Preparation And Review Of Standard Operating Procedures

Why Should You Attend:

This webinar will provide the basic building blocks (and beyond) that you will need to develop & maintain your company’s formal standard operating procedures program. The webinar will show how sops can be developed and implemented, even if the program is started from scratch. The course will also demonstrate the formal approval process and distribution methods.

The webinar will also focus on the following components of sops.

  • Why standard operating procedures need to be in written format.
  • The required parts of an SOP to meet FDA compendia regulatory requirements.
  • How to write an effective SOP.
  • The mechanics of sop documentation maintenance, distribution, filing, revisions, and retention methodologies.

Learning Objective:

Participants will learn how to effectively write, maintain, file, review, and revise SOP within the organization.

Areas covered in this Seminar:

  • How the SOP template is developed.
  • What are the component parts of an SOP – component parts are explained.
  • The development of an effective SOP numbering system.
  • The mechanics of the SOP – how the sop is written.
  • What is needed in the SOP for the inclusion/reference of forms and reports applicable to the SOP.
  • Detailed explanation of the SOP document approval process and its specific mechanics.
  • How to distribution SOP s and what are the retention requirements.
  • SOP annual review process explained.
  • How to handle obsolete SOPs.