An Introduction to Product Information Management (PIM)

Date(s) And Time(s):
Apr 26 2010 8:00AM - Apr 27 2010 5:30PM

Hotel Austria Trend Savoyen
Rennweg 16
1030 Vienna


PIM is a new method of submitting product information in the Centralised Procedure (CP). With more than 20 different languages in the EU leading to 1000 or more documents for a single trade name, there is an increased burden on applicants and authorities to handle information for packaging leaflets and product characteristics, especially during the time critical translation process. PIM has been introduced by the EMEA to increase efficiency during exchange of product information and improve the quality and constancy of product information.

This training course is designed to give the participants a good understanding about Product Information Management, the PIM submission process and variations, the translation process and comment handling as well as the exchange standard and templates used.

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