Webinar on Bioterrorism and Food Security-A Cultural Conundrum


Intentional contamination or adulteration of food is a reality. We will review some examples of the dire consequences of adulteration ostensibly for economic gain This webinar will also discuss the potential threats of using food as biological weapon and the actions food companies can take to mitigate and minimize the risks of food bioterrorism.

Why should you attend:

Learn how to enhance food safety production programs to thwart intentional food contamination and the risk of food bioterrorism. Beyond the illness that can occur as a result of the intentional contamination of food, the economic impact on brand name and product type can also be significant.

Areas Covered in the Session:

Underlying causes of microbial foodborne illness
Inadvertent vs. intentional contamination of food
Threats and realities of using food as a biological weapon
Managing the risks of food bioterrorism

Who Will Benefit:

Food production managers
Food Production Supervisors
Food Plant Microbiologists
QA/QC Personnel

Quick Contact:

USA Phone:800-447-9407
Event Link - http://bit.ly/RDloM7