11th Annual Pharma IT Congress 2013

The 11th Annual Pharmaceutical IT congress will be taking place on the 23rd and 24th September 2013, London, UK. This well established and prestigious event will offer invaluable insight into the innovative IT strategies and solutions which the Pharmaceutical Industry need in order to stay abreast with developments and overcome present challenges.

With the Pharmaceutical Industry reaching a time of low productivity, companies have been forced to no longer tackle drug design problems alone. Collaborative research is becoming important for a successful future; however data sharing has put immense pressure on the IT departments. Over the two days, our conference will explore innovative solutions to problems such as designing secure IT environments, data storage & processing, big data and cloud computing.

On Day One, our delegates will benefit from hearing from those working at the forefront of pharmaceutical information technology. Additional topic areas will include the latest technological advances in managing enterprise IT, outsourcing challenges, knowledge management and IT within clinical research operations. The congress will also discuss novel strategies for integrating complex systems in clinical development such as CDMS & CTMS.

On Day Two, senior IT leaders will discuss solutions to improve IT efficiency within the Pharma Industry. Presentations will cover strategies for developing successful networking, infrastructure and business support. Our experts will explore the pioneering solutions in data management including how to store, retrieve and analyse data in a structured and useful manner.

For more information on the agenda or registration enquiries please email: d.meredith@oxfordglobal.co.uk