Exodus at Ventana Medical Systems

the Exodus in Tucson continues. People leaving left and right resulting in expertise being lost and big programs being delayed.

Where is everyone going?

Where is everyone going?

Next month will be

Next month will be interesting to watch, after "bonus'" are paid out. Stock's had a nice run up as well, so there should be some additional departures.

We are getting Rochified:

We are getting Rochified: more politics, less innovation. Hopefully RD will push MA to make the tough decisions .

Too many obstacles and

Too many obstacles and disfunction to make it worth staying, especially with the very people who contributed to the disarray being promoted and Roche parachuting people in who have made careers out of toeing the line instead of crossing it, to get the job done.

No organic innovation. Major

No organic innovation. Major disarray due to staff just going through the motions. All of the old passion has been lost. A very sad place to work

Welcome to Roche! "Courage,

Welcome to Roche! "Courage, passion, integrity" at its "best"!

Culture is changing. Focus on

Culture is changing. Focus on form over substance. Cultural diversity is limited to women and tall white guys at the management team level. MA is letting some bullies such as SB roam free and do some serious damage.

MA, 'nuff said

MA, 'nuff said

What is driving people to

What is driving people to leave?

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