Free Live Webinar: Achieve Manufacturing Excellence in Life Sciences with PAT and MES solutions

Time: 14:15 GMT

Do you want more efficient pharmaceutical production and faster time-to-market while fulfilling regulatory requirements? Siemens can help with a broad range of products and solutions.
The life science industries are currently facing many challenges, ranging from increased competition, cost pressures, regulatory compliance, patient safety and reducing time to market. Being able to produce better and faster has become critical for the life science industries. Achieving operational excellence is the strategy for today's life science manufacturers.

Siemens provides the right manufacturing technology to support Life Sciences. Tune in to this webinar to learn more on:

•How to connect the shop floor with the top floor, effortlessly.

•How to consolidate and optimize manufacturing resources, including equipment, people, processes and products while keeping up with regulatory compliance.

•How to guide manufacturing operations whether manual or automated via seamless interaction with MES, automation and ERP.

•How to achieve business benefits with PAT, getting the integration of PAT tools and real time monitoring to eventually control your processes in run time and achieve real time release.

•How to use PAT as the key enabling technology for turning batch-driven secondary processes into continuously-driven processes.


This is a must attend webinar for C level executives, plant directors/VP’s, quality director/VP’s, production directors, compliance officers, and CIO’s in drug manufacturing, biotech, API, and cosmetics sectors of the pharma industry

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