Conference on Glaucoma & Retinopathies 2010

Conference on Glaucoma & Retinopathies 2010
Date Info: 21st Jun 2010 to 22nd Jun 2010
Venue Info: BsG Conference Centre, London, UK

Key Speakers

Kay D. Rittenhouse, Head Translational Medicine Ophthalmology, Clinical
Development & Medical Affairs, Specialty Care Business Unit, Pfi zer
Peter Adamson, Head of Research, Ophthiris, GlaxoSmithKline
Selwyn Ho, Medical Director, Ophthalmology, Allergan
Gunilla Norgren, Director, Glaucoma, Allergan
Tuyen Ong, Head, Clinical Affairs, Bausch & Lomb Pharma
Ennio Ongini, Vice President of Research, NicOx
Paul Ashton, President & Chief Executive Offi cer, pSivida
Ted Danse, President & Chief Executive Offi cer, Neurotech
Elena Feinstein, Chief Scientifi c Offi cer, Quark Pharmaceuticals
Didier Pruneau, Head of Scientifi c Operations, Sanofi -Fovea
Einar Stefansson, Professor and Chairman of Ophthalmology, University of
Iceland, National
University Hospital and Founder, OxyMap and Risk
Neville Osborne, Professor of Ocular Neurobiology, Nuffi eld Laboratory of
Ophthalmology, University of Oxford
Victor Chong, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Oxford Eye Hospital and University of
M. Francesca Cordeiro, Professor of Retinal Neurodegeneration & Glaucoma
Studies, University College London

In glaucoma, neuroprotection to prevent retinal ganglion cell death has become
the Holy
Grail for clinicians, along with boosting patient compliance2. For the
retinopathies age-
related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, preventing geographic
atrophy, oedema and neovascularisation remain ongoing challenges3, 4. For both,
improved imaging
and screening methods are driving clinical end-point validation. Focussing on
these, the hottest topics in this exciting fi eld, we bring you the latest
edge developments, including advances in drug delivery. Updates from leading
experts in
basic, pre-clinical, translational and clinical research include:
• New insights into retinal ganglion cell pathology, degeneration and apoptosis
• Increasing the effectiveness of neuroprotective agents in glaucoma, beyond
lowering IOP
• Defi ning and validating clinical measures of neuroprotection for optic
neuropathies and
retinal diseases
• Innovative in vivo techniques for metabolic and structural imaging of the
optic nerve and
retina • Sustained release intraocular devices to boost patient compliance,
including biodegradable
and encapsulated-cell therapies
• Interference RNA for glaucoma and wet AMD
• Results from the DA VINCI and RESTORE trials
• Anti-infl ammatory and immunomodulatory treatments for retinopathies
• Global industry analysis including prospects for pipeline therapies and
emerging markets

Who should attend?

Presidents, Chief executives, Chief scientifi c Offi cers, Chief Operating
Offi cers, senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Heads, senior Directors,
Directors, Clinicians, Professors, Principal scientists, Principal
Managers, Project/Team Leaders in:
• Ophthalmology, Visual science and Vision Research
• Optic Neuropathy and Retinal Diseases, Pre-Clinical & Clinical R&D
• Occular Neuroscience
• Neurodegenerative Diseases
• Neuropharmacology
• Drug Discovery
• Lead Optimisation
• Biomarkers
• Retinal Imaging and Translational Medicine
• Drug Delivery & Drug Formulation
• Monoclonal Antibodies
• Ophthalmic Medical Devices
• New Products Global Marketing
• Business/Alliance Development, Licensing & Partnership
• Venture Capital

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