Accelerating Genomic Research and Personalized Medicine

marcus evans invites you attend the Accelerating Genomic Research and Personalized Medicine Conference specific to the needs of those that specialize in Bioinformatics, Translational Research, Molecular Diagnostics and Genomics. Hear from industry leaders within Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Diagnostic organizations on translating meaningful data into a clinical setting and examining genomic technologies for guided patient management.

This conference comes at a pivotal time with the era of big blockbuster drugs coming to an end and a more tailored drug approach becoming the standard for Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies. With the passing of the Healthcare Reform and the introduction of the Genomics and Personalized Medicine Act of 2010, optimizing genomics research is becoming the number one priority in anticipation that personalized medicine will become widely adapted in health care.

Attending this conference will allow you to gain first hand insight on the challenges of data management and the translation of this data into the clinical setting. Gain knowledge on which technologies will work better for you and examine the advancement of genomics research and the impact on personalized medicine.

Key Conference Topics Include:
· Assess the role of the ‘omics’ in personalized medicine
· Learn how molecular medicine will advance genomic research
· Understand the impact of diagnostics on genomics and personalized medicine

This two-day program will feature a pre-conference workshop and 15 sessions including:

Harnessing Data Management and Storage Challenges in Genomics Research
Oscar Puig PhD, Research Fellow Exploratory and Translational Sciences, Merck Research Laboratories

Genomic Research:
Understanding the State of the Other ‘Omics’ and the Potential Influence on Personalized Medicine
Keith W. Wilcoxen Ph.D., Associate Director of Biomarkers and Personalized Medicine Unit, Eisai, Inc.

For more information please contact Michele Westergaard, or 312-540-3000 ext. 6625 or visit the event website: