trying to run a business that they don't understand.

so work hard and get promoted

so work hard and get promoted to become a manager.

Siemens is the best. I think

Siemens is the best. I think not. Just got told by management that the office phone line I must have to do my job will only reinburse $40 even though it cost $92 per month. Internet at $35 and cost $47. That meens it cost me $64 a month to keep my job. Management still gets to keep thier cell phone with data plan.

Siemens is the best! I love

Siemens is the best! I love DX! You are a bunch of geeky losers!!!!

Latest memo from Siemens DX Human Resources.

Siemens management is a thug

Siemens management is a thug of incompentent loosers holding each other from fall

Siemens is the best! I love

Siemens is the best! I love DX! You are a bunch of geeky losers!!!!

I want my package...I want my

I want my package...I want my package...I want my package...I want my package...
If Siemens actually knew the amount of people who want to leave they'd be freakin out.
This is not the company you want to spend your working career at. Young people need to bail as quickly as possible. If you stay longer than 2-3years you're out of your mind.

26 weeks is not worth waiting

26 weeks is not worth waiting around for, in my opinion, if you have a lot of years there but then again I didn't have more than 10 years when I was let go so I got as much as I deserved under Siemen's general plan for their employees. But I can understand why the poster was upset about maxing out at 26 weeks if he had, say 25-30 years, and saw the rest of the years after 13 get nothing for him. I would say getting out if a job offer comes along is far more important. It is difficult to find a job when unemployed, even for the young ones. So jump ship when it is best for you and forget about the severance, it ain't worth it. And to top it off Siemens will not likely give any kind of retention bonus this next go round; that should be long gone by the next round.

There is a 26 week limit. I

There is a 26 week limit.
I was let go a year ago last November after over 20 years.
I got a much better new job in February and am much happier than I ever was at siemens.
Since I kept getting commisions during my jobless period I did not touch my severance, but used it and some siemens stock to pay off my house.

Very insightful. Thank you

Very insightful. Thank you for that.

Gotta say, I'm also surprised

Gotta say, I'm also surprised by the number of people (or maybe it's just the number of postings) about people sitting around, hoping for a 'package'.

And now a post that says a cap on payout (26 weeks) is unethical.

Seems to me that unless you have signed a contract which binds your employer to give you a golden parachute, or are a member of a union which has negotiated such benefits for you, if the time comes when you are laid off, you should be grateful for *any* package.

Would be interesting to hear from an economist / organizational behaviorist about the perverse side-effects of periodic "package" offers becoming a norm in certain industries. Even in companies where people are generally happily employed, you hear stories about people approaching retirement holding on extra years, hoping that a package might come.

Maybe we would all be better off if there were no packages. Then as an employee, you would decide whether to stay or leave a job based on current and future job attributes/prospects (pay, satisfaction, growth potential, etc) as opposed to sitting around as dead wood for a few years, hoping someone will eventually pay you to leave.

You must have missed this and

You must have missed this and the list that followed:

"I see little anywhere within Siemens that represents my values from the top to the bottom"

I even tried to joke that the lack of values filters down at Siemens. The fact that upper management has value problems, performance problems, or whatever problems does not affect my personal judgment about the values of some who post here who are not at the top. Nor do I let those who are hanging around for their own bribe (a good package), influence my negative opinion of management.

I am singling out no one. And I am pretty much not excluding anyone either.

Re-read the above section in quotes before you jump down my throat.

Thank you

To the guy who talks about

To the guy who talks about values, why don't you hold the same standard on Siemens management as on its employees.

Compare the original list of DX leadership team seven years ago with what they have now, tell me how many Germans left DX for good. Some of them even have the guts and faces to stay in healthcare. I wonder what value are they holding?

Shameless is the pass for the shamed;

valuable is the tomb for the valued.

No. I see little anywhere

No. I see little anywhere within Siemens that represents my values from the top to the bottom. From the outside, it appears that the lack of ethics at the top has filtered its way down. A strange twist on the 'wealth filters down' concept that is part of capitalist theory.

Bribing government officials in certain countries is unethical.
Marketing products with serious known defects is unethical.
Not having adequate responses to customer complaints is unethical.
Praying for being laid off and a big package is unethical.

Glad I don't work there. Thank you for sharing an example of what not to be.

Where in the world did you

Where in the world did you get your values anyway?


And you are still there and

And you are still there and still pissed for not getting rewarded for being the least valuable of Siemens employees. I thought one gets rewarded for being the best, not the worst. This idea that you are owed something more than whatever pay and bonuses you received/earned during your 13 or 40 years of service is sickening.

I just wonder how many people there are at Siemens with this horrid attitude. Even if management were competant, there would still be an huge problem with those who hang around and expect to be rewarded now just for hanging on. Those who think like you do should get a lump of coal in that envelope with the pink slip.

I doubt you can imagine how hard this is to say for someone who is generally critical of management and supportive of worker bees. Where in the world did you get your values anyway?

I thought only indians need

I thought only indians need self-reliance.

I would be very careful about

I would be very careful about what you expect.

The former policy, and it still may be for full Siemens employees but not for DX employees, was 2 weeks severance for every year of service. They have limited severance for DX at 26 weeks regardless.

So 13 years x 2 = 26 weeks.

That means any of you who have more than 13 years of service are getting screwed. If you worked for the Siemens power plant turbine unit (for example) and had 40 years on the job you would get 80 weeks of severance, but if you have this at DX you would still get 26 weeks. They started this the last lay off and a lot of us with more than 13 years were pissed, and there were a lot of us.

The rest of us want a

The rest of us want a package.....

How sad and pathetic. What did you ever do to deserve a bonus for being laid off from a company that isn't doing well? Did I miss something about a package being a basic human right in the Declaration of Independence or the in the US Constitution?

Those of you who expect or are asking for a package are really too much. If I were Siemens' management and was reading these posts, I would go out of my way to make sure that no packages, other than the minimum required by law, are offered. You all have had years of living with the threat of layoffs and if you've had plenty of time to look for other work. Just sitting around and waiting for a bonus is pretty low and disgusting. It is certainly not in keeping with our image of the American work ethic and self-reliance.

Tsk tsk tsk.

A plague on both of your

A plague on both of your houses.

Yes, you are an idiot and deadwood. Exactly the type of employee Siemens DX deserves. Stay employed as long as you can cause no one else will want you.
In the meantime the rest of us just want a package and a fresh start somewhere else.

I work at Siemens and don't

I work at Siemens and don't consider myself deadwood or an idiot. People stay for different reasons and not everyone works in R&D etc. I feel blessed to have a job and I do work hard. Not everyone is wishing for packages. I hope you get what you wish for, but for myself, I would rather stay employed.

Sorry fella...the plague came

Sorry fella...the plague came and went. Her name was Sandy and we're dealing with the repairs.
You are in such a minority pal.
Siemens wants to get rid of us? Fine. Package us all off.
I sure hope they have a lot of packages though.
With idiots and deadwood like you hanging around it'll be fun watching everything go to hell over the next year.

Siemens is getting exactly what it deserves. Treat people like crap and there's karma to pay.

It sounds like there are some

It sounds like there are some at Siemens who want to be laid off with a package more than they want a job.

Simeens may very well suck, but that is still no excuse for such a terrible attitude of entitlement.

A plague on both of your houses.

Finally someone who isn't

Finally someone who isn't just thinking about him- or herself.
Yes, finally.
Bye Bye DX

Minority indeed. So many of

Minority indeed.

So many of us are ready and waiting to leave these fools.
Layoffs and packages can't come soon enough.
Love watching DX self destruct from the sidelines working for the competition.
Everyone I know can't believe how this company treats its employee's and customers.

Wow. Finally someone who

Wow. Finally someone who isn't just thinking about him- or herself. Someone who understands the concept of: e pluribus unum.

So anyone hear anymore news

So anyone hear anymore news about layoffs? I know they are watching their pennies on everything else i.e. travel expenses, etc. Personally, I don't have a problem not getting a raise until summer if it means no layoffs.

That platform already

That platform already existed, and it's called Roche Cobas 8000.

Trinidad, a platform to

Trinidad, a platform to integrate the methods of all three acquisitions. I think it is a great concept, but as everything else, the concept only looks good on paper. There are not enough similarities in method processes to gain efficiencies of merging everything into one "instrument".

I'm aware of that part too.

I'm aware of that part too. I just didn't want to sound totally pessimistic. There really isn't a pretty way to slice and dice things unless you are a member of the Siemens Rah-Rah Cheerleading team. Even in the best case, all that Siemens can look forward to in DX is a very slow comeback. It's the best for which they can hope.

This is correct. If you also

This is correct.
If you also take into account the actualy value Siemens believed six years ago they'd be making now compared to what is actually being made you'd come to one conclusion. They'd wish they never bought all three companies.
They haven't even reached 2009 profit margins yet.
I don't know what they plan on doing other than the well known Agenda 2013 Garage Sale but the future of DX, at least in its current state, does not bold well.

Depends what you mean by

Depends what you mean by 'well'. Well in absolute terms? Well compared to last year? Well compared to plan (and was plan realistic, optimistic or pessimistic)? Were sales to new customers or replacement systems? etc etc. Details matter here.

Well, DX got good bonuses

Well, DX got good bonuses last year and I heard a report that Q1 finished well. What gives?

Yes, Siemens screwed up big

Yes, Siemens screwed up big time with the integration. Their biggest failure was creating an atmosphere of cooperation among their three purchases. Instead, they set up a competition and a divisive atmosphere, first with Tarrytown over DPC, then with Dade and their clown leader. It was always pitting one group against the other and encouraging each group to remember the good old days rather than showing an even brighter future for a fully integrated Siemens DX where everyone felt they were better off on the Siemens team than they would be had the been left alone. Yes, you are right ... that wasn't an easy task, but that's why the big boys are paid the big bucks.

The average employee, however, allowed themself to fall into the trap. It was alot easier to remember the good old days than to face some of the realities of the future. It was easier to fight Siemens management than to give the new organization a chance and ask .. how can I help.

Even now, the finger pointing continues. No matter how much MR and Siemens management suck, each employee has a choice. You can either try to help and be positive, or you can continue to fight and maintain gridlock within Siemens. This simply is not a case of 'they are all wrong and we are all right'.

Remember the wisdom of Ben Franklin: Either we all hang together now, or surely, gentlemen, we shall hang separately later. Over 200 years old, and yet, still applicable.

Sorry people but there is no

Sorry people but there is no secret instrument being built in the basement of an old Christmas ornament factory in Detroit.
Seiemens has nothing new of any consequence coming out for a good 5 years in Diagnostics. Within Healthcare they are concentrating on IMAGING which has proven to be a real cash cow for them.
Agenda 2013 is nothing but a DX Garage sale. Dumping old platforms at Black Friday prices is Siemens last effort to get into a few labs strapped on cash and willing to settle for old technology and bad service.
I agree with previous posters that Siemens will eventually selloff or just shutdown a good part of its DX Division. The alternative is to keep losing money which never makes sense.
The previous posters comments on Dade, Bayer and DPC people still referrng to themselves as just that is a clear example of a multi-million dollar failed INTEGRATION of which even MR is amazed at.
Marketshare continues to be lost, customers leaving quarterly and employee's who just want a "package" and leave.
Siemens blew it big on this one.
HR never should have been put in charge. MR will take the fall for him.

Another post of how good we

Another post of how good we were in the old days. If only we could still be Dade-Behring; if only they had left DPC alone; if only Tarrytown had been put in charge on day 1, etc. Get over it already. You are now Siemens and have been for years. And the chilling bottom line is:

If you were really all that good back when you were acquired, there would have been no logical reason for your owners to sell you in the first place. Highly profitably, excellent companies rarely get sold. Companies that appear that way, but have problems down the road do get sold. It's called getting out whilst the getting is good.

No one here is saying that Siemens has done or is doing a good job. They are terrible. But it definitely does not help when their employees still can't get the past out of their heads.

Your secret machine. and

Your secret machine. and people in this business say instrument not machine, is way too far out to do any good for many years.
siemens will have given up by then and will have sold what's left to some chumps.

Not to wax nostalgic, but Dade Behring proved you could be small, provide fantastic customer service and still make a good bit of money.siemens has proven that if you cut customer service, get rid of good productive people and try to tell people their job you will lose a ton of money.

Looks like a case study in mismanagement from mikey all the way down to the amazingly incompetent regional managers.

I agree. Anyone who would

I agree. Anyone who would post here about details or knowledge about a "secret" machine would be crazy to do so. Let's keep the competition thinking we are "losers" etc to make them think we have nothing to offer, and then have the last laugh.

And to all the nasty replies that I am sure will follow this post, I hope Siemens has the last laugh!

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