I hear that there are management changes at the ATCC. What is going on there?

FYI, someone that accepts a

FYI, someone that accepts a settlement is not whistle blower but an enabler. A whistle blower turns documentation over to government authorities.

1) what happened with the

1) what happened with the whistle-blower lawsuit? does anyone know?

IRS FORM 990 from 2010 lists

IRS FORM 990 from 2010 lists the BOD as:
Raymond Cypess ($900,682)
James Burns ($23,000)
Wayman Cheatham ($34,000)
John L Child Jr ($29,250)
Diane Griffin ($26,500)
Peter Hotez ($12,000)
Elliot Levine ($21,000)
David McLoughlin ($39,000)
James Miller ($25,750)
Earle E Nestman ($28,250)
Paul Schneck ($19,000)
David Shuey ($29,250)

Is the non profit status that

Is the non profit status that ATCC enjoyed all these years justified?

The company's funds are being used as an expense account for an outrageous salary, travel ("business vacation") and meals for the CEO (RHC) and his wife. In any other organization mismanagement of business expenses results in an independent investigation and the firing of the executive.
At ATCC, numerous letters to the BOD as well as (a very recent) whisle blower -with a long list of eveidence and affidavits relevant to company's fund embezelemnt, SEC and GSA violations by RHC---!!!! was quickly shut up with a very handsome settlement. There will be additional whisle blowers coming down the pipe. The problem was not solved.

It will be interesting to see when will the BOD decide to finally do the right thing and perform a formal, INDEPENDENT investigation of RHC's affairs. Unlike the previous "investigation" in the recent whistle blower case that was left to the lawyer to work on burying the claims with the corrupt CEO (RHC).

The IRS should be notified of the above and ATCC's non profit tax status should be revoked. Mismanaging expenses in a non for profit organization is a federal offense and we, the tax payers, are paying for it

So, Dr. C. makes $1M a year

So, Dr. C. makes $1M a year at a company at which he barely works, perpetuating employment for his other semi-retired "minions" with no end dates in sight, coerces anyone who works with him to become his "spy" and report details back to him so that he can find ways to "eliminate" positions in order to weed out people he feels can't be manipulated into being loyal to him, and then circulates rumors about the former president weaseling a settlement out of ATCC so that he can live in a mansion in Charlottesville? Now THAT'S a leader you can TRUST. *eyeroll*

Love the second verse, by the way. Has the ATCC Glee Club formed yet? The song should be sung at the next All Hands Meeting.

I too wish I had written that

I too wish I had written that song, the new unofficial ATCC company song.

There is a rumor going around ATCC deliberately started by NW, the evil head of HR, and Dr. C's work-wife. This rumor says that Dr. P is building a mansion in Charlottesville. I guess people are supposed to believe that he planned to only work for a short time, get a settlement, and then live the easy life. Who would believe such garbage? Really--it's Dr. C who has a car and driver at his beck and call. The two of them must be filled with hate and jealousy to even bother with this stuff.

How about a second verse for that song?

Ditto the brilliant sentiment

Ditto the brilliant sentiment expressed for the Twinkle Twinkle jingle - is now stuck in my head - but in a good way :)

The more things change, the

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Brilliant! Someone should

Brilliant! Someone should copyright that.

Plenty of people are

Plenty of people are polishing their resumes, contacting people in their professional networks. In the meantime, post reviews. Post them here, on Glassdoor, Google, Yelp. It's not enough, but kicking a little sand in the face of Dr. C feels good. (Not that he's savvy enough to even use the internet.)

And yet, people STAY. What a

And yet, people STAY. What a weird, sadomasochistic relationship.

And Dr. C is the ultimate

And Dr. C is the ultimate supervisor, so he can request that badge swipe report at any time. Fearmonger that he is, sounds like it has happened before; otherwise, why would folks be so convinced that it would?



Dear Dr. C.,

Thank you for making us realize that our ambitions for career growth were just foolish pride.

Your eternal wisdom to dissolve our sinful desires for honest leadership is so clear to us now.

We sincerely promise and heartily repent never again to place any hopes, dreams, or other wishes for investment in our future above our loyal servitude to you.

Please forgive us all for our temporary transgressions and wanton cravings for a workplace free from fear.

For this, we pray to you, our Lord V. ....oops, we mean mean Dr. C.


P.S. - Also, bless you for teaching us that there are really only 4 Deadly Sins, and that we can ignore greed, pride and envy from our earthly concerns.

I know for a fact that they

I know for a fact that they do NOT check badge swipes to timesheets UNLESS your supervisor requests this report to be pulled. This is certainly not an automatic check.

How can RC chain people to

How can RC chain people to their lab benches and work them to death when the company maintains a mere 37.5-hour work week?

RC just deals with profit

RC just deals with profit loss by shrinking the organization and keeping whoever is left chained to their lab benches. Whoever brought that evil cretin in made a deal with the devil.

HORRIBLE CEO (Dr C) rules by

HORRIBLE CEO (Dr C) rules by fear - he knows it and doesn't care what anyone thinks. Folks AGAIN now walk on eggshells in fear of garnering his negative attention. Facilities are sub-par. Scientists/biologists are paid far below industry standards. HR group is a JOKE with leaks in every corner. DO NOT tell them a secret unless you wish it to be known. Some groups rule with iron fists, others are allowed carte blanche. NO consistency. Bad behaviour is rewarded. Finance is cooking the books and don't seem to care who knows. TOXIC ENVIRONMENT. You will learn nothing here and do not get attached to your friends/colleagues/supervisors. Here today, gone tomorrow.

Think about it: What are the

Think about it: What are the two things RC tries his hardest to avoid? Disloyalty and bad publicity. Add profit loss to that equation and you're onto something.

The Board Members were in on

The Board Members were in on this decision. So linking them to the specific exit of BP may not be so worrysome to them. But on the other hand it really does beg the question of what their role is.

People can also post reviews

People can also post reviews at Glassdoor, listing themselves as current or recent employees. While the board member listing available from the 990 Form at Guidestar probably isn't current, it's still potentially useful. Would the board members scurry like cockroaches to have their names linked to this debacle?

Guidestar also provides

Guidestar also provides reviews that the public can post. Interesting that "employee" is not a category available to choose as your relationship with the nonprofit.

I don't think the BOD is the

I don't think the BOD is the way to dispense with the gargoyle. He lines their pockets. They WANT him in control.

Actually BOD member

Actually BOD member information is public. You can see who they are and how much they make on FORM 990. These are listed in Guidestar.

There are 12 board members,

There are 12 board members, whose identities are kept top-secret. Ridiculous. They get paid for their board participation, yet can't be reached. Maybe they'd stir their bones if we could name them and publicly link them to RC's latest appalling action. Don't know if they're asleep, stupid or complicit, but they should be held accountable--presumably they voted to remove BP.

Anonymously attacking the

Anonymously attacking the physical, mental, and moral deficiencies of ATCC's CEO is all well and good (and fun), but what now? Go back to work at an organization that allows (or turns a blind eye) to his behavior? Keep your head down and your mouth shut for fear of becoming his next target, yet secretly complain on a rumor mill website in the comfort of your own home when the work day is done? Things at ATCC will never change because there is no consequence for his actions, and no one is willing to hold him accountable. Business as usual.

Maybe RC needs so much time

Maybe RC needs so much time out of the office to receive his formaldehyde treatments or whatever vile concoction he is using to keep his pickled zombie arse moving. Maybe the private loo in his office was installed so he could keep up with the maintenance doses?

"The Raymond Cypess memorial

"The Raymond Cypess memorial plaque in front of HQ should be taken down and put in storage with the Paterno statue."

Bravo! Genius suggestion. I heard a great idea for Paterno's statue: paint it yellow and show everyone what a coward he was. I think that's fitting in this case as well.

The reason that ATCC is a

The reason that ATCC is a non-profit is because they are chartered to return any profits back from products or services to promote the public good, otherwise those profits would be taxed. So if ATCC pisses those tax-sheltered monies away, they are in essense pissing away monies that would otherwise be put to more effective use by a government agency. (even a government agency would do a more efficient job).

and if RC only spends 2 hrs a month at his "watering hole", that leaves even more unexplained absence.

As amused as I am at these

As amused as I am at these postings I have to lament that there are no postings from sarcastic Brits. At least we can all agree that those are the best ones. I've worked with a lot of companies but IMHO ATCC takes the cake for twisted management, culture of fear and extreme turnover. There are some points of fact I would like to make. The "Rockville Watering Hole" is in Gaithersburg and RC spends, at most, two hours a month there. Second, ATCC is a nonprofit but it does not use taxpayer dough. It did once, but that ended a long time ago. There are contracts with government agencies, but no free lunches. Last, I take issue with the mean-spirited characterization of the employees at ATCC. They are good and dedicated people. Upper management is in a constant state of flux and cannot find its way because "all ways here are MY ways".

The BOD is compensated quite

The BOD is compensated quite well for doing very little. They have no personal or professional investment in the success of ATCC; as long as RHC is leading, they know they'll get paid (provided they do his bidding). It's as simple as that.

What I don't understand is

What I don't understand is RHC's hold over the BOD. Clearly the decision to hire BP was BOD-driven because he and RHC were never aligned - that was evident to all. BOD was called in after BP "stepped down." Now even the BOD is screwed because (1) the gains the BP era made in the market perception of ATCC will disappear now that word is getting out that RHC is at the helm again and (2) who the heck in their right mind would come into the organization at that level as long as RHC is still around?

RHC declares things as so and makes decisions without looking at a shred of data or talking to anyone who isn't a henchperson or afraid of him - and when someone is a legend in their own mind as RHC clearly is, this leads to wrong conclusions >95% of the time.

Sadly, the value of ATCC assets is real and sales will occur simply because of that. That has been the sole driver of sales for years and years and the revenue trend reflects only the unavoidable need that exists in the market. What RHC fails to notice is that his miserly practices and flawed decision-making have made it easy for others to provide the level of service that the RHC-led ATCC is able to provide. Customers had already begun to realize that is was more economical to isolate and expand their own organisms than to buy an ATCC item and deal with the expense of bringing it up to the standards they need when BP arrived. RHC's answer of reducing prices will only accelerate that market trajectory because quality takes investment and "RHC" and "investment" in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

So MC, welcome back -

So MC, welcome back - apparently you never left. Still checking in on your former stomping ground I see.....

I am quite amazed at the

I am quite amazed at the number of individuals who choose to side with the dinosaur realm. Does make one wonder if they are PART of that realm. Certainly no right thinking individual could find anything positive to say about the "ones who won't go away." I mean what do they have to offer but ruling by fear and moving the company backwards? Show me one NEW initiative presented by the dinosaurs who hold All Hands Meetings with their pants unbuttoned. Only thing he is fit to run is a retirement home.

Wow. I didn't realize that

Wow. I didn't realize that the pterodactyl's henchmen knew how to post comments on the Internet. Color me impressed.

That last comment seems a

That last comment seems a little uncalled for. I'm choosing to post anonymously (as is everybody else) for good reason. The comment that prompted your snide comeback doesn't look like BP's style, though there are plenty of people who believe the truth of the sentiment. I didn't have but so much time to get to know BP, but I do know this: prior to his arrival, scattered among the various extreme negatives about the company were occasional comments that everything sucked but the hours. ATCC hired a guy to change that, and he made a lot of changes and ruffled feathers and expected a different culture in exchange for changing the other side of the equation toward making this a company where if you work hard and smart, you get rewarded, you do meaningful work, and you're proud of what you do. I liked--make that like--him and think that things were beginning to move in the right direction. You may be happy that old management is back from what I'd hoped was the dead. I think that ATCC and it's asshat CEO pulled the plug on our future. Now they've got neither momentum in the right direction nor the oh-well-at-least-I-don't-have-to-work-hard attitude. And it will be a miracle if they can get anyone really qualified to step in. I hope I'm wrong, but this company looks to me like it's headed pretty much irreversibly in the wrong direction. And, for the record, I'm not BP or his wife, mother, or accountant. I'm just sad at the change.

Thank you for your comments

Thank you for your comments BP.

BP is the most innovative and

BP is the most innovative and visionary leader I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Though he will be greatly missed, I worry not for his future but for the future of anyone who chooses to stay at ATCC. The atmosphere is rife with fear and mistrust, and its leader cares very little for anything but the money the company makes for him.

Colleague told me about this.

Colleague told me about this. Haven't worked with BP, though--disclaimer--I've met him and liked him and admired his work at Life. Back then, the guy was a rock star with some of the orphan disease drug discovery groups. I'd expect he could be a hard taskmaster; he didn't seem to suffer fools well, but he was great with the families and seemed fair. Was definitely passionate about the science. And I have had the dubious honor of experience with the once and future king of ATCC and am very glad it's behind me. That pterodactyl should have exited stage left years ago. Can't believe he's lumbered back and stomping all over the landscape. It's a shame. A lot of good people there.

Surely this surprises no one

Surely this surprises no one who has worked at ATCC before BP arrived. RC is a toxic, miserly, vengeful sub-human who could not abide BP's open style of leadership, or success. This organization is now back to square one (or worse). We are so completely f**ked.

I'm shaking my head at all of

I'm shaking my head at all of it. Very, very sad.

So here's the new spin. BP

So here's the new spin. BP stepped down. Really? I don't think so. Folks don't step down at ATCC. They are summarily fired.

That didn't last long...

ATCC is more corrupt,

ATCC is more corrupt, dysfunctional, and reprehensible than any other company I have ever worked at. And I've worked at a few really terrible places.

The merger with TAGG is dead

The merger with TAGG is dead in the water.

"The SEC should smack this

"The SEC should smack this thieving craphole into the next century.
All the current ATCC employees should be fired, fined, and the management should ALL do jail time. ATCC is no better than Bernie Madoff. Actually, ATCC is more reprehensible."

That's an interesting point of view.
Based on my experience, I'd have to agree.

The SEC should smack this

The SEC should smack this thieving craphole into the next century.
All the current ATCC employees should be fired, fined, and the management should ALL do jail time. ATCC is no better than Bernie Madoff. Actually, ATCC is more reprehensible.

That's interesting. I always

That's interesting. I always thought this was a non-profit. It looks more like a Thievery Corporation.

BP should demand an audit of

BP should demand an audit of the entire company. Heads should roll for the shenanigans that have gone on here. No one trusts this site as a repository any more.
This is an unethical, 2-faced fraud machine.
No one should deposit hybridomas here. It's a fraud.

Oh great. One of BP's

Oh great. One of BP's hand-selected yes-men with IQ's under 100 have chosen to post to support him. Great try!!!

This statement is so true I

This statement is so true I cannot improve on it and I am a creative person.

If you collected the dumbest

If you collected the dumbest people in the dumbest science (biology), pulverized them, ultra-centrifuged them for 3 hours, and aspirated the supernatant, the pellet remaining would have more functionality than ATCC.

People here are dumber than a gastric bolus. Far dumber.
Worthless, lying sacks of crap.

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