microRNA as Biomarkers and Diagnostics

March 17-18, 2014
Omni Parker House, Boston, MA

Recent research has shown microRNAs to have tremendous potential as non-invasive biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of disease, monitoring of treatment, and patient stratification, with exosome-derived microRNAs of particular interest. Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Tenth Annual microRNA as Biomarkers and Diagnostics will cover the latest developments in the use of microRNA in the early detection of disease for more effective treatment, monitoring tumor growth and disease progression, issues associated with microRNA measurement, and the potential for personalized medicine based on microRNA profile.

Topics Include:

-Circulating microRNAs as biomarkers of disease
-microRNAs in cancer diagnosis and prognosis
-Utility in monitoring tumor growth and progression
-Exosome-derived microRNAs as biomarkers
-microRNA biomarkers of drug toxicity
-microRNA isolation and profiling approaches
-microRNA quantification and normalization
-microRNA in patient stratification and personalized medicine