Implementation of Rapid Microbiological Methods

How to implement Rapid Microbiological Methods to detect, quantify and identify the microorganisms in products, processes and manufacturing environments. How to evaluate RMMs and deploy it in labs and manufacturing areas.

Areas Covered in the seminar:

History of microbiology methods and the need for change.
RMM technical benefits as compared with traditional methods.
Opportunities for use and areas of application including microbial detection, quantification and identification.
Understanding of how to match the right RMM with the intended application.
Review of available RMM technologies.
Understanding of validation requirements.
Regulatory expectations.
Develop a business case for RMM implementation.

Who will benefit:

Senior management and laboratory personnel responsible for the conduct of microbiological testing and microbial control strategies in manufacturing and product/process development
Microbiology, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, Validation, Regulatory Affairs, R&D, Discovery, Finance
Directors, Managers/Supervisors, Scientists, Technicians, Operators, Auditors
Senior executives
Audit professionals
Information Technology professionals