What's going on at LIFE?

coming B4 year end.

A couple of small non

A couple of small non strategic groups will be sold. Negotiations ongoing. Purchasers found. Now a matter of price.
A few more bucks adding up to GL's promised synergies.
Wall Street already smelling blood

wrong, no more layoffs. AB

wrong, no more layoffs. AB will dominate IVGN management. We are the best. We have the best people, best facilities and we can only improve IVGN books and work efficiency. Greg should be proud to get our help.

What I find odd is that the

What I find odd is that the AB organisation has barely been touched yet. There are glaringly obvious cuts that could be made right through the heritage AB management and its barely been touched.

Maybe Greg and the boys have bit off more than they can chew this time?

There has to be more layoffs.

There has to be more layoffs. I was told there was more. Now has anyone heard when and where?

Moving from which site?

Moving from which site?

If you have not been

If you have not been contacted about moving by now assume that you will be gone.

consolidation of rooftops

consolidation of rooftops will naturally result in attrition. People may not want to move, early retirements...Force attrition was done in the first wave, I believe. There may be more RIFs, but that will be due to LIFE exiting low margin markets i.e. SKU rationalization. The rest of the synergies, I believe, will be in operating cost reduction i.e smaller ops footprint.
I do not work for LIFE, just observing.

I have said it before, there

I have said it before, there will be winners and yes, some loosers. I don,t think AB will fair that bad. Keep positive YOU MAY end up a winner. The odds are actually stacked in favour of winners anyway, do the maths. This deal could be a good thing, give it a chance. A cynic might also add in this ecconomic climate, what options do we have any way? As for me, I am low down the food chain but I think it all sounds pretty good, I hope so any way.

Merger = layoffs. You can

Merger = layoffs. You can not deny the equation.

Thanks, you're awesome,

Thanks, you're awesome, whoever you are.

No more layoffs, no axes , no

No more layoffs, no axes , no pink slips, nada... I should know.

We'll see if there's more

We'll see if there's more layofffs.... I wonder where the ax will fall.

no more layoffs

no more layoffs

Any news on the up and

Any news on the up and comming layoffs?

My experience suggests

My experience suggests otherwise. The Invitrogen people I'e met with seem impressed with what AB has shown them. I can see that there has been bad experience before, but maybe - just maybe - Invitrogen have learned?

I have no doubt that AB

I have no doubt that AB staff, products and facilities are superior. But you need to understand the bigger picture. AB has been bought out. It doesn't matter what the press spin was. GL is CEO and you will become a mere cog in the wheel. You have no influence anymore.

remember BREL? INFX? IVGN

remember BREL? INFX? IVGN choked on BREL to a tune of 350MM . Lost when BREL was divested! why is 666 still running the show?

It might have worked that way

It might have worked that way when Invitrogen were taking over tinpot start ups but AB us another kettle of fish entirely. I think they will find AB ends up the top dog in this merger as the staff, products and facilities are far superior.

Wake up an smell the coffee,

Wake up an smell the coffee, honey. IVGN is taking over because they can. And the fact that you were in the losing camp of this aquisition puts you at more risk that any IVGN employee. Welcome to Life!

I tell you one thing

I tell you one thing expansion in Glasgow spells the end of Warrington. Invitrogen are boasting that their site is expanding.

Already Invitrogen are taking control they want everything from Applied Biosystems and give feck all back.

And this surprises you? There is IVGN history of this behavior with other takeovers.

ha ha ha - i hate AB.

ha ha ha - i hate AB.

I tell you one thing

I tell you one thing expansion in Glasgow spells the end of Warrington. Invitrogen are boasting that their site is expanding.
Already Invitrogen are taking control they want everything from Applied Biosystems and give feck all back.

Look like Eugene is

Look like Eugene is expanding. What about Frederick, Grand Island, Brown Deer?

Warrington is a sales office

Warrington is a sales office and a production site. The stuff sold and produced there is a lot different to the legacy Invitrogen stuff produced in Glasgow.

It wouldn'tmake any sense to close the Warrington office.

Does that mean bye bye

Does that mean bye bye Warrington?

Inchinnan deal suggests plan

Inchinnan deal suggests plan for Life research hub is still aliveMARK SMITH, Deputy Business Editor February 19 2009
Life Technologies, the US bioscience giant, has struck a deal worth around £800,000 with Scottish Enterprise to purchase manufacturing and office space at Inchinnan Business Park, signalling that the company may be rethinking an earlier decision to abandon plans to open a global research centre in Scotland.

The company, which until recently was known as Invitrogen, has agreed to buy Block 102, a 20,000 square-foot manufacturing facility at the business park in Renfrewshire, where Southern California-based Life Technologies already has its European headquarters.

Scottish Enterprise, the taxpayer-funded business and economic development quango that built the park in the early 1990s, yesterday described the sale as a "huge boost to the Scottish life sciences industry" and said the company had struck the deal with "a view to extending its Scottish HQ campus".

advertisementLife Technologies, which is listed on the technology-heavy Nasdaq stock exchange in New York, last year merged with US rival Applied Biosystems in a $6.7bn deal that created the world's largest provider of research tools for the life sciences industry.

The company, which provides chemical reagent kits and other products for gene-tic and cellular research, hit the headlines in 2007 after it scrapped its planned global research centre at Inchinnan, which would have created 500 jobs.

The company's about-face on its plan to establish a £17m global business hub in Renfrewshire came to light after the minutes of a Scottish Enterprise board meeting were placed on the internet by accident. Scottish Enterprise later apologised for the gaffe.

However, yesterday's news was welcomed because of the company's clear intention to expand in Scotland, where it has had a base since 2000 and currently employs about 400 workers, but it has also rekindled hopes that plans for the global research centre might now be revisited.

A spokeswoman for Scottish Enterprise said she had no knowledge of Life Technologies' long-term objectives.

However, Stephen Gallagher, director of business infrastructure at Scottish Enterprise, said: "This deal demonstrates Life Technologies' commitment to Scotland and to Renfrewshire, and represents a new phase of growth for a global life sciences company.

"This industry is set to provide a significant contribution to Scotland's economic growth in the coming years, and we will continue to work closely with Life Technologies to develop the business."

Life Technologies did not return calls for comment yesterday.

Block 102 was originally built by Scottish Enterprise in 1991 and had been occupied by Taiwanese electronics company Inventec since 1996.

Firm laying groundwork for

Firm laying groundwork for growth
Life Technologies is seeking a permit to fill wetlands for a new parking lot
By Sherri Buri McDonald

The Register-Guard

Posted to Web: Wednesday, Feb 18, 2009 08:54PM
Appeared in print: Thursday, Feb 19, 2009, page D3


Business: Home: Story

Life Technologies, the biotech firm formerly known as Invitrogen, has applied to federal regulators for permission to fill up to 1.39 acres of wetlands at its west Eugene campus.

The fill is necessary “to facilitate construction of a parking lot to meet the needs of the expanding facility,” according to a project description filed with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the federal agency that regulates wetlands nationwide. The description also noted that “the existing onsite parking will be realigned to allow for the development of (a) new building and the associated infrastructure.”

Revelle Bailey, a spokeswoman at Life Technologies’ headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif., did not return phone calls on Wednesday from The Register-Guard requesting comment. Life Technologies has about 300 employees in Eugene.

The wetlands application is another sign that the biotech firm is laying groundwork for expansion in Eugene.

Last month, Life Technologies’ architecture firm filed a memo with the city of Eugene indicating that the company is considering building a 140,000-square-foot addition on the eastern side of its nearly 18-acre campus. The building would house labs, administrative offices and a central receiving and shipping area, the memo said.

Jack Roberts, executive director of Lane Metro Partnership, a local economic development group, said then, and again on Wednesday, that “to the best of my knowledge, they don’t have any plans to immediately expand out there. They’re just trying to clear all the hurdles, so if they do have that opportunity, they’re ready to move quickly.”

A decision to expand in Eugene and to finance construction of a new building would have to go through Life Technologies’ headquarters in California, Roberts said.

“They’ve had a lot of things going on,” he said, since Invitrogen merged with Applied Biosystems to form Life Technologies late last year. Life Technologies describes itself as a global biotechnology tools company dedicated to improving the human condition.

The Corps will accept public comment on Life Technologies’ wetlands fill application until 5 p.m. on March 10. The Corps will weigh comments from the public, other governmental agencies and other interested parties to decide whether to allow wetlands to be filled.

The average processing time for standard wetlands fill permits in the Eugene area is about 120 days, Corps spokesman Scott Clemans said.

In its application, Life Technologies proposes buying 2.433 credits from the West Eugene Wetlands Mitigation Bank to replace the value of the wetlands it would fill for development.

To move forward with its proposal, Life Technologies also must receive wetlands fill approval from the Department of State Lands and obtain water quality certification from the Department of Environmental Quality, Clemans said.

“They’re just trying to clear all the hurdles, so … they’re ready to move quickly.”

— Jack Roberts, lane metro partnership


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LIFE is exiting mass spec

LIFE is exiting mass spec business!!

from Proteomonitor: Life Tech

from Proteomonitor:

Life Tech Will No Longer Report Mass-Spec Sales Figures, Which Slid 17 Percent in Q4

Amid a 17 percent slide in its mass-spectrometry business during the final three months of 2008, Life Technologies said last week it will no longer include revenues from that division as part of the company's total revenues.

Starting with last week's earnings results, Life will use equity method accounting for its mass specs, and “the entire financial impact from our mass-spec division will now be shown in 'other income' [in earnings releases], thereby removing all impact of the mass-spec business from revenue and operating income," the company said during a conference call accompanying the earnings results for its fourth quarter and full-year 2008 last week.

According to a company spokeswoman, the move is not unusual for a firm in a joint-venture agreement. Life's mass spec business is jointly operated by its Applied Biosystem business and instrument firm, MDS.

However, the change in accounting method is likely to reignite speculation that Life Tech is considering divesting the unit — something the industry has considered a possibility since Invitrogen and ABI merged last November to create the company — even as company officials reiterated last week their commitment to "run the business for success."

READ THE REST OF THE STORY AT http://www.genomeweb.com/proteomics/life-tech-will-no-longer-report-mass...

They will likely trim some

They will likely trim some more. I would strongly suggest that they do some background checks on some people who were grandfathered in from previous acquisitions/sites. They'll find out that several degrees, resumes, etc. are fiction.

4106 votes , really! Heard

4106 votes , really!

Heard LIFE is choking on assimilating ABI on several fronts. Logistics, IT to name a few. More details anyone?

I've been following these

I've been following these comments for awhile and it seems like LIFE isn't really such a great place. Too bad. Some of the companies that IVGN acquired over time were pretty good places.

From my dealings with a small group of people there, I'm glad I'm no longer there. I guess it depends on whom you get involved with as to whether you have a miserable situation or a rewarding one.

I worked at a site that had

I worked at a site that had Lotus Notes. Pretty much nonfunctional. The IT people didn't really do much of anything to help you. One lady who was supposedly IT would scream at you until you went away. Most of these guys were basically running their own businesses on the side during working hours. Then I leave for another company and they have Lotus Notes. I'm thinking, oh great, here we go again. It's a very functional program and you can do alot with it. Never would have known that from working at AB/LIFE whatever.

I beg to differ. IT

I beg to differ. IT leadership @LIFE is great at planning on a paper bag.

Right! The Life IT people

Right! The Life IT people can not program their way out of a paper bag.

Like the idea of IT bods

Like the idea of IT bods tracing who is posting from LIFE. The crew here can't change a printer cartridge without making a mess of it.

On the earnings call, GL

On the earnings call, GL inidcated that moves to date will generate $50M in synergies, looks like one more shoe needs to drop to achieve the remaining $30M promised to Wall Street...

$100 million loss on Q4 due

$100 million loss on Q4 due to the merger, and lowering of both revenue and earnings estimates for 2009. That was good for a nice spike in the share price...

Given lowered projections, more or less jobs lost for $80 million in synergies?

You can flag posts yourself

You can flag posts yourself for the administrator to review. Look at the bottom of each post. I agree with you and flagged the crack post. Thanks.

Can someone doing something

Can someone doing something about these obscene and vulgar replies. This thread was doing fine until lately. Please mods.
By the way, IVGN is no more only LIFE.

This may help with the

This may help with the current situation in FC. http://www.thecanned.com/

Why not? You are anonymous on

Why not? You are anonymous on here. Or are you just making it up?

Yes and Yes. I can not say

Yes and Yes. I can not say more

Is this the month for the

Is this the month for the second wave of layoffs?
Eugene and/or Foster City?

2008 financials have not been

2008 financials have not been released yet,so only a very few people can know if IVGN side layoffs are done. You are relatively safe if you are actually paid your 2008 bonus, since they like to cull before paying that out.

LIFE is done on the IVGN

LIFE is done on the IVGN side, ABI blood letting begins with FC

Check the Linked In traffic.

Check the Linked In traffic. Latest invitations sent to me were from Wyeth, Life (Madison, WI).

Check the Linked In traffic.

Check the Linked In traffic. Latest invitations sent to me were from Wyeth, Life (Madison, WI).

Beware of Layoffs this

Beware of Layoffs this month... @ FC campus

Check Invitrogen's careers

Check Invitrogen's careers page, they no longer list Madison as a site....where there is smoke.

Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity

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