Please post here any news about layoffs and leave the political scene on the other thread.

And if anyone knows how to

And if anyone knows how to 'service' a customer, it's Siemens.

I think it means customer

I think it means customer service.

Sorry to ask but what is

Sorry to ask but what is "CS"?

"Siemens DX needs new

"Siemens DX needs new leadership"

It's worse than that. Siemens needs leadership. Period. They have none now. At best they have a command structure.

everyone is talking dx, but

everyone is talking dx, but the emails i saw were all cs. the cs group lost an install team, many of whom have been offerred other positions. the alignments are undoubtedly unocvering redundancies though.

Siemens DX needs new

Siemens DX needs new leadership! New CEO, whatever it takes. My uncle Louie could do a better job. Whatever happened to tar and feathers!

The Loescher meetings in

The Loescher meetings in Germany are now over.
Within a few short weeks you will know who stays...who goes.
This will also not be a long drawn out process either.
As with the Siemens Windmill company, employee's will be notified within a day or two of being let go and or site closure.
But as with any site being shutdown, a small group will be offered a Retention for staying a few extra months for packing up and shipping out material.

Well, lets see who's still standing by end of December.
Good Luck.

MR already has a lot of

MR already has a lot of explaining to do to Loescher. He also put all his eggs in Agenda 2013...which, by all accounts, will go bust as well.
Only thing I know for sure is another new CEO is on the horizon.
Much of US DX manufacturing will be leaving the country to places like China as well. Near term, not long term.
DX has turned into such a huge debacle for Siemens which is why so many have left and a good deal others are searching elsewhere. This is especially the case for management personnel.
Now you can pray and light all the candles you want but even a blind man can see this ship is sinking faster each and every quarter.
Read the article with Loescher which came out last week.
Most of the 1600 Healthcare layoffs will definitely be DX related.

I left Siemens March of this

I left Siemens March of this year. It's so familiar as a former DuPonter, than Dade Behring and now Siemens DX to see how nicely they are putting us "again" in a nice neat little basket on one side of the street to sell or get ride of; and have cut production by one shift across the street. They put us on an old version of SAP and just this week Production was unable to see or print customer orders. They are working 12 hr shifts just to fix what Siemens thinks is a fix. No wonder we can't do business. Oh and now; the Vista.... they seem to have fixed the problem. I will never go back to working for that company here in Newark. I started 20+ years ago and can not see the light at the tunnel for this company. The moral? bhahahahaha sucks! Siemens employees (original ones) think they know everything, what they have done is dug the DX business right into the ground with their "no knowledge SAP crap" and the worker bee's weren't even trained nor do they have time due to overwhelming demand to fix what is wrong. I feel sorry for them and especially the customer.

"Those who wish to withdraw

"Those who wish to withdraw from politics deserve the government they get."

Nobody stops you going to thousands of news/political websites to post your comments and debate with your opponents. But on a biotech website rumor section about Siemens DX layoff, what a joke.

By the way, Those who can't withdraw politics from their jobs deserve the lay off they get.

I just read that bit of

I just read that bit of fluff. Interesting, as I had heard that they did not have the numbers yet a couple of weeks ago, and people were smiling. Don't know what to make of that unless they were drinking their lunch.

Those who wish to withdraw

Those who wish to withdraw from politics deserve the government they get.

I'd say it's good to have

I'd say it's good to have multiple thread about Siemens DX. So people can have options when post their opinions. More important, it will make those political nuts go nuts, since they'll have a lot more trolling to do to cover all the threads.

Well, technically, one's a

Well, technically, one's a "Playbook" thread and this one is a layoff thread, so it's not as redundant as you think!

Excellent ! Now there are

Excellent ! Now there are two new 'Siemans Layoff' threads (no politics please). How appropriate to have redundant threads that deal with Siemens efforts to reduce redundancies.

You can't make stuff like this up. If you can't beat 'em and don't want to join 'em, then just laugh at them.

More layoff

More layoff info:

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