Roche Diagnostics downward spiral

They used to be #1 in the US and the world in diagnostics, then their leaders left, the FDA moved in and total incompetence followed. They continue to lose good talent and have mediocre products. And again as they did two years ago, they cut their customer-facing departments, while continuing to be so top-heavy they keep falling over themselves.The most recent reduction of 200 has established Roche as probably the only $1billion organization that does not have a true customer service department, or leader. Instead of going from "good to great", they've gone from "great to desperate".

Ned C was working on removing

Ned C was working on removing Mary M due to her incompetence, but then he left Roche. After his departure, the vision and culture that Martin M died, and thus the current situation. Kent K was also held in check as he has minimal leadership skills - only technical.

When a healthcare company

When a healthcare company (Roche), run by finance people, begins to think first and formost about saving every dollar, and at the expense of patients, customers, and employees, ethically it is very difficult to stick around.

Those remaining have no choice to remain, for family and financial reasons. This leads to a low morale environment, and coupled with the weak leadership explains the continuing death spiral. this scenario has played out many times in business, and Roche Indy is a case study in this.

For all of those Roche

For all of those Roche employees who read this board; take notice. When your Chief Medical Officer walks away, it's clearly not a good sign. Take a look at the people who are no longer there since this past summer/fall. A lot of good, ethical, and extremely knowledgeable people have been removed. More layoffs are already planned, more cuts if MT doesn't hit his numbers by year end. A word of advice; network and get your CVs out in the market NOW.

M.T. also needs to (with Dr.

M.T. also needs to (with Dr. S's buy-in)have K.K. report directly to him. Having two "captains" at the Roche Indy site is slowing down progress. Decisions are debated too long, there are too many redundancies, and overall lack of alignment. Next step would be to fire some of the political appointees like MM on K.K.'s staff who only have their jobs because of relationships with the boss and ability to hide mistakes and blame them on others.

MT needs to bring in talent

MT needs to bring in talent with a proven track record in the USA in the recent years. If he and Dr S believe they will fill the top positions with German/Swiss and take back the US market they are sadly wrong. Indy and Roche in the US need to be re-engineered but this needs a specialist to do this.

The "quality leaders" exhibit

The "quality leaders" exhibit their lack of personal leadership by not abandoning a sinking ship. The Indy division has been on a death spiral for going on 4 years. For those who have seen the transition from being a wining division to losers know that the folks that remain generally cannot get an equivalent job anywhere else. Add to this the fact that the leaders who have been there for a 3+ years have been branded by the Swiss as contributors to the downward spiral. these guys/gals are just coasting, waiting for the axe to fall, and to collect their severance packages.

More talent has recently left

More talent has recently left for better "fits". I wonder how much worse things are going to get around here before they wake up? If very many more people leave or are let go they might as well send the whole operation back to the fatherland.

The fun has only just

The fun has only just begun... MT will soon be surrounded by German yes-men. No way the tenured Americans will speak their minds for fear of being shoved aside. Good time to buy from Beckman or Siemens.

What has happened to KK and

What has happened to KK and MM in supply chain through these trying times?

Does Dr. H., and SS in

Does Dr. H., and SS in Switzerland know about this? Who is going to tell them? Someone stand up and make the case for change!

Leadership lessons from MT 1.

Leadership lessons from MT
1. Layoff 200+ people but add to your staff . 2 new VP's, who do what exactly?
2. Leave the country before the announcements are made and stay away through the aftermath
3. in addition to being physically absent communicate exactly nothing to the team that remains
4. Blindly, and I mean blindly follow Basel's every whim even when you know you are harming the business
5. Spend as little time as possible in Indy and as much time as possible doing the following. Staying in luxury hotels, Drinking the finest wine, Playing playboy on Roche's dime
6. Inform anyone who will listen that you are staying long in the US. As if it wasn't obvious from the decisions he is making.

Young, inexperienced

Young, inexperienced management that knelt down and bowed when the Swiss requested action in the US. Bad decisions, weak leadership, focus on profit, quality only a buzz word, they all took this ship down. Indy will continue to be consolidated back to a sales and distribution site, supply chain operations will be scaled back, diabetes care will move back to Mannheim.

The top heavy management (2 CEO/Presidents), and an organization that does not focus on doing the critical few well, will continue to contribute to a top heavy beauracracy.

The sad thing is that there

The sad thing is that there really are some quality leaders in the organization such as AT, SZ, MN, and WB. According to BBC, Roche has been outgrowing the market and was poised to have more success in the next few years, but with MT coming in I believe that the focus will be lost. MT's leadership style is different at best and difficult to adapt to. They have already lost one upper level VP, JM, because of it and I imagine more talented people will find better "fits" before long.

Roche Diagnostics downward spiral

its the effect of the hemlock that the mothership had everyone drinkwhen you treat employees like s***, this is the least that could happen

Roche Diagnostics downward spiral

Nicely put!!!!!!

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