Response to Feedback

Greetings all,
First off, a thank you for your valued feedback. We've received many comments about the new site, both positive and critical, and we've just implemented our first round of changes.
Less Intrusive Advertising
Biofind is supported by advertising; however the site did suffer a bug whereby threads with only a few comments received excessive amount of ads, making following and tracking discussion difficult. We have now fixed this bug, and the number of adverts displayed within a thread of discussion is now correctly linked to the number of comments.
Presentation of Threads
We have also focussed upon simplifying the visual display of threads. Increasing the body content size, removing the repetitive thread titles and making user actions clearer have resulted in a rumors which are far easier to read and follow. This is in addition to changes in presentation across the rest of the site.
We have partnered with RealMatch to provide relevant and targeted job vacancies across the Biotech industry. Our jobs channel is now open and free for all users to use.

What's coming up?
Improved Search
We understand that being able to search the rumor mill for recent rumors is a key piece of functionality missing from the new site. The problem lies in a bug when we imported the old rumor mills content. We're working on the problem, and hope to have useful, recent search results ready and working in the next couple of days.

Better Targetted Advertising
We presently use ValueClick Media to fill our inventory. Whilst we filter inappropriate adverts to the best of our ability, occassionally poorly targetted adverts may enter our advertising mix. We are working to alleviate this problem by

  • Locating a better suited advertising agency
  • Keeping a close eye on the site for inappropriate advertisements and filtering as a appropriate
  • Working with private advertisers from within the industry to fill our inventory

Thank you for your continued support
Once again, thank you for your comments and considered criticism. We depend on your feedback to make the site better, and more usable. Please post any more feedback as comments to this blog, or in an email to We understand that the new site is a marked departure from othe old Biofind, but we hope that, with your help, it will become a strong step forward.

Our thanks once more,

The Biofind Team