Clinical Genomics 2014

The genetic revolution that is overwhelming modern healthcare

They say that in five years time, all clinical research in areas such as oncology will be NGS based. Clinically actionable patient data will be generated at a previously unimaginable pace. It is already starting to permeate important parts of patient care and ripple throughout the entire global healthcare system.

Clinical genomics is moving beyond the hype

The questions on everyone’s lips are how can information generated from advanced genomic profiling technology be turned into something clinically actionable?

  1. Discover new methods for managing clinical next-gen data with insights from Pfizer, Boston Children’s Hospital and AstraZeneca
    Uncover and critique the latest technologies out there for you to use in clinical trials. Mayo Clinic, Merck and Harvard Medical School let you into their trade secrets…
  2. Hear the genomics strategies that Roche, Millennium and Regeneron are using for discovery and validation of clinically actionable biomarkers
  3. Bristol-Myers Squibb, Takeda and Partners Healthcare the role that NGS can play when implementing an effective strategy in the lab to speed up CDx development
  4. Learn how to integrate molecular details into medical decision making, with fresh data from Washington University School of Medicine and Genzyme

And finally, extensive opportunities for networking. The unique format of Clinical Genomics 2014: interactive workshops, speed networking and round table discussions allow you to maximize your exposure and make the most of your time spent with the brightest minds in the clinical genomics space.

Whether you are already implementing genomic medicine in the clinic, or it is a near-future venture for your lab, Clinical Genomics 2014 is next year’s meeting that you have to budget for. You know this is the direction things are moving, for pharma, academia, clinicians and ultimately the physician. Surely it’s important to keep up?