Response to Feedback

Greetings all,
First off, a thank you for your valued feedback. We've received many comments about the new site, both positive and critical, and we've just implemented our first round of changes.
Less Intrusive Advertising
Biofind is supported by advertising; however the site did suffer a bug whereby threads with only a few comments received excessive amount of ads, making following and tracking discussion difficult. We have now fixed this bug, and the number of adverts displayed within a thread of discussion is now correctly linked to the number of comments.
Presentation of Threads
We have also focussed upon simplifying the visual display of threads. Increasing the body content size, removing the repetitive thread titles and making user actions clearer have resulted in a rumors which are far easier to read and follow. This is in addition to changes in presentation across the rest of the site.
We have partnered with RealMatch to provide relevant and targeted job vacancies across the Biotech industry. Our jobs channel is now open and free for all users to use.

Welcome to Biofind v3

Welcome to the third iteration of Biofind!

With the new look website we have moved platforms from our own in-house solution. Rebuilding Biofind has allowed us add new features to the website, including a completely revamped and refitted Rumor Mill.

Along with a new look, the new website involves some revised posting requirements.

Firstly, it is still possible to post rumors and comments without a user account.

We understand that in the past malicious posters have ruined genuine discussing, hiding behind a veil of anonymity. Therefore, when posting a new rumor, registered users can opt to disallow anonymous replies.

This is the Biofind Blog

As part of our redevelopment plans, we have decided to create a development blog for Biofind. The blog should allow us to communicate our plans for the future of Biofind, as well as giving the community a public means of talking with us about the site. First of all some news from the Biofind office: