Webinar on Safety Critical Software - Software Risk Management


Using IEC62304 as the internationally recognized software lifecycle standard the risk dependent activities and documentation requirements will be explained.

Questions like:

How much detail is required in the requirement specification?

What is a software unit?

How can integration testing be performed without test harnesses? Will be answered.

Practical guidance on how to employ a streamlined but yet compliant development process will be given.

Why should you attend:

This webinar will explain basic design control concepts and the criticality dependent requirements for software development. Software specification, architectures and resulting design documentation will be discussed, as well as practical tips on how to streamline the development process and minimize the regulatory burden.

Areas Covered in the Session:

Software criticality classes
Software requirements specification
How to write meaningful requirements
Software architectures
Multi software system implementation
Software design documentation
Requirements traceability
Software unit and integration testing
Software testing in real-time systems
Software tools
SOUP (software of unknown providence)

Who Will Benefit:

Project Management
Regulatory / Quality Control
Software engineering

Quick Contact:

USA Phone:800-447-9407
Event Link - http://bit.ly/1jp8qYm