Understanding Disinfection and Cleanroom Cleaning in a FDA Regulated Environment

This Disinfection and Cleanroom Cleaning training will teach you how to choose correct disinfectants, know what disinfectants do and what not, methods to qualify disinfectants, writing and executing cleaning procedures.

Why Should You Attend:
Cleanroom cleaning is a science not an exercise. To avoid microbial contamination from surviving and proliferating in the cleanroom environment one must understand how disinfectants work. Investigation of microbial contaminations is a painful and costly process. Alert and action limits excursions and product contamination may be due to ineffective disinfection and cleaning. Evaluate your clean room cleaning program by learning what disinfectants do and do not do, the nature of cleanroom surfaces and errors in cleaning practices.

This webinar will provide valuable guidance on choice of disinfectants, knowledge of what disinfectants do and do not do, the advantages and disadvantage of using various disinfectants available in the market for clean room cleaning. This webinar will also provide an overview on the methods for qualifying disinfectants and provide guidance of writing and executing cleaning procedures in FDA regulated environment.

Areas Covered in the Seminar:

Disinfectants commonly used in the industry, their modes of action, efficacy, and toxicity.
Understanding the nature of contaminants in the cleanroom and which disinfectants will be effective against them.
Benefits and drawbacks for using each type of disinfectant used in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
Bodies that regulate disinfectant manufacturers and testing required by manufacturer’s for label claim.
Overview of the many methods and variations used for disinfectant qualifications.
Translation of disinfectant qualification results to cleaning procedures to prevent contamination.
Cleaning procedures-what should be addressed.
How to monitor efficacy of the cleaning program.
FDA observations related to Disinfection and Cleaning.

Who Will Benefit:

Contract laboratories
Quality Assurance managers
Manufacturing personnel
Validation and facilities personnel
Cleaning Contractors and in-house cleaning personnel